Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 6

Road Trip. Yep. Those immortal words, famously uttered in Animal House bring up all sorts of interesting challenges when applied to situations including guns. This weekend, my daughter comes in for a visit. That’s a Major Big Deal around the Kozak hacienda. I love my kid, and treasure the time I get to spend with […]

Trunk Monkey: Best. Car. Ad. Ever.

I used to create car ads. There. I’ve admitted it. Pity there’s no Advertisers Anonymous I could go through, with a twelve-step program to atone for my sins. (“Hi. I’m Brad…and it’s been two years, six months and twelve days since I’ve directed a new or used car ad for a local dealership.” “HI, BRAD!”) Still, there […]

Guns in Cars: Arm My Ride.

After you’ve upgraded your car stereo, your rims, your spoilers and your various and assorted bling on your ride, what’s next. You might wanna think about some protection, as in, carry something to thwart carjackers protection. But keeping a gun in your car begs the question, “where do I put this thing, to have it […]