Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Original Meaning, A Temporary Ban, and the Agony of Regret

Clinton’s Missed Opportunity on Guns – “Compared with the rest of the third presidential debate Wednesday night, the opening conversation about the Constitution was practically Lincoln-Douglas-like as the candidates answered questions and didn’t interrupt each other. But the discussion of the seminal gun control case D.C. v. Heller was borderline incomprehensible unless you’ve recently taken constitutional law. And in […]

Reconsidering the Ruger Mini-14

I owned a Ruger Mini-14 when in college. Briefly. I paid a friend $300 for a gently used stainless steel model with a walnut stock and flash suppressor. The gun was heaven. And that was the problem. I couldn’t shoot just one bullet at a time. It begged to be fired frequently and fast. I […]

Alexis Evidente [Not Shown]: Buy Ruger Guns, Not Stock

Although RGR’s revenue growth may have grown nicely over the last two years, its stock price maxed-out on July 27, 2007. Obama triggered a sales surge immediately prior to his election in November 2008. As has been widely reported, rifles–both traditional and “assault” accounted for most of the growth area Ruger rode the wave. According to Ruger’s 2009 10-k SEC filing, rifles racked up some $102.2 million, $69.4 million, and $64.9 million worth of sales in 2009, 2008 and 2007 respectively. And no wonder. Ruger makes some lovely “tactical” weapons: the M77 Hawkeye and the Mini-14 spring to mind.