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“Before this film is over … 22 people in America will be shot.” That’s how Katie Couric’s documentary Under the Gun begins, according to Context? Katie don’t need no stinking context! The fact that most of these firearms-related incidents are suicides and most of the rest are gang-related (in urban areas with “strict” gun control) is neither here nor there. Is it in Ms. Couric’s anti-gun agitprop? As if. What we get is . . .

bloody shirt waving and NRA vilification. Judging from the article and the filmmakers’ interview above, it’s suffused with the same old “The NRA doesn’t really represent gun owners” divide and conquer meme sold by the civilian disarmament industrial complex. Only it’s not quite as complex here. Like this:

From a policy point of view, I think one of the most surprising things was that there’s so many people who are in the NRA whose views are not represented by the NRA’s leadership, and it made me very optimistic that there’s a lot of common ground that we don’t hear about in the debate, that we really rarely hear about in the current debate. So that made me believe that there could be some solution and that many people in this country, even though we think of it as such a polarizing issue, that the majority of people in this country really agree that there are measures that could be implemented that will reduce gun violence in this country. So I found that surprising and a reason to be hopeful.

‘Cause Katie and her co-producer spent so much time with NRA members. What are the odds that Under the Gun contains a single clip (not a magazine) of an NRA member who puts forth a calm, coherent argument that these “measures . . . that will reduce gun violence in this country” are ineffective, unconstitutional and dangerous for individual liberty? How low can you go?

Check out the “awash in guns” lies and disinformation in the LA Times video. There are no depths to which Couric and her Director will not sink. While I haven’t seen it, it’s clear that Under the Gun exploits the suffering of its subjects for the greater glory of its creators. Oh sure, Couric and her Director think they’re social justice warriors giving voice to the voiceless. But we know the truth.

Congratulations on your Sundance premiere. How did it feel to get standing ovations?

Katie Couric: It was very moving. I think people became so invested in these people we profiled, I think to see them walk on the stage, I think they wanted to express support and compassion for these people who are willing to tell their stories and understand the impact of these events on our lives.


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      the perkidiot

      “Before this film is over … 22 people in America will be shot.”
      Too bad we can’t pick ’em.

    • My thoughts exactly! She is pretty much washed up and this is a failed attempt to remain somewhat relevant. Looks like she failed.

  1. What did you thing the movie was going to be? Objective? Honest? If Katie Couric and Michael Moore had a baby – It would be 75 year old Michael Bloomberg.

  2. “I think one of the most surprising things was that there’s so many people who are in the NRA whose views are not represented by the NRA’s leadership”

    This is far, far more true of the Democrat party than it is the NRA. With the NRA one has to actively seek it out, put up a more than trivial amount of money – people don’t do that for an organization they do not support in a significant way.

    The Democrat party is a different story, membership is almost a default for most people. All you do is check a box and they have made sure you don’t even have to actively seek it out; you get this membership when you get your drivers license, or perhaps at the grocery store when they have tables set up out front, and no money is required. Add to that the people on favorite TV shows and teachers in school are all but telling the public that to register as anything other than Democrat is equivalent to a hate crime. And off they go to register like little lemmings.

    I would guess that fully 90 or 95% of registered Democrats barely know what the Democrat platform is, and a sizable chunk of those probably couldn’t tell you which party runs the executive branch of our federal government.

    It’s projection and in a big way. They are accusing us of a fault that does not exist, when they themselves profit off of the exact thing they accuse!

    Only a true socialist can lie like this smiling all the way to the bank.

  3. A bunch of smug hipsters that like the smell of their own farts gave this a standing ovation? I’m shocked I tell ya!

    • I was at Sundance two years ago. That year, Katie Couric was premiering a documentary she had executive produced and also narrated, about the obesity epidemic. It was a rambling, incoherent mess, titled “Fed Up” (like, FU –get it??). After the movie ended, she stood up in the theater and gave a little speech about how she hoped that the film would change the national conversation on food, GMO’s, sugar, etc etc etc.

      Two and half years later, I still don’t know anyone other than myself who’s actually seen that movie. No one bought it, and it eventually ended up on Netflix.

      Katie Couric is on a one-woman mission to recapture some degree of relevance. Her strategy seems to be pumping out mediocre propaganda disguised as documentaries to small audiences at film festivals. Here’s hoping her latest bit of dreck dies the same slow death of irrelevance as her last movie, far far from influencing the national discussion with its inaccuracies.

  4. Interesting that a festival named after a western outlaw and murderer, played by an actor who pretended to be quick with a gun (“I’m better when I move”), is so anti-gun.

    Black actors hate Hollywood. White men hate Hollywood. Everybody hates Hollywood. As it should be.

    • Interestingly enough, I am pretty sure hollywood is still illegal. back when edison ran the film industry, a bunch of people ran to hollywood to make movies and not pay edisons fines. so if hollywood is still illegal then it could potentially be shut down.

  5. 22 people will be shot. 9 will be gang related, 6 will be suicides and 3 will be justifiable. Suck it katie.

  6. “I think people became so invested in these people we profiled, I think to see them walk on the stage, I think they wanted to express support and compassion for these people who are willing to tell their stories and understand the impact of these events on our lives.”

    Wait! So Couric didn’t get the standing ovation, and neither did her movie – the “victims” she trotted out on stage did? Wow, class act.

  7. Aren’t we supposed to ignore the whiteys at Sundance due to their un-checked privledge?

    I feel very micro-aggressed right now.

    Let me guess, once the Left achieves their utopia of purging all the worlds micro-aggressors, I’m betting that they will continue their pogrom onto nano-aggresors and then pico-aggressors.

    • Heh! And in that progression, I expect the wymyn to object to the term femto-agression, but atto-aggression might be OK. Then the Marxists will think they’re being being made fun of via zepto-aggression, but we’ll all get a good laugh when it comes down to yocto-aggression.

  8. Wow, didn’t take them long to start lying, did they? 1:17 –I can guarantee they did not take delivery of 4 out-of-state guns bought over the Net in four hours. They arranged for a delivery, sure. But four hours after they started, they did NOT have four guns in hand.

  9. In the clip Katie said 4 gun were purchased (for the purposes of the documentary, I presume) on the Internet by private sellers, across state lines, and without question or paperwork…

    So, 1) the purchaser and seller committed a felon, or 2) she left out the key part when the guns were sent to FFLs, after purchase, and where the questions and paperwork are aplenty.
    My guess is the latter. Because, you know, guns.

  10. When I saw Bowling for Columbine in a hole-in-the-wall theater deep in the heart of liberal central the audience there gave that a standing ovation as well.

    Tell anyone what they want to hear and they’ll clap and cheer.

    Cheering crowds freak me out. Cheering crowds with a symbol/icon/person standing in front of them downright terrify me. Pack of automatons who willingly let themselves be whipped into a frenzy stopping to think only after the walls are smeared with blood.

  11. First thing I think when I hear her name now. Parker and Stone savage someone, they do it right.

  12. She is right in one matter:
    “I think one of the most surprising things was that there’s so many people who are in the NRA whose views are not represented by the NRA’s leadership”
    That is true. In my view, they are too weak in many areas. I wish they would man up a little more. Where is their resolve in places like California and New Jersey.

  13. And they did this in Utah… Where we have minimal firearm laws and we are also pretty damn safe… Libtards and elitists just don’t get irony. I guess you have to work for a living or have the ability to use critical thought to get irony. Oh well that’s just more for us!

    On a side-note. Park City(where Sundancians sundance or whatever) recently had a a few laws that were in violation of our preemption law and after they were taken off the books…Wait for it, wait for it… Oh what no blood in the streets? Sorry you idiots can’t rewrite The Bill of Rights just to make you feel happy in your mansions.

  14. “The NRA doesn’t really represent gun owners”

    My newly acquired life membership says otherwise. 🙂

  15. Poorly researched hit piece. If she really wants to be a journalist, she would have looked into the different types of shootings and their causes. I’m pretty sure the NRA doesn’t approve of gangbangers, and gangbangers are not NRA members.

  16. Step One:

    Make the requirements for carrying a concealed firearm the same as the requirements for casting a secret ballot.

    Step Two:

    Say “hello” to the ~4,500 voters/concealed carriers in New York City.

  17. The NRA is weak in several areas. They should be fighting all of the unconstitutional infringements on our rights.

  18. “common ground, intelligent conversations… real solutions?” stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

  19. This film exposes gross ignorance, even in the title. “Under the Gun” is an old military term for the point at which charging infantry or cavalry were too close to their target for the defenders to lower the cannon enough to strike them. That would mean that “under the gun” was a (relatively) safe place on the battlefield.


  20. So THAT’S what happened to the grossly overpaid over valued Katie. Failure-thy name is Couric.

  21. I wish I had the key to that room, that blue bin and a 1 hour head start. I don’t release animals, I release guns.

  22. Did Katie have her “Boy-Toy Du’ Jour” on her arm at the showing? Did she sit on the edge of a desk and flash the audience giving them a chance to look up her skirt? And just how many “Courics” does a Sundance Award weigh (South Park reference?

  23. We could reduce our amount of firearms down to European levels and we would still have about the same murder and suicide rates. Again, they media is unable to correctly identify the problem and blames an object. You failed in your COG analysis Katie!

  24. Any members of the NRA who disagree with the NRA leadership on the major issues are either morons or just misinformed. Because once somebody is informed on all the issues, who claims to be for gun rights, there is no way that they are not going to either support the NRA’s leadership 100% or even view the NRA leadership as not being tough enough.

  25. Lost me in about the first 10 seconds – “Gun ownership is going down, but the number of guns is increasing.” After that whopper I just moved on….

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