Swift and Calamitous By Name, If Not By Nature

TTAG is working on creating its first an “art gun;” a limited edition Springfield XD-M based on a familiar design (regular readers will know of what I speak). As we assemble the prototype, feast your eyes on this magnificent “steampunk” gun. What good is a gun that doesn’t shoot a bullet? It’s the sound of one chamber not firing. For more examples of the genre, head over to walyou.com. The artist’s description of the above piece after the jump.

I am so stupidly proud of my ray gun. Made from:
-A couple toilet paper tubes
-Brass brads
-Part of an old toy car launcher
-Straps from luggage tags
-A light-up Indiana Jones spoon from a cereal box
-A broken needle threader
-straight pins
-The head of a rubber shark (helpfully decapitated by my eldest nephew)
-Plastic egg from a gumball machine
-Bits o’ hardware
-Plastic shells snapped off an old hair clip
-A toothpaste lid
-Decorative wood bits
-K’nex pieces
-An ink pen
-Copper craft wire
-Lots of spray paint, glue, and a few dabs of nail polish

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