Sheetrock Penetration Testing, Take 1

There are a lot of strong opinions out there when it comes to home defense firearms. Nick’s Self Defense Tip; Don’t Use a Rifle caused some of the best discussion I’ve seen on the subject in a while, and it got me thinking on the subject as well. It seems to me that the biggest […]

Gun Review: Charter Arms Chic Lady

“I am SO excited! My wife told me she wants to finally get her CCW License. She is going to be taking her class sometime in February. Today she went to a gun show with me. This was the first gun show she has ever attended with me and I was thrilled to have her […]

Saturday Morning Post: 38 Special

With a name like “38 Special” you gotta figure that’s reason enough to feature them on the audio portion of TTAG Weekend. Oh, and if you’re in the Shreveport/Bossier City Microplex, they’re playing Diamond Jacks’ Casino on May 29.

.38 Special Comparison: 3rd Place – Taurus Model 85

It just so happens that three extremely-representative samples of these guns live in the nightstands of people in my family. My dad (who used to serve warrants as a part-time constable) owns probably the newest of these – the very-mainstream Taurus Model 85. My mom (a former Justice of the Peace who issued the warrants dad served) owns the original-and-even-more-ubiquitous Smith & Wesson Model 36. And last but not least, my 82-year-old grandmother packs in her pajama drawer one of the most premium small .38s ever produced – the iconic Colt Cobra, a derivative of the famous Colt Detective Special.

EDITORIAL: Revolvers Rule!

By William C Montgomery on March 25, 2010 Let’s face facts: semi-automatic pistols are cool and revolvers are for stogy old farts and nerds. Case in point, who gets all the chicks: Riggs (Beretta 9mm) or Murtaugh (S&W .357 Magnum)?  Magnum (Colt Government Model .45 APC) or Higgins (.455 Webley MK VI)? Axel Foley (9mm […]