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Welcome to today’s edition of the Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.  Today we have one from Jonathan Daniels from Overland Park, Kansas.  He calls it his “Summer Slim Down.”  I think it’s more like a series of Christmas tree ornaments given all the hooks he’s got.

For a gun, he’s got a tiny Sig P938.  (Kudos for the reload!)

He carries a California-legal Protech “Calmigo” blade.  I can’t think of too many things self-defense related “California legal” that I’m excited about.

For a light, he is another guy who carries the RovyVon A1 550-lumen miniature flashlight.  A cool light, but I’m scared away by the 130mAh battery…  which says to me that it doesn’t burn for long before the battery dies.

He acknowledges that he is using his phone to take the photo.

Discuss Mr. Christmas tree ornament in comments.


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  1. I’ve never really warmed to the single action semi auto. I had a brief affair with the HP some years back. But overall, I’m pretty ‘meh’ about the type.

    • Me neither but I guess it makes sense for those who carry a full sized one to use a ‘mini’ in the same manual of arms when they carry lighter.

      • the bhp’s led me to the cz’s, which i utilize similarly. the 938 was a natural progression for legal carry. gimme a hammer.

  2. It will be in the 90s this week so I will be slimming down for summer. I will wear shorts. Other than that the same EMP/4″ pistol. For most people the threat is highest in the summer. Criminals are wimps and aren’t as active in cold weather. Summer is not the season to reduce your defensive capability.

  3. I am not good enough to switch my gun due to weather. I carry the same gun year round. I am looking into getting an LCP II but that is stepping down. My thought is a LCP II in a full wallet holster could go just about anywhere, same places as a NAA or life card, and still be semi shootable.

  4. I have to admit when it gets hot I go to a revolver in a pocket holster as opposed to an IWB which is my cooler weather carry. But its not like its a new method for me, it was something I did even s a kid playing cops and robbers, carried in my hip pocket, and it transitioned to when I got older and started carrying a revolver every day. I know some do not like hip pocket carry but I do, and am comfortable with it. Right as I type this a Taurus M380 is residing in my rear pocket.

    I like the 938, it is a natural for someone who likes the 1911 platform like I do. But I do agree, the ;ight is not something I would pick. I carry several photon Microlights on my keys, but still carry a Fenix L0D for my main EDC light.

  5. Today I’ve strapped a cross draw with a 1911, just for fun. However the ever present 54-1 is still in its IWB , , Motor skills equal repetition, repetition equals proficiency, proficiency equals speed, speed equals another dead guy for the cops to make off with.

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