Sure, It’s Expensive, But You Gotta Use What Works . . .

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Grace Stevens Cartoon

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      • Well, heck, ya got me…it was supposed to be a surprise B-Day gift for you on your next trip South….

        • Oh, well, do carry on then! My bad. I do have a couple favorites in 308 and 45 though, just as a point of interest you understand…

  1. You have to fire a few rounds first. The muzzle report is the audio call. The odor of burnt cellulose covers the olfactory side of things. Be advised, only those that laughed when told to stockpile while ammunition was plentiful and inexpensive are likely to respond to the calls. I understand that they are a desperate and pitiful lot. And easily duped into believing there is a thing called “free ammo.” Not since I was ten and there was a few boxes of shotgun shells under the tree have I seen free ammo. If it was a really good Christmas there was a new shotgun, too.

    • former, I’ve done the same with ammo and other things. A gift to a friend comes back ten fold, even if it’s not from him.

      • Back in 2020, I gave a box of ammo to the president of the company, whose executive office is literally within eyesight of my own cubicle. We’re a global company with satellite locations overseas, and have been in business well over half a century, so it’s not small potatoes.

        Anyhoo, during the “mostly peaceful protests” of 2020, when several of us at the global headquarters here in SoCal started talking about guns and home protection (Antifa was making inroads towards us at the time), the president made an unexpected comment about having a single gun of his own that he had bought long ago, but had been stored in his closet unused ever since. He thought he might have a couple boxes of ammo, but he wasn’t sure (turned out he did, but that was all he had). This was also at the height of the guns-and-ammo panic shortage, so no ammo was to be found anywhere no matter the price. At the end of the next business day, as I was leaving to go home, I privately offered him the gift of a 50-rd box in his gun’s caliber, which he gratefully accepted.

        That was the beginning of an unexpected “guy bonding” over the topic of guns and Second Amendment topics. This man had just previously announced the Company’s public support for BLM via our website and online social media (everyone seemed to be doing it as the woke du jour). Well, several months later, he and I spent a few hours at the range, then again for another few hours on a next trip. One thing led to another, and his political views began to evolve and grow, leading him to abandon any support for BLM or other Leftist orgs, and begin to steer our company in a slightly more conservative direction. We’re not on a perfect trajectory, but boy is it different now, and for the better.

        You really don’t know the ripples your simple act will send out across the water. One kind act (in this context, Gadsden’s example of a gift of ammo) can indeed come back 10x or even 100x.

        • Q: What kind of man continues to work for a company after itโ€™s become crystal clear that said company espouses principles that are completely antithetical to oneโ€™s own?

          A: Not much of one.

        • @Ned,

          Yeah, classic office layout. Executives get the large primo offices along the front of the building with an overlook view. Rest of the employees – including most managers – get the cubicles. Can make you feel like a mouse in a maze sometimes.

      • A lot of companies, including the one at which I work have done away with cubicles. Now we all work in a giant room with desks shoved together.

        Cubicles would be awesome.

      • !!!liaH llA, you need to read the story again. You don’t win battles by running away at the first raindrop.

  2. Grace Stevens, any relation to Miss Ainsworth who has written for TTAG in the past?

  3. I gave some ammo to some bad guys for free, for some reason they were not grateful. Maybe it was how I delivered it.

  4. .40, that’s a good one! A friend of mine could empathise with that. He was last man standing at slide lock, as he reloaded his Glock 43. (For those that don’t think you need a reload.) Final score: Bad guys zero. Jim, two bad guys down with multiple GSW. One SUV later recovered. It was stolen. Blood and tissue in the interior. Orange County. S.O. says he got one more. Probably fed to the gators in a canal. I don’t think Jim got a thank you either.

  5. If we used rocks to defend ourselves I’m sure The Powers That Be would manipulate a rock shortage.

    • Each handrock has to be a minimum of 12 lbs (as per NYPD).

      Only single-shot or revolving rocks allowed…NO self-loading rocks (DoD and Police Agencies exempt).

      Rock permits are dependent on applicant’s social rock score.

      A minimum of 60 hours of accredited Rock Training from a State-Certified Rocking School.

      A Standard of 40 hours of Rock CEU’s per annum to retain Permit.

      Homemade rocks are expressly forbidden.

      Any Braces or Devices engineered to modify or enhance factory Rock performance are forbidden (DoD / Police exceptions)

      The Four Rules of Rocks:
      1. Every Rock is considered throwable at all times.
      2. No Rocks at hand until immediately prior to launch.
      3. Do not launch Rocks at anything you are not willing to absolutely crush.
      4. Rocks can fly a long ways…be certain of what is in the background while discharging Rocks.

      The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Trysts and Exigent Rocks (BATTER) is on-line to answer your FAQ’s regarding Rock ownership.

      • Old Guy, you leave so many questions unanswered:
        1. Is a soft rock like limestone best for target practice? I would think it less prone to ricochet?
        2. Would iron ore be legal for waterfowl?
        3. What would be best for dangerous game? Granite or marble?
        4. Finally, the one everyone wants to know. What stone is best for self defense? Personally, whatever David used is good with me.

        • Gadsden:
          Personally, whatever David used is good with me.”
          Actually, I prefer 9mm rocks. They’re easier to carry. (Snicker.)

        • @Gadsden

          You raised some excellent questions. I suggest that we form a Committee, drawn from the Florida Legislature, to study Constitutional Rock issues. Said Committee will then report, candidly and in a timely manner, to the entire voting body regarding their recommendations.

        • @Gadsden
          Think of the wildcat Rock variants:

          Diamond studded Rocks for defeating heavy armor.
          Carborundum penetrator Rocks for lightly armored personnel.
          Talc Rocks for non-lethal Force-on-Force training.
          Gypsum Rocks for marking trees and cattle.
          Florite Rocks for use near potable water.
          Quartz Rocks for those Rockers who like shiny.
          Topaz Rocks for those more sensitive Rockers who like their bling.

      • I still have a pet rock an ex-girlfriend gave me, damn thing just won’t die!



  7. Watch out for a copy right infringement lawsuit from Wiley Coyote. He used the same tactic with free birdseed in his attempts to catch the road runner.
    Although I might be tempted if the free ammo is .45LC. While I still have a fair stock on hand, I always am looking for more at a reasonable price. And free is a very reasonable price.
    A couple boxes of .38 special+P would also be nice. My daughter likes to shoot my old Colt Trooper.

  8. OG in MT you crack me up! We forgot Bidens (Hunter) favorite rock, condensed white powder.

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