Tactacam Spotter LR
The Spotter LR is the newest camera in the Tactacam lineup.

Tactacam has been on my radar for a while now. After all, if you want to videotape what you shoot, it’s a good product for it – and now they have a spotting scope camera that’s well worth a closer look.

The Tactacam Spotter LR was officially new in August, but it’s now gaining traction as we move into the fall hunting seasons. That said, this thing isn’t only for hunters. If you do any type of long-range shooting with a spotting scope, this is a cool thing to try out.

Tactacam Spotter LR

The Spotter LR is a 4K camera designed to fit any and all spotting scopes on the market. To make it fit the different models, it ships with different-sized shims and a snap adapter. This is a nice feature considering the types of scope cameras I’ve used that require a specific phone or mount (let’s just say adaptability is often not a thing).

The Spotter LR takes rechargeable lithium ion batteries (I’m always happy to get away from CR123 or a fistful of AA’s). Other features include a 4x digital zoom, a flip-up LCD screen, and the ability to take up to a 128GB micro SD. It’s WiFi capable, so you aren’t stuck plugging the Spotter LR itself into your laptop or messing with memory cards to download files. There’s also a cell phone app so you can easily download and view footage (and, of course, share it in whatever Facebook group you post your brag-worthy footage in).

This would have been excellent on my last black bear hunt but it would be equally good for long range work.

Weight: 9 ounces

MSRP $299.99. Check it out here.

Tactacam 5.0

Tactacam 5.0

If you don’t want to videotape booner bucks or long-range shots through your spotting scope, you can try the Tactacam 5.0 which is the latest generation of the Tactacam. This is the model many of us are already familiar with.

It’s a POV camera that mounts to the barrel or scope of your long gun although it can also be mounted to your bow if archery is your thing. Unlike some cameras that use a fisheye lens the Tactacam 5.0 was made to capture an image similar to what you see with your own eyes.

Features of this camera include an 8x zoom, Image Stabilization Technology, and a low light sensor. It charges with a USB cord so you can charge it at home in a wall plug or in an adapter in your truck. That also means you could use a battery pack for a boost while you’re out on the range or hunting. Just make sure you have the USB cord with you.

Sadly, this camera only works on long guns. If you’re hoping for some new handgun-related cameras those aren’t available right now. I was told that although you can run this camera for a handgun the movement is extreme and the results aren’t worth it. So, long guns it is.

MSRP $299.99. Check it out here.

Tactacam Fish-I

Tactacam Fish-I

If you’re thinking this is a gun website and why am I including a fishing camera, it’s because I figured I’m not the only one here who includes fishing alongside shooting and hunting. This model is similar to the other Tactacam action models only without the zoom – oh, and it’s waterproof to 30 feet. It films in HD, has a low light sensor, and is designed to be used both from your boat and underwater, the latter of which I want to try out. The camera films wide-angle and Tactacam says there will soon be an Ultra Wide and a 2x zoom lens available. It ships with a USB Type C cord for charging along with a wall adapter. This camera got me interested because I would have loved having one for a monster catfish I pulled in a few months ago.

MSRP $199.99. Check it out here.

Bottom line? When it comes to videotaping your long gun time or hunts you have options. If you’re a hunter the Spotter LR is good for more than hunting, it’s nice to have for scouting in the off-seasons, too. If you’re into long range, it’s useful for just about anything you can dream up. The idea of a stable spotting scope camera with clarity and a flip-up screen so I can see it without being right up against the scope is very appealing.

As for the Tactacam 5.0 it’s solid for a variety of long gun work.

Don’t worry, guys, you can always go back and delete the evidence of those flyers, bad shots, and the more boring footage.


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      • Yah mean the sponsors don’t like the smart ass comments most of the time. Hope they know most is in jest, but jest in case, Your Sht Sux, what was it, IDont Care, it sux.

  1. I never understood the need to record and post a hunt/kill. I always considered it private. Unless I had my son with me. A couple of girlfriends years ago. The killing shows ok. That’s TV.

    • The filming of the hunting doesn’t really make sense to me either, I mean the whole point is to be right there in the moment anyway.

      But filming of scouting sessions makes a whole lot of sense. And so does filming of bullet trace and target impact as an educational tool for long range shooting.

  2. You think it’s a good idea to be broadcasting stuff over the waves right now? I was reading along just waiting for the “do that’s”. I was almost disappointed, then Bingo.


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