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This video of a violent customer at Subway has gone viral. As it pushes over the quarter-million mark, I draw your attention to 2:30 in, when the cops arrive to take down the shirtless perp. The cops charge in with full force, both in number and style. One policeman pushes the bad guy backwards. The cops give the stunned, weaponless perp four seconds (being generous) to hit the floor before they Tase him. Clearly, the bad guy didn’t process the command during those four seconds. Nor did he make any aggressive moves towards the cops or anyone else in that time span. A Taser is a wonderful thing. But I wonder if the police are jumping the electron gun, setting basic combat skills aside in a subconscious desire to avoid physical contact with nasty people.

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  1. Setting basic combat skills aside? How about setting basic negotiation skills aside? Or setting common decency aside? For every shirtless dirtbag making trouble in a Subway, there is an old lady lying in her bed or a six year old in a classroom tased for no reason other than that the cops involved lacked a basic moral foundation.

  2. The moral integrity of police officers needs to be examined individually. To criticize "the police" as one seems to ignore the statistical success rate of police response (or even taser use). Now, I'm all in favor of better screening or training for people trying to represent the law (to get rid of the power hungry individuals who abuse citizens) but we have so few police in general.

    In this specific instance, I think the police acted very well. They got a report of some dirtbag attacking employees and patrons. They probably got multiple 911 calls even. Maybe he's armed, who knows? So they burst through the door with every available officer for the shock and awe take down.

    I think the shirtless man processed the command. I wasn't there looking into his eyes, but he might have been about to lurch out with a sucker punch again. Then what, a dicey scramble of injured officers?

      • Mr. Farago used "the police." I was using an unclear two-pronged comment towards both of you. I still think that there are a lot more cases of proper taser use than abuse – but, of course, that's what we all would like to think.

  3. Yeah i know you want to give the cops the benefit of the doubt, but ask yourself this: If a person has an itch to taser people what profession should he choose?

  4. Remember firstly – the cops received a 911 call from Subway that a guy was being agressive and entering the staff area. They arrive on scene and see him right in someone's face, shouting 'I DON'T ***ING CARE!!'

    Crowded restaurant. Lots of civs, lots of furniture which people can get hurt on and a crowded enviorment, and a possibly drunk and definately violent guy. His body language SEEMS to suggest that he was planning to go out with a fight – not that we know for sure. The choice is, either go in and punch him to the ground, or tase him and cuff him.

    Considering he was a fit 20/30-something male wearing no shirt, it seems that he was the model candidate for safe TASER use. This considered, there is far less risk to ALL involved if he is tased and then instantly cuffed, rather than a long struggle ensue in which the perp, the cops or civilians could be hurt (not to mention OMG POLICE BRUALITY allegations)

  5. I have to agree with Matt. He was combative, and aggressive. I don't know what set this guy off, and I don't care. His behaviour was inappropriate to say the least. I would have thought about mental issues when his rant started.

    Now, from the cops point of view? They arrive at a scene with a guy acting like a nutcase. Why do they risk getting hurt in a wrestling match with this guy? They would like to go home that night too, not to the hospital. He was told to get on the ground. He does speak English. If he does not comply, step it up. How long were they supposed to wait? How many time were they supposed to tell him to get down? 3 times? 4?.

    This guy was nuts or on drugs. Taze him till he glows.

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