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York Bodden (courtesy

Campus carry is getting another look in the Sunshine State. On Monday, a Florida Senate bill  legalizing licensed campus carry passed out of committee (3 -2 party lines) A House bill also escaped committee unscathed. Contemplating campus carry’s resurrection, the left-leaning Florida SunSentinel felt obliged to have another bash at the attempt to “allow” legal gun owners the ability to exercise their gun rights at Florida’s public institutions of higher learning. The result is, predictably enough, completely inane . . .

It’s a leap to say the recent gun-related killing of two college students in their Daytona Beach apartment offers proof guns have no place on a college campus.

But it’s not a big leap.

Hang on. While Victims Diona McDonald and Timesha Carswell were music majors at Bethune-Cookman University, the murders happened off-campus. Someone should have told the anti-gunner who penned this anti-pistol polemic “look before you leap.” Unless of course, he didn’t want to see the chasm in front of him.

Two Bethune-Cookman University students were recently shot to death by a roommate over a rent dispute. Funeral services are expected to be held today on the university’s campus. You have to wonder whether this would be happening if a gun was not in that apartment. reports that killer York Bodden [above] “argued with them, then left the apartment. According to police, Bodden later returned with a gun and shot the women at point-blank range.” Though we don’t know for sure, the report indicates that the gun wasn’t “in that apartment” (until it was).

Not a huge point, perhaps. But it’s entirely representative of the SunSentinel’s disregard for the truth. They want readers to believe that the presence of a gun escalates confrontations. The homicide is painted as a “simple” rent dispute gone bad. What’s the bet there was a lot more to it than that? Skipping ahead . . .

The Second Amendment is a powerful one. And it’s always a hard battle to call for limiting gun owner rights. But this is 2015, when news of mass shootings is almost common-place.

Almost common-place? Weasel words, indicating the writer’s lack of confidence in their justification for infringing on Floridians’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The passage is also a truncated version of the antis’ argument that the Second Amendment is out-dated. And therefore moot. It isn’t and it isn’t.

College students bicker all the time. They get into fights with roommates over who didn’t flush the toilet last. They tussle over parking spaces. And when you add drunken weekend nights, there is no limit on the causes of instant brawls.

College students are selfish brats. Idiots. Louts. Drunks. Brawlers. And that’s just their good points! Even if true, how does the behavior of irresponsible people abrogate the rights of individuals who’ve done nothing wrong? If a college student drives drunk and kills someone – which happens on a regular basis – should all college students be banned from driving? By the same token, did Virginia Tech’s ban on campus carry stop Cho Seung-Hui from slaughtering innocents?

College is a time for students to learn and spread their wings. College is supposed to be enlightening and fun. And above all, college should be safe.

College shouldn’t be a time to worry about bullets flying.

Every time is a time to worry about bullets flying. [Note: not paranoia or anxiety, awareness.] To believe you are safe simply because of a regulation prohibiting firearms in a given space is a dangerous delusion. Whether you live on- or off-campus. [h/t PS]

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  1. Aint it great in tge SunShine State????
    I wonder some times.
    As usual the other side brings up things that have no bearing on what or where things happen.
    Some klown will find a way to block this yet again and have it not come up.
    There is no rational reason to disalow it at all.
    I want to visit my nephew at his campus and I HAVE TO LEAVE MY HANDGUN IN MY CAR TO BE STOLEN???
    Yes that alone makes me aa tad angry. Well at least this year I can leave it in the car.
    These laws make no sense to disarm me.
    Open carry is next………………1 of what 5 states without it. A good trade off 30 years ago maybe. But out of line today.

  2. Isn’t this the same “bullets flying” rhetoric that they used every time a new form of carry comes about? After a certain point age has little to do with maturity. Seen people plenty older than their early 20s who I wouldn’t trust with a gun.

  3. And above all, college should be safe.

    Unfortunately, colleges exist in the real world – which is not, in fact, “safe.”

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    – Benjamin Franklin

  4. “Left Leaning”….. Are you kidding me? They are owned by the Chicago Tribune, and are known to us locals as the “Scum Sentinel”.

    It a paper thin pamphlet from what it once was. Not worthy of lining a bird cage.

    And not surprising this whiny drivel comes from such a rag.

  5. Most papers in Florida are no different than their counterparts in the North, they lean hard left. Especially in Central and South Florida. The Sun Sentinel is one of the worst offenders.

  6. This is something that frustrates me. Here in Georgia your carry license is good almost anywhere except the local college campus. My daughter has her carry license and based on what I have seen of the campus popo, she is both a better shot and less likely to pull out her gun and fire it, unless circumstances demand it. Yet those guys open carry and she can’t even conceal carry.
    The BS that I hear from professors is what happens if a student doesn’t like the grade assigned, they could pull out a gun and shoot. I want to ask these folks have they ever been harmed by a student over a grade? Ever? So I am calling Bull on that, but what you almost always get from college professors these days is BS and that includes much of what is taught as fact in the class room!

  7. College should be safe. But in August 1990, Danny Rolling, a drifter and sexual deviant who wanted to be Ted Bundy, murdered five University of Florida students in their apartments. He also raped and then beheaded some of them with the same knife he used to kill them. Previously, he had murdered a father, daughter and grandchild in Louisiana with the same kind of tool.

    Needless to say, his victims were not armed, thanks to the same kind of simpering scvmbags who write for the DumbSentinel.

  8. Generally, those that turn to a gun to solve their “disputes” are by definition; deviants, criminals, predators, thugs, up to mass murdering homicidal maniacs.

    So I would bet this “room mate” has a violent criminal history and by law, probably couldn’t legally own the gun he used in spite of laws against murder.

    Any word about the past history of this roomate?

    • Yep. According to the link, Bodden was a felon with a violent criminal history that was enrolled in the university in the process of “turning his life around”.

      But to the progressive, it was the gun that made him do it.

      • Because Felons always want to go back to the straight and narrow law abiding lifestyle.!

        Oh wait,,,,! My bad. NICS checks should remedy that, oh wait,….
        My bad again. Criminals will abide by stricter gun control laws…..
        Oh wait,,,, my bad twice over,
        Are we seeing a pattern here?

        • Well, once again we see a felon get a gun, NICS or no NICS. Background checks are discredited. Have been for years.

          What endures are the typical profiles of murderers and murder victims alike. Granted, anyone can be either; but central tendencies to exist. A big red flag is hanging around felons, or being a felon yourself. Don’t do either of those and your odds of not being murdered plummet. Similar lifestyle decisions tend to result in that outcome more so than others.

          Politicians don’t like to talk about, though, because it gets politically incorrect real fast.

      • “It’s not ‘Progressive’ as in ‘Progress’ but ‘Progressive’ as in ‘Cancer’.”

  9. College students are adults. Period. The argument that college students are drunks, etc is one based in fogeyism and just pure fallacy.

  10. Back in the day I went to a prestigious state university in a particularly hoplophobic northern state. None of us had guns and few if any of us thought of how we might get one illegally. Enter on the campus a “program” to enroll certain students, entirely at public expense, of lesser academic, social, and legal standing to help them “become better members of society.” I had a friend who got one of these as a roommate. The guy came to campus straight from the hood complete with his own .38 revolver worthy of a policeman of the time. We did not ask him under which cabbage leaf or dumpster he found it, because like Bodden he was one scary dude. He did not stay enrolled for long, something for which the rest of us were grateful. Now I will admit that living in the hood, he may have needed the gun for his own protection, but nonetheless “the law”, which had meaning for us, had none for him. I don’t remember us wanting him to be disarmed or arrested. We were just pissed that we couldn’t have guns of our own to match him. Forty years later SOS and these girls are killed, along with others in similar situations.

  11. Would nice to see the same as in texas (campus carry and open carry) in florida and south carolina too in 2016 to 2017.
    It s an mistake in my eyes in last time to set unlicensed / constitunal carry law on first priority for a lot of states white an big off places list and it goes to often veto.
    First Off Places remove and things arround then Constitunal Carry !!

    my 50 cent in priority

  12. Has anyone ever seen the crime stats of Bethune-Cookman in Daytona, I have. Rapes, carjackings, armed robberies, stabbings, shootings and physical assaults are common on and around campus especially at the beginning of the school year.

    At Bethune-Cookman I-Phones/cellphones, I-Pads, laptops, wallets/pocketbooks and vehicles are popular items to be demanded at gun/knifepoint. Hell I had a condo in nearby New Smyrna Beach and would occasionally visit the Army & Navy store across the street from the campus, a few times I saw Obama’s thugs who had been inside talking ghetto gibberish while drooling over Glocks bitching as they walked away from the surplus store empty-handed after being denied firearms.

    Bethune-Cookman is a traditionally “Black” campus, millions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered on the facility, new buildings everywhere and it has one of the LOWEST graduation rates in the state of Florida plus it’s THE home-away-from-home for “rev?” Al Sharpton, he speaks there often.

    During the George Zimmerman’s trial the loud, violence-prone protesters you saw on TV outside the courthouse were ALL recruited by NYC’s self appointed Racebaiter-in-Chief, “rev?” Al from Bethune-Cookman campus, each morning chartered school buses would line up at the curb loading up students for the trip to Sanford.

  13. Collage is not safe, how many women have been drugged, raped? With campus carry I really don’t think the people carrying would get into drunken fights. They did not get that far being completely stupid. The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. Thanks for your vote, pass the word.


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