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Surefire has come from being a flashlight company to a major player in the firearms accessory market in a very short period of time. Their latest creations are mostly for the civilian market, where the silencer business is booming (metaphorically speaking). The latest cans from Surefire follow the styling and design mold that they set out last year, but make some much appreciated improvements.


The 9mm Ryder is a user serviceable pistol silencer that will run about $799 MSRP. The can comes with one piston (there are two pitches available), and additional pistons are about $70. They’re working on a 3-lug adapter for HK guns as well as a fixed spacer for pistol caliber carbines and such. The baffle stack is numbered for easy assembly, and can easily be disassembled for cleaning and such. The styling is almost identical to the .22lr rimfire Ryder silencer released last year, which will be getting an update to allow it to work for .17HMR and other more powerful calibers.


The .300 Blackout silencer is available either as a fast attach option or direct thread, and will run about $1,075. The guys at Surefire claim that their can is better than SIG SAUER’s new .308 rifle can, but I’m sure Kevin Brittingham would call those “fightin’ words.” The silencers are rated for everything up to .300 Win Mag,┬ábut the direct thread appears to only come in 5/8×32 pitch.

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  1. Two things:

    First those 30cal cans look awesome, interested to see when SilencerShop picks them up and meters them. Would assume good performance on 6.8 as well? (yes I am slowing fading over to the darkside).

    Second and way more imprtant, where to I get me one of those fancy Glock slides from the 9mm can picture? That looks freaking awesome.

  2. The Surefire Socom cans are absolutely garbage. They absolutely suck compared to the the KAC cans they replaced. I still don’t know how they ended up in the inventory. It’s not going to be hard for the Sig cans to top them.

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