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Here we have some of the expected items plus a suppressor. The gun is a Gen 4 GLOCK 34, a model designed for competition, and the suppressor is a SilencerCo Osprey. The GLOCK has a 5.31-inch barrel and empty weight of 23.10 ounces.

Even with the inclusion of the backpack – which means this is off-body carried, something the owner confirmed in his own comments – it’s definitely unusual to tote a suppressor around. Discuss.

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  1. EDC with a suppressor sounds like a really good way to get charged for toting an NFA item somewhere you shouldn’t

    • If its legal to own in your state, its legal to carry throughout the entire state, unless certain cities outlaw them

      • You can take suppressors across state lines without ATF approval, so long as both states allow suppressors, unlike other NFA items.

        • Really? I was under the impression if you cross state lines with a supressor you had to have BATFE approval beforehand.

          • Nope, not for a suppressor. Even for other title 3 things, the form you fill out is more of a notification to the ATF, not a permission slip, even though it has boxes for approval or denial. I’ve not heard of one being disapproved. I have a friend that fills one out to go between Virginia and Florida and puts the dates to cover a whole year.

        • Ton E:

          No, the only approvals required on moving suppressors if you have a permanent change of address. You can do that after you move too.

  2. Nah.
    Seems like a sensible carry
    Then again, I just had a stoke yesterday, and I may not be thinking straight.
    I’m so depressed.
    I’m sitting in a hospital.
    Can’t sleep.
    I’ve no use of my right arm.
    Full disclosure. My right arm feels like someone else’s.
    Take care of your bodies folks. Turns out I’ve had blood clots trashing my right arm.
    I’m willing use back. That and prayer.
    It’s working.

    • Oh shit Tom that’s gotta suck. You being the outdoorsman you are. Here I was feeling sorry for the loss of my right eye. I only pray for rain and shit like that, but,, possum spirit power,, your way buddy.,

    • Every guy in my family over 50 has had at least one stroke. My uncle was blind in one eye for a while, but he still fishes and is trying to go hunting this year. Hope you get better soon. 🙁

      • If every man over 50 in your family has had a stroke,.. ya’ll might need to evaluate your life style choices. Diet, level of activity, something ya’lls’s (pronouced yawl-zez)is suckin’ up in the air or something. That’s not right and more than genetics.

        • Jim Fixx, author of The Complete Book of Running, died of a heart attack at the age of 52 (it happened while he was running), despite a healthy diet and regular exercise.

          Sometimes you just can’t overcome bad genes.

    • “Then again, I just had a stoke yesterday, and I may not be thinking straight.”

      Damn, Tom, that sucks bigtime.

      Well, if you had to have a stroke, at least you had one where most of your mental facilities are in place.

      I know that no two strokes are alike, but with good luck you may bounce most of the way back from this.

      Prayers are with you…

    • Hey Tom,
      I’ll say prayers for you buddy. Also please check out the link below and at least read a little about the history of this non-profit site. There’s a really good chance it will help you and those around you with this information, but you have to take responsibility of your health.

      God bless Tom,

    • Very sorry to hear that, Tom. I appreciate that you are willing your arm back to use. Mind power is not small. You’re in my prayers.

    • Tom. Sure hope your are able to recover the use of the arm.

      I pray you have family and friends to minister to your needs.

    • Damn, I am so sorry to hear that. FWIW, my sister-in-law has had a couple of strokes related to a chronic medical condition, and has made full recoveries from both. I’m pulling for you, man.

    • Damn Tom, very sorry to hear of your trouble. I’m at a last-minute-pulled-together family Thanksgiving five states from home due to a family member just being diagnosed with fast-moving cancer. There’s a lot of praying going on, and now a little more. I’ll be keeping a good thought for you, buddy.

    • Sorry to hear that Tom. Let us know if you need anything or if we can help in any way.

      Don’t be depressed. Whatever happens with your arm, you are still alive and can still help those around you. You can still influence their lives with the wisdom only life’s experience can provide. Your road isn’t yet over and you can still bear life’s burdens.

      My father, who passed away two years ago had a saying: “I felt bad that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

      A guy I grew up with two years ago had a stroke. He was only 35. He fell from a tree and the fall triggered some kind of stroke. He was uneffected except that he could no longer speak. He’s all there – except couldn’t speak at all. But even his road isn’t over and can carry burdens down that road still.

      I wish you a good recovery as best possible.

    • Fight it, Tom. My old man had a stroke. He was on a ladder doing the gutters at his place a week later. My sister had a stroke and it took all the wind out of her. She took to her rascal and hasn’t left it. Her quality of life sucks.

      Fight it. Best of luck to you.

  3. It’s ok for a GOOD bag, but I don’t see any of those items here. If you aren’t carrying it attached, you’re not going to have time to deploy it. That means you’re carrying extra weight around for nothing. I guess you can hide in an office during an active shooter incident, get you silencer on, and then engage the bad gun.

  4. Thats all good stuff. But in my humble opinion, his carry isn’t really EDC unless he’s hauling that bag everywhere he goes, grocery store, theater, etc. Then if he had to react quick, he might not have time to pull it all out. For me, I want my EDC on my body, and several different tools to use for backup and different scenarios, light, blade, extra mag. Does anyone really need a can if being attacked in a parking lot putting your key in the hole? For me, his bag would be the start of a bug out bag that stays in the trunk. So it’s a kind of EDC after all I suppose.

  5. Actually being in Florida this is an interesting case. He has it in the bag, I don’t know if that means just in the car, or walking around with it…

    A silencer is considered a firearm in Florida (thus I had to get a background check/waiting period unless I had concealed license with the SB 7026 change). They are legal to own, subject to federal NFA rules and process, shoot, hunt with. I think you could open carry with the fishing/hunting exemption…

    I would like to see a lawyer or test case opinion, as for concealed carry:

    “For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, tear gas gun, knife, or billie, but the term does not include a machine gun as defined in s. 790.001(9). ”

    In the section on legal concealed weapons only handguns appear to be spelled out, and not a handgun that is also a machine gun. It seems from what I have read you can’t conceal a rifle, SBR, or other non-handgun, so sticking an SBR in your trench coat probably won’t fly. Though an AR pistol with brace, probably ok as a handgun?

    That would mean a b&t tp9 SBR or usw SBR would probably also not be allowed concealed, basically a pistol with a stock…

    And so based on that, a silencer, as a non handgun “firearm”, concealed whether attached or not, probably also runs affoul of that section. Again, I can’t say for sure, I would love something more definitive but so far I haven’t found it in a quick search.

    This would be especially interesting for the Maxim 9. It is an integrally suppressed pistol, so Florida concealed pistol, great, except, wait, that on the end, it has another serial number, and is a silencer, thus a firearm attached to your firearm, but not itself a pistol, so… Legal danger? Maybe.

    I love suppressors, I always bring them to the range, I would hunt with them or take them fishing open carried, sure, at the moment I guess I would want to do more research before carrying one concealed in Florida on or about my person.

    • What I’m about to say is not legally-binding advice.

      From what I’ve been told, the Maxim 9 or any other suppressed handgun is good-to-go for concealed carry in Florida. Technically anything classed as a pistol is good for concealed carry in Florida. Yeah, you could tote around an AR pistol if you can conceal it. The only no-go for concealed carry in FL are full-on rifles (any length) shotguns (any length), and anything full-auto, even if you can legally own it. So yeah, if you’ve got some sort of transferrable machine pistol, you can’t carry it in FL.

      When the rubber meets the road though I’d hate to be the test case if I had to use a Maxim or gun with a can in a DGU outside of my home. Especially with a Maxim since it’s such a “special” item. I’d be inclined to think the cops would impound it just so they could “test” it.

  6. I have one of those Koala bags that I’ve carried my hk45c and my aac tirant 45m in the short configuration in. It’s not attached naturally, but I just carry it like that for the cool factor once in a blue moon. Plus, while its not the fastest holster, it is on body carry.

  7. I’ll run the risk of being called a Fudd. (Got my Nomex suit on).

    I have trouble seeing the defensive application where i would pull out my pistol and then screw on a muffler before presenting my weapon.

    Now if he is a double-naught spy…………

    • It’s all about confidence. “Now hold on a minute my man. I will get to your request but it’s going to be on my terms.”

      True story that a client of mine actually experienced:

      Client was in convenience store in shady area of town.
      Man comes in threatening to shoot up the place.
      Ladies behind the counter slowly turn around, look him up and down, say to him, “We’re busy. We don’t have time for that right now. Why don’t you come back later when there aren’t people in the store that you’re bothering.”

      Guy falters.
      Guy leaves.

  8. These EDC “pocket dumps” are becoming more and more stupid. Legal or not, carrying and EDC with a silencer is an excellent way to put yourself in prison should the need to defend yourself arise. This joker is making himself look like he’s looking for an excuse to shoot someone….quietly. A supressor is not needed for self defense.

    Here’s what you need to carry: pistol, a reload, a knife, a phone (with your lawyer’s number pre-programmed), keys and wallet. EDC pocket dump done.

  9. Tom, all you can do is take it one day at a time. I hope you start your physical therapy ASAP and make a speedy, full recovery.

    As far as the EDC – A suppressor would make a lot of sense, if not for the logistical delays it entails. I think the weight, bulk and risk of theft outweighs the potential benefit.

  10. Neither the suppressor nor the off-body carry in a back pack is for me. I want my little Glock snug against me in case I can run from the initial encounter and if I’m running (in either direction) I want to be able to clear my clothing and gear without something flapping all over the place. To each his/her/its own but I’m sure the pack would just weigh me down.

  11. In a bag or not… if you went through the trouble of getting a threaded barrel, why wouldn’t you carry a suppressor? In your bag, in the truck… doesn’t matter… I think all the hate is just from people who can’t get one or cant manage to carry one.

    No, you are not going to use it practically in a defensive scenario 99% of the time, but that 1% of the time when you need to be quiet and hide the body… there ya go.

    Maybe most people just can’t figure out how to hide the body… Or live in a place where doing so is easier than deciding to pull the trigger or not.

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