Bad News For Gun Control True Believers: Barely 1% of Americans See Guns as Most Important Problem Facing America

Gallup released a story last week noting that 23% of Americans viewed illegal immigration as the nation’s biggest problem. Meanwhile, barely 1% of Americans mentioned “gun violence” or gun control as among our biggest national problems. Here’s Gallup’s news release going into the weekend, released on Friday where it got minimal publicity. New High in […]

More Americans Own Guns and Dogs Than Cats

When something makes you smile. According to Gallup, 40% of American households have guns. That number has been right around the 40% mark for about a decade with occasional shifts up and down. Those numbers are, of course, dependent on people actually answering when a stranger tries to find out if they own guns (so […]

Support for Stricter Gun Control Hits a New Low

It seems that the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, The Violence Policy Center, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and our friends over at mikeb302000 continue to lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public. Gallup’s released their most recent poll on Americans’ attitudes towards legislative efforts to “tighten” U.S. gun […]