Why You Didn’t See Marches or CNN Town Hall Meetings After the Annapolis Shooting

“It would be incredibly hard, if not impossible, to get people to rally around shotgun restrictions, and characterizing a shotgun as an ‘assault-something’ would further push the ‘assault weapon’ debate toward meaninglessness. The attack couldn’t be blamed on lax gun laws this time either. It happened in Maryland, a veritable hellhole for gun owners. “This […]

The Myth That Guns Keep Us Safe and Free

“We do know this: Our nation suffers from a historical myth that guns won the West and, to this day, keep us safe and free. In truth, farmers, cowboys, gold diggers, merchants, school teachers, railroad barons and all the others who settled this country (Native Americans would take exception to the word “win.”) — hardly […]

Nancy’s Tired Old Prescription, Changing the Subject and a Win in Oregon – TTAG Daily Digest

After Maryland shooting, Pelosi draws criticism for gun control comment When you have a shooting in one of the most heavily gun-controlled states in the nation, the obvious solution is more federal legislation . . . House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday denounced Congress’ lack of effort to pass legislation on gun safety […]