IGOTD Update: Officer Derek Carlile Fired

Officer Derek Carlile is a member of the IGOTD Hall Of Eternal Infamy, after leaving his .38 revolver in a car cup-holder with his unsupervised children. His three-year-old son promptly grabbed the gun and fatally shot Carlile’s seven-year-old daughter. TTAG has followed this sickening story from the very beginning. Carlile beat the rap for manslaughter in a criminal […]

Breaking: No Retrial For IGOTD Officer Derek Carlile

Still-getting-paid-for-doing-nothing Marysville, WA police officer Derek Carlile got an early Christmas present this year. The Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s office announced yesterday that they will move to dismiss Carlile’s manslaughter charge, after the jury deadlocked 7-4 in favor of acquittal with one juror undecided. From the Seattle Times . . .

IGOTD Update: Hung Jury For Officer Derek Carlile

Officer Derek Carlile’s 2nd-Degree Manslaughter trial ended with a hung jury and a mistrial yesterday. Prosecutors are deciding whether to re-try the case in January. Back in March, 2012 we ran a post on the tragic and entirely avoidable death of Officer Derek Carlile’s young daughter. Carlile, a Marysville, WA police officer, left his loaded […]