moms demand action endorse joe biden
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It shouldn’t be breaking news that gun control orgs are lining up behind Joe O’Biden. Yesterday, Brady president Kris Brown was on MSNBC revealing the news that after much consideration and soul searching, her civilian disarmament advocacy operation has decided to endorse the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

Now, Michael Bloomberg’s wholly-owned gun control subsidiary, Everytown for Gun Safety, which includes the demanding Karens moms, is getting behind Joe, too. The only surprise here is that any of the anti-gun orgs think their endorsement sways voters.

“Vice President Joe Biden is unquestionably the candidate in the race who has spent a lifetime fighting to protect Americans from gun violence while repeatedly taking on the NRA and winning,” John Feinblatt, head of Everytown for Gun Safety, said in a statement.

Everytown, which was co-founded by Michael Bloomberg, has committed to spending $60 million to elect “gun sense” candidates up and down the ballot in November.

Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, the grassroots arm of Everytown, added that the group’s nearly 6 million supporters and volunteers “will be out in force for Joe.”

“When every candidate is running on the issue of gun safety, deciding who to endorse becomes a question of who will prioritize gun safety as president, and Joe Biden has a track record that proves that he will,” Watts added.

– Rebecca Klar in Biden picks up endorsement from Everytown for Gun Safety

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  1. Remember folks Bloomberg has not taken any money from special interests. He isn’t for sale. Lololol. Why would you sell when you can buy?

    • “Bloomberg has not taken any money from special interests.”

      That’s because he is the Wizard of Oz of special interest groups, man behind the curtain.

      • Has anybody else noticed. Mini Mike’s campaign ads are still running on the boob tube. Curiously????

        • Haven’t seen any since super Tuesday. I was thoroughly enjoying him paying for advertising on Youtube gun videos. Wrong audience there Bloomie.

  2. I bet these antigun orgs were relieved when Bloombucks dropped out of the race. Talk about a conflict of interest!

  3. Of course Demanding Commie Mommy’s are throwing their support behind the candidate with on set dementia, who is going to be the Looser in more ways than one.

  4. Well, I’m sure when Beta O’Dork jumped on stage with Joe, that sealed the deal on their endorsement.

  5. Joe Biden shows classic symptoms of Senile Dementia: Loses track of what he’s saying in mid sentence; confuses commonly known ‘facts’; gets more confused under pressure; loses his temper as confusion increases; cannot process changing situations quickly. Personally, I cannot wait for the first Trump vs Biden Presidential Debate when Donald Trump grinds up Biden’s enfeebled mind and makes him fully reveal what a pathetic, Dem-ented incompetent he actually is.

    Moms Demand Action endorsing Biden is as big of a Fool’s Game as Michael Bloomberg believing he could buy the Democratic Nomination for $500-$800 million. We know those two are connected and MDA’s Endorsement of Biden was dictated by the Tiny Tyrant himself to Shannon Watts. It’s hard to envision how Bloomberg could have such bad judgement and have made so much money…Bloomberg is at least a megalomaniac and demonstrates time and again his narcissistic opinion, “Mike knows best…”.

  6. Mom’s who ain’t getting any may be the least of our worries as the stock market collapses. Donnie won’t be re-elected in a a depression!

      • Thanks Obama/Biden for leading the US out of the Bush/Republican Great Recession of 2008 and building an economic foundation that even Trump & the GOP have been unable to screw up.

        Oh wait, the DJI is down 2000? Uh oh…

        • Yeah… when the Obama and Clinton administrations moved all out manufacturing to China and their economy collapses because they lost control of their own bioweapon, the markets are going to take a hit. The reality is that the “Obama recovery” wasn’t a thing. The workforce participation rate didn’t turn around until AFTER Obama left office.

        • Oh, and the housing bubble was a direct result of the Clinton administration forcing banks to lend to unqualified borrowers or lose federal HUD loan programs. Blaming Bush for a time bomb set by the Clinton administration is silly. Especially when the Demokkkommies controlled both houses of Congress since 2006 and had every opportunity to roll back the HUD extortion before the problem went critical.

          But hey, expecting a socialist to understand how government interference in the free market is a bad thing is kinda like expecting my dog to start reciting Hamlet.

        • Arent you the same idiot who couldnt fit a magpul replacement stock on a mil spec buffer tube? Sorry butt wipe you have zero credibility..

        • You were trying to blame the recession of 2008 on Bill Clinton, who left office eight years before?


          Have you ever heard of a fellow named Alan Greenspan?

          “A fanatical believer in the self-righting qualities of financial markets, he was the bubble king who allowed the dotcom boom of the late 1990s to get out of hand and then, when plummeting share prices pushed the economy into recession, started the whole process off again, this time in the housing market.

          As chairman of the Federal Reserve, he cut interest rates and left them at rock-bottom levels for two years.

          Cheap borrowing costs encouraged Americans to load up on debt to buy homes, even when they had no savings, no income and no job prospects.

          These so-called sub-prime borrowers were the cannon fodder for the biggest boom-bust in US history. The housing collapse brought the global economy to its knees.”

          You may want to familiarize yourself with a interesting term of finance art, ‘credit default swap’.

          Ivan, you often accuse me of making claims without any citation.

          But you make no citation or source for your claims that Clinton somehow forced banks and lenders to loan money to one qualified buyers.

          Show your hand, pardner.

        • Remember when the stock market was a little rocky in 2018 and they blamed it on Trump? I said to myself, I guess NOW it’s Trump’s economy; if he gets credit for the losses, then he gets credit for the gains. Nope. In early 2020, they were STILL crediting Obama for the current economy. Now, thanks to this virus, things are looking bleak, so guess what? It’s magically Trump’s economy again. Just wait. If we pull through this, and the stock market takes off again, it will be because of Obama. No sane person with half a brain would think that.

        • Here you go you racist piece of shit.

          “Under Clinton’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary, Andrew Cuomo, Community Reinvestment Act regulators gave banks higher ratings for home loans made in “credit-deprived” areas. Banks were effectively rewarded for throwing out sound underwriting standards and writing loans to those who were at high risk of defaulting. If banks didn’t comply with these rules, regulators reined in their ability to expand lending and deposits.”

          You can blame Andrew Cuomo and HUD.

        • The hillarious part is that today’s market correction has nothing to do with the Wuhan Virus and everything to do with the disastrous consequences of Obama’s failure to keep a lid on the international oil market.

        • Paging Miner, Miner please come to the front desk. The doctor is ready to surgically remove my boot for your ass.

        • “Community Reinvestment Act regulators gave banks higher ratings for home loans made in “credit-deprived” areas. Banks were effectively rewarded for throwing out sound underwriting standards and writing loans to those who were at high risk of defaulting. If banks didn’t comply with these rules, regulators reined in their ability to expand lending and deposits.”

          And you think that somehow forced banks to make loans to high-risk folks? The actual fact is that the banks and lending institutions lobbied for the community reinvestment act, they welcomed government investment in the subprime mortgage market through grants and subsidies.

          But the fact is, the default rate for low income lenders was comparatively low, the federal reserve board found it was the higher income borrowers who defaulted more often.

          “The Federal Reserve Board found there wasn’t a connection between CRA and the subprime mortgage crisis. Its research showed that 60 percent of subprime loans went to higher-income borrowers outside of the CRA areas. Furthermore, 20 percent of the subprime loans that did go to ghetto areas were originated by lenders that weren’t trying to conform to the CRA. In other words, only 6 percent of subprime loans were made by CRA-covered lenders to borrowers and neighborhoods targeted by the CRA. Further, the Fed found that mortgage delinquency was everywhere, not just in low-income areas.”

          This is just precious, Ivan claims:

          “today’s market correction has nothing to do with the Wuhan Virus and everything to do with the disastrous consequences of Obama’s failure to keep a lid on the international oil market.”

          Again, word up, Obama has not been president for over three years so he has zero control over the world or oil market.

          But how did Obama do with the economy, let’s look at the numbers:

          Dow under Obama: 7949 to 18,000+.
          The month of October 2016 extended the longest streak of overall job growth on record.
          Over the six years prior to Oct. 2016, private employers created more than 15.5 million jobs for America’s workers.
          The unemployment rate was 4.9%, down from a high of more than 10% before the recovery from the Bush/GOP Great Recession.
          Initial claims for unemployment benefits remained under 300,000 for 84 consecutive weeks, a statistic that hasn’t been matched since 1970.

          Under Obama, the dow jones continuously rose from 12200 to 24500 or an increase of 12300 or a doubling of the market value. Under Trump up and down and the dow jones drops from 24500 to 23800 or a fall of 700.
          The national debt is not just larger under trump but enormously bigger and does not rise but goes up like a rocket. From 18 trillion dollars to 26.8 trillion dollars. That is an increase in debt of half the debt between the origin of the US and when he took over.

        • Wow Miner, you’re just a glutton for punishment.

          In January 2017, when Trump took office, the Dow Jones was still under 20k. Trump is still up by 20% over Obama’s best.

        • “Again, word up, Obama has not been president for over three years so he has zero control over the world or oil market.”

          Yet you pretend post Obama gains are due to Obama and not Trump. There’s only one way to go from a major drop like we had in 08-09. People seem to forget that there were very little gains from 2014 until Trump got elected. People take it for granted now since things have been going so well, but the economy was a hot topic in the lead up to the 2016 election. Obama was so clueless about helping business that he said, “What’s he (Trump) going to do, wave a magic wand?” and “This is the new normal” (slow growth). “The jobs aren’t coming back” So don’t even try? Just give up.

      • I haven’t, you really should read the articles you site. You posted a leak claiming it showed that the Wuhan virus had nothing to do with the plunging stock market.

        From the very article you cited:

        “The coronavirus presents investors with an unprecedented global problem. Investors are uncertain about the nature of the virus, its potential economic impact and the policy response. The oil shock has only added to this confusion and uncertainty,” said Paul O’Connor, head of the multiasset team at Janus Henderson Investors, in a note.”

        The oil price drop has The oil price drop has ”only added” to the damage done by the virus:

        “The oil shock has only added to this confusion and uncertainty,”

        The basic problem with the stock market is investors have lost confidence in Trump and his administration‘s ability to competently handle the virus when it reaches the United States.

        As to your silly claim Trump has done 20% better than Obama’s best, you are wrong.

        Dow under Obama: 7949 to 18,000+, that’s a gain of 10,000 points.

        Trump took it from 18 K to right now somewhere around 23K, a gain of half of Obamas performance.

        You know, there’s actually a recording of trump admitting that the economy does better under the Democrats, you should Google it, it’s very enlightening.

        • “Dow under Obama: 7949 to 18,000+, that’s a gain of 10,000 points.”

          I think you’re just looking for something to prove what you already believe. Let’s take these numbers in context. The stock market was at about 12,000 in 1999. From 1999 until mid 2008 it basically averaged at this level. Then there was a slight bump up to 13-14,000 right before the crash. You’re pretending that the 7949 level was a normal number, and Obama’s brilliance brought it up to 18,000. A normal level would be more like 12-13,000. Even then, there was easy potential for gains since we hit that level in 1999. So, after getting back to a normal level after the crash, which happens without doing anything at all, there was a gain of ONLY 5-6,000 points.

          I’m not trying to be mean here, but that is not even remotely impressive. The key to a quick recovery was not more regulation, and scaring off investment. That is what Obama did. The left wing media doesn’t like to talk about this because they coddle Obama.

        • Wages have stagnated since the early 70s. There have been various bubbles that carry the economy for awhile. The problem is, the fundamentals haven’t been sound. There has been less and less investment in the American workforce. Politicians have exported American jobs, and imported cheap labor to make it even worse. The government has incentivized investment in OTHER countries. There has been money on the table for quite some time now.

          If you want Obama to get credit for the economy while he was president, then let’s look at inflation adjusted wages. Wage growth tanked under Obama. We’re now ALMOST back where we were prior to the recession, which was crummy way back then. Think about how bad that is. That’s been 12 years now.

        • Dude:

          “So, after getting back to a normal level after the crash, which happens without doing anything at all,”

          Fascinating belief system you have regarding the financial world and the stock market, simply fascinating.

        • Miner,
          Economic downturns are always followed by periods of growth. Recovery from that last recession was very slow. Incentivizing out of country business investment only made a select few wealthy, including share holders.

        • Hey Miner. #notanargument

          Or do you want me to pull up the study that proves that FDR prolonged the Great Depression by almost a decade?

        • I have been, I’m sure you can find some right wing drivel from the Cato Institute or the Washington Times, I prefer actual experts.

          “Upon deeper examination, I discovered that the right bases its New Deal revisionism on the short-lived recession in a year straddling 1937 and 1938. But that was four years into Roosevelt’s term – four years marked by spectacular economic growth. Additionally, the fleeting decline happened not because of the New Deal’s spending programs, but because Roosevelt momentarily listened to conservatives and backed off them. As Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman notes, in 1937-38, FDR “was persuaded to balance the budget” and “cut spending, and the economy went back down again.”

          To be sure, you can credibly argue that the New Deal had its share of problems. But overall, the numbers prove it helped – rather than hurt – the macroeconomy. “Excepting 1937-1938, unemployment fell each year of Roosevelt’s first two terms (while) the U.S. economy grew at average annual growth rates of 9 percent to 10 percent,” writes UC Davis historian Eric Rauchway.

          What about the New Deal’s most “massive government intervention” – its financial regulations? Did they prolong the Great Depression in ways the official data didn’t detect?


          According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, “Only with the New Deal’s rehabilitation of the financial system in 1933-35 did the economy begin its slow emergence from the Great Depression.” In fact, even famed conservative economist Milton Friedman admitted that the New Deal’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was “the structural change most conducive to monetary stability since … the Civil War.”

        • The highly partisan “Nobel-winning economist” Paul Krugman has been completely wrong in his predictions and analysis for the past 4 years. Just sayin. The FDIC seems like a good move.

        • Yeah… A Nobel pretty much disqualifies you as an expert on anything outside of hard science ever since they started giving them out for political right-think.

  7. Shannon’s on her way with a hairbrush and a can of teen spirit to personally keep Old Joe happy.

  8. They may get action but it won’t be free, unless Bernie is president.

  9. At this point I doubt there’ll be any election as the global panic consumes civilization.

    • Makes sense to me! Declare Donald president for life and be done with the foolishness!

      • Every Republic needs the occasional Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus to reign in a mob mentality.

        • … on a side note, you will find a striking similarity between the circumstances of Cincinnatus’ second dictatorship and the modern Demokkkommie party. The only difference is that Spurius Maelius tried to buy a crown with his own money while the Demokkommies are trying to buy a crown with MY money.

      • President for life, interesting.

        So that whole United States Constitution can just fly out the window, so the New York City Democrat, oh I’m sorry, I mean Republican billionaire can be King for life.

        Please, continue to kiss your orange ‘chosen one’s’ feet, maybe he’ll let Melania piss on your head in thanks.

        And you think violating the United States Constitution is patriotic, fascinating…

        • It is not violating the constitution nor unpatriotic to amend the constitution. There is a legal mechanism in place to do so. If enough voters wish it so and enough states back it then, yes, we can have a King Trump.

          What I find fascinating is how clueless you are. You and your kind are working 24/7 to bring just such a thing as President For Life Trump to reality and you can’t see it.

          How do you make it through a day without a breathing coach?

    • If it happens I will not help it along in any way. Neither will I hinder it.

      I dare a socialist presidential nominee to ask me to bring a rifle he doesn’t want me to own to help run Trump out of office. Trump can have it for all I care.

        • Well bless your heart. You believe a dead guy can type? You must be one of those guys registering democratic voters.

          Tell your mother I found some change in my couch cushions. I’ll be by to see her later.

  10. All our options suck, so I’ll vote for the one option that sucks the least: COVID19.

  11. Hold on a second…they’re claiming 6 MILLION supporters/members/volunteers for Moms Demand Action? That would average out to 120,000 per state…and they can’t even get more than a couple dozen people to show up at most of their events? I think I’m going to call BS

    And I don’t even know why I keep clicking the “save my name, email, etc” for when I comment next time. It never works.

    • The Karens still have to take Jeremy and Samantha to ballet and soccer respectively in the Volvo SUV.

  12. The DIM Media keeps talking about electibility in regards to Sleepy Joe. It’s more like Controlibility. The Controlling Leadership of the democrat party realize that Bernie is a loose cannon. While Sleepy Joe is just one Nap from Senility. Look who the VP pick is for Joe. It’ll either be a throw away or someone with strength to take Joe’s place. When he Forgets who he is.

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