Buying Firearms in the Age of Uncertainty.

All the results are in. The science is settled. No bout a-doubt it. What am I talking about? Global Warming? Nope. The Rise of Socialism? Not a chance. My being footloose and fiancé-free? Well, true, but not what’s on the plate here. No, fellow-TTAGers, I’m speaking of us living in the Age of Uncertainty. Well, […]

A Pain in the Bass Pro Shops

A gathering of the clans today, northbound and down for Bass Pro Shops. This monument to retail-tainment lingers in the shadow of the Patriot’s palace (football, not Congress). I made the pilgrimage to watch my youngest fall into their pond and drop $3k-plus on a Browning gun safe. Not so fast, Mr. Bond. The salesman […]

Hunters: Get Ready for Simulated Randomized Animal Spawn Points

Griffin Technology is already hyping its new game “Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt.” According to the press release, “players will explore ten diverse North American hunting locations. Each map features unique animals, dangerous animal encounters, randomized animal spawn points and mini-games. Players will be able to take down their prey using a variety of different […]

Springfield (MO) Councilman: “If All Else Fails . . . Buy Guns”

For reasons that mystify both your humble correspondent and the equally sanguine scribe at, unnamed gun rights’ campaigners decided to take their unspecified case to the Springfield, Missouri City Council. Perhaps they were looking to score one of Springfield’s Ozark Hillbilly Medallions (like General Omar Bradley) for their unspecified efforts to fight unspecified federal […]