Sun-Times: Beating Gun Companies In Court is Like Putting Al Capone in Jail…Or Something

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Al Capone
Chicago gangster Al Capone has his photo taken while in custody in Philadelphia, May 18, 1929, on charges of carrying concealed weapons. (AP Photo)

Until now, most of the conversation about reducing gun violence has focused on imprisoning people who have used guns in crimes. The gun industry has been able to wash its hands of the bloodshed because it has had too many people in power in its back pocket. What we are seeing now is an important attempt to hold people accountable for putting guns in the hands of criminals.

Fighting out lawsuits in court will take years, and it is unclear what the Supreme Court will rule in the end. The court refused to take up the Connecticut case, which allowed the Sandy Hook settlement to go ahead, but right-wing justices have been added to the court since then.

Meanwhile, the Legislature in the next session needs to ban large-capacity magazines and assault weapons In Illinois. Doing so on the state level might prompt Congress to enact such bans federally.

America finally sent Al Capone to prison. It needs to put a stop to today’s gun violence as well.

— Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Taking gun manufacturers to court can save lives

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  1. Well, magazine size has nothing to do with anything. Criminals would never stop shooting people simply because of magazine size (whatever size that might happen to be). In fact, criminals would not stop even if every gun in existence went away.

    • The smear by association tactic used by the chicago sun times pervert is gutless slander to say the least. The pervert isn’t really after gun manufacturers. The pervert is using that to sneak through the backdoor to get at the Second Amendment.

      If an employee of Ruger and the chicago sun times pervert were in quicksand and I had two ropes I’d throw both ropes to the Ruger employee.

  2. This guy is yet another in the long line of lying Dumbasses! Those responsible for putting guns in the hands of criminals, are other criminals. All of whom are exposed to existing Federal Gun Laws with minimum sentences. The Federal Prosecutors are Negligent in their jobs in that the percentage of criminals tried at the Federal Level is in the low single digits, if in fact they’ve reached even 1%! Too Damn Much pleading down to misdemeanors, and letting crooks walk without prosecution. Fill the Federal Prisons and make’em serve Hard Time breaking rocks with no A/C. That’s a Deterrent they will respect!

  3. “Fighting out lawsuits in court will take years, and it is unclear what the Supreme Court will rule in the end.”

    Thanks to Trump winning, and not the HildaBeast, we have a vastly improved chance of prevailing at the SCotUS.

    And something tells me we’re gonna need their help sooner, rather than later… 🙁

  4. The reason why the PLCAA exists.

    Because if repealed or overruled by common law, you can guarantee everyone from vehicle manufacturers, brewers, distillers, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and more will be sued for the remotest connection.

    • The next time they control all 3 houses, I expect them to repeal the PLCAA.

      By that time, it may be unnecessary. It seems to me we can successfully defend against such suits by counter-suing and claiming suppression of free speech, and\or interfering with an enumerated civil right.

      If a book publisher can successfully hide behind the constitution to sell books about grooming children for sex, we must demand the same for our rights…

  5. “Meanwhile, the Legislature in the next session needs to ban large-capacity magazines and assault weapons In Illinois. Doing so on the state level might prompt Congress to enact such bans federally.”

    Why? Why would Congress give a *shit* about what they do (or do not do) in Illinois? Really? Has the Illinois FOID card system caught on in Congress. What typical bullshit from the Sun Times.

    • Chicago: where more than a thousand people will be shot this year, primarily by known criminals that should have been locked up already. Many were caught and then set free without any bond or bail.

      It should seem ironic that its major newspaper, and attempted driver of local policy, should be pressing for the end of a valid, essential and profitable business rather than the simple tossing of these known crooks into jails to protect the citizenry from their normal, everyday activities.

      If any industry needs to be held accountable for their “product” and the proper use thereof, it is the Mainstream Media and its propaganda.

      • per Year To Date
        Shot & Killed: 499
        Shot & Wounded: 2319
        Total Shot: 2818
        But what would the cops actually do if you put the murderers in jail, let alone jailed all the violent felons?

      • They have no interest in solving the problems citizens care about. It wouldn’t even be difficult. They only serve The Narrative and the Agenda.

  6. Maybe try locking up the offenders rather than refusing to charge them and letting them go?

    Just a thought.

    • That conflicts with the narrative and agenda. Politicians and propagandists don’t serve the people.

  7. The Sun Times is still a thing? Whutayouknow! Online methinks. Once again being accused of crimes while being innocent. ILL annoy dims suck…

    • It’s almost as if that isn’t a priority which should scare the hell out of everyone, especially if you live near a dem urban hellhole.

    • Rad, I found this particularly *hilarious* :

      “Meanwhile, the Legislature in the next session needs to ban large-capacity magazines and assault weapons In Illinois. Doing so on the state level might prompt Congress to enact such bans federally.”

      No one’s explained to them just what the June 2022 ‘Bruen’ decision means for their little gun control laws!

      When that finally sinks in, the collective melt-down will be one for the ages… 😉

      • Still waiting for an Illinois politician to utter the word “switchies”, which might be some sort of indication that they have the first clue what the fuck is going on in their own state.

  8. What the Sun-Times seems to be missing here is that Al Capone would not have even been a name to remember had it not been for government involvement in the effort to get rid of alcohol in the first place. Prohibition is what gave us the whole gangster situation of the 20’s and 30’s to begin with. Something that required a constitutional amendment to deal with. Which then gave us the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. Many lives would have been saved if government would have respected the rights of the citizens.

    That’s not even to mention that people lawfully owning guns (even at that time) were NOT responsible for Capone’s criminal activity. Neither was the maker of the Tommy gun. In fact, many of these gangsters were takin out with the help of Tommy guns.

  9. They don’t want to fight “gun violence” because “gun violence” is overwhelmingly committed by one of their core supporting demographics. Can’t be making felons out of potential voters now, can we??

    • Would criminals be more or less likely to vote for the law and order candidate? That’s a tough one.

    • bulletroof logic there, Johnny. Felons cannot vote. Arrest/charge them with the gun crimes they have committed and they’ve lost those votes by law cuz they cannot vote (legally, anyway, but whoever thinks THAT will stop them is smoking too much of that wacky weed.

      • Other than being held up as example of “systemic racism” by a political propaganda machine, what do felons have to do with it?

  10. We need to remember all the people who espouse the authors position so that they can be visited and kinetically corrected in the future.

    • Someone once said “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time…” 🙂

  11. So now the firearms manufacturers are like the two bit pimp the government transformed into a wealthy mobster through the enactment of prohibition of alcohol.
    I know the goal is to destroy the firearms industry and limit legal ownership of firearms to the self proclaimed political elites and their wealthy patrons. Can’t have the poors able to defend themselves or bring about a change of regime if needs be.
    According to the idiots in charge you have the right to remain silent and do as you’re told by your betters and masters.

  12. The publisher and editors of the Sun-Times should be held accountable and prosecuted for all the years they promoted the soft on crime and anti family policies that enabled this crime wave.

    Liberals caused the destruction of civil society. They own it. They should be made to pay for their guilt.


  13. When Capone ran Chicago the streets and stores were safer.
    Theres organized crime and then theres chaos.

  14. What we are seeing now is an important attempt to hold people accountable for putting guns in the hands of criminals.

    And MY question for the writer of this piece is this:

    WHY have people NOT been being held accountable for putting guns in the hands of criminals? This has been a federal level felony for decades now. WHY is it not enforced? It has to be known, because the above statement admits they know about it but are refusing/failing to DO anything about it. WHY?

    THEY make a problem, then demand WE lose our own rights because THEY refuse to address that problem.

    Drop the burden for guns being put into the hands of criminals right where it belongs, and nowhere else. That place is.. the ones DOING that. Enforce existing law and see what that does to “fix” the “problem”.

  15. The “Purge” is coming to Chiraq and the rest of the state of Illinois. Because of their new law. It will be very similar to the $950 misdemeanor level in California. There is no accountability for the leadership who support this crap. They just blame the “guns”.

  16. Apply this logic to the windmill industry vis a vis birds and watch heads explode.

    Form a right-leaning conservation group and sue the power companies, windmill blade manufacturers, shippers, installers… everyone. Be as hyperbolic as you can with “green” lingo. Whenever you’re asked a question simply start screaming incoherently about an “avian apocalypse” and how this “environmental disaster” is being aided and abetted by big money and a political party.

    Like Epstein, fuck the children. Do it for the lulz.

  17. Maybe We the People, gun owners or not, should look to sue politicians for not doing the job they were elected to do while spending their(our) time on pet projects, causes, & policies that are not in our best interests. We call them representatives because that is what they are supposed to do. We elect them in hopes they will do just that represent us, We the people. So many, who are supposed to uphold and protect our constitution, are spending their time in office trying to take our individual rights while giving more power to the ones it is meant to protect us from. They continue to pursue more and more gun laws that punish law abiding firearms owners, sellers, and manufacturers while not enforcing existing laws meant to punish the criminals committing crimes with guns. Too much time, money, and effort are being used to pad pockets, advance political careers and agendas, reducing and bypassing our constitutional protections wile expanding rights, protections, and benefits of non-citizens of which many entered and/or reside this country illegally, and providing seeming unending aid and money to other countries that is needed here. Our country is broken and our elected officials are not doing what we need them to be doing as OUR representatives. In my opinion, a lawyer that disregards a clients concerns, needs, wellbeing and doesn’t act in their clients best interests, should be fired and possibly sued by the person/people they are supposed to be representing. Why would we not hold our elected representatives to a similar standard? If those we elect are not or will not, look after our best interests and represent us as individuals and as a nation, we need to fire/replace/sue them as I feel most people would a lawyer that isn’t doing their job representing them as a client and holding their best interests above all else.

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