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“U.S. President Barack Obama says the issue that has left him ‘the most stymied’ is the debate over gun control,” reports. “Obama tells the BBC [click here to watch] that he’s frustrated’ that the U.S. “(is the one advanced nation on Earth that) does not have commonsense gun safety laws, even in the face of repeated mass killings.'” The CIC made the statement just hours before the Lafayette theater shooting (which counts as a mass killing because the shooter took his own life). “Obama says that while fewer than 100 Americans have been killed by terrorism since September 11, 2001, tens of thousands have been killed by gun violence.” In other words . . .

pay no attention to the jihadi behind that curtain!

Am I the only one who finds it worrying that the President of the United States reckons that gang banging with guns, firearms-related suicides and the occasional mass shooting are somehow more worrying than religious extremists dedicated to destroying our Constitutional democracy? Does it bother anyone else that the President is so quick to put the horrific wholesale slaughter of 9/11 into the realm of ancient history when discussing the current threat of terrorism in the United States?

The President says the nation’s inability to resolve the issue of “gun violence” is “distressing” but “it is not something that I intend to stop working on in the remaining 18 months.”

I’m so sorry that the President is “distressed” by his inability to disarm his fellow Americans, leaving them defenseless against both criminals and terrorists and (it should be mentioned) government tyranny. No doubt President Obama will “act out” his “distress” in the legislative arena, emboldened by any and every firearms-related atrocity committed by those with little to no regard for human life. Watch this space.

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  1. You aren’t the only one rf. It worries me also. I’m not so worried that our islamic president isn’t mentioning islamic terrorists. I’m more worried that millions of people are failing to see the obvious bias of bho towards his brothers in islam.

    • Heads in the sand everyone , just like the good German people did in 1932 -1944 .
      Look everyone , we have a poet , the laddie reckons himself a poet , I’m alright Jack , keep your hands off of my stack , absolute rubbish , get back to your work .

        • Complain all you want about Isis, but at least they have the decency to treat their respective government tyrants with all the respect a government deserves. And, they don’t seem too hung up on childish “gun laws” either. And neither have they so far taken it upon themselves to steal half my income on an ongoing basis, to spend it on petty self aggrandizement.

          Until proven otherwise, God Fearing dudes with guns seem a-ok to me. Until I am privy to some first hand conformation that these particular ones really aren’t, I’ll continue to rank them waaaaay below our own tax feeding tyrants, as far as threats to anything worth bothering with is concerned.

        • What kind of loser thinks that because our govt sucks that ISIS IS NOT A DANGER?

          The same kind of ahole who voted for obama or stayed home and helped elect him twice.

  2. These last eighteen months remaining in Obama’s presidency may well prove to be the most constitutionally dangerous times to the US since the Civil War.

    Obama is becoming desperate to establish relevancy in his two terms of office and a desperate president is akin to a cornered predator.

  3. The issue he’s trying to solve is that government hasnt taken overwatch of as much of our lives as hoped by now.

    Terrorists arent the targets of mass surveillance. That much should be obvious by now. They communicate freely in the clearnet and each time an event occurs our billion dollar spy machine is found sitting on its hands with a dumb look on its face.
    Anyone who wants to can wander into the country alone or in a convoy and the government refuses to stop them.
    So-called prohibited persons trade freely in firearms, narcotics and human beings.

    The entire apparatus is set up to watch, control and punish us who are not criminals or terrorists.
    The end goal, what Obama and every other politician/.005%’er is sad over not having yet achieved, is forcing an America where for any taste of liberty at all you must become a criminal and to remain law-abiding you must submit 100% to the fickle will of the ruling class.

    • I can tell you why government lacks any serious concern for gangbangers and terrorists:
      (1) Those two groups pose no threat at all to deposing the ruling class.
      (2) Those two groups actually enhance our “collective need” for government “help”. Of course that requires that government surveil everyone and have a huge force ready to act on any intelligence.

      In other words gangbangers and terrorists are the rationale for government to have the tools on hand which they can conveniently use to squash political enemies. More and more, government’s “political enemies” are becoming the average person.

    • The entire apparatus is set up to watch, control and punish us who are not criminals or terrorists.
      Our government works for terrorists and criminals and not law abiding working people. I wish I could say the Donkeycraps have a monopoly on this situation.

  4. From now on, anybody who mentions a mass shooting as a reason for gun control loses credibility. As a rule of thumb, if it makes national headlines, it is too rare to worry about. No sane person makes laws based on extremes.

  5. I’m interested to see how the Louisiana response differs from those other states. I’m in Baton Rouge, so it’s somewhat relevant to me. I’d like to see the state response be relaxing some of the restrictions we still have on concealed carry. I’d also like to see a bunch of theaters relax their anti-gun policies.

    I’d also really like to not see the feds go nuts on gun control, prompted by a shooting in a state that recently adopted a enhance the protection of 2A rights in the state constitution: .

    • What, pres is not satisfied with cratering a health care system by “fixing” something that did not need it. Perhaps people waking up to the lies about “affordable HC Act”
      not so snowed by reasonable gun law. I’m thinking “thanks, but no thanks” to futher damage to US.
      How spend next 18 months on golf course, visiting & sucking up to nations who already hate us, practice up on being “cool”
      And leave us responsible gun owners the fu@k alone – mkay?

      • Added fees on purchases
        Higher taxes on Ammo
        Limits on amount of Ammo
        Limits on number of firearm ownership without special collecting stamp
        Limits on magazine capacity
        Ballistic tip and hyper velocity ammo bans
        Longer wait on purchases and more paperwork , more questions
        More restrictions through Affordable Care Act , confiscations for anyone receiving depression medications
        Here we go , here we go again .

      • “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.” Oh wait, that was so two centuries ago, isn’t it?

  6. Everybody knows that the cause of “gun violence” isn’t the lack of commonsensegunsafetylaws. No, it’s global warming. Which also caused ISIS, immigration and the tumor between POTUS’ ears that he calls his brain.

  7. When I saw the link to news of the Louisiana movie theater shooting and 2 dead (plus the shooter), it was right next to a link to a traffic accident which killed 5. That pretty much sums it up to me, but just for fun, remember that while approximately the same number of people dir from cars and guns every year, almost all car deaths are accidents. 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides, and 2/3 of the remainder are criminals killing criminals, mostly from the insane War On Some Drug Users. Eliminating suicides and criminals leaves you with one tenth as many gun murders as all car deaths, and I consider those the appropriate categories — the ones that are unavoidable and involuntary.

    • You’re right. I think it’s time to call for common sense car safety laws. From now on, before you are allowed to purchase a car, you will need to obtain a permit. That permit will identify the type and size of vehicle you can purchase. Furthermore, I call for a limit to the size of vehicle that can be owned or brought into the state of California. A five seat limit should be sufficient – and none of those fancy new cars with fancy features. It needs to be on an approved list.

      I know what you’re thinking – a gun is a weapon while a car is a transportation vehicle. Different classes. Guns are made to cause harm while vehicles are made to convey. My question for you is why wouldn’t you want to, more strictly control a device that isn’t made to cause harm but which is causing so much harm? There is clear evidence of significant misuse. Something must be done!

      • I like to compare guns to the Internet, because antis who have heard the car analogies before tend to latch on to the fact that we DO register every car, with government-mandated testing, easily-revokable licensing, and high taxes on consumables (gas) for anyone who wants to drive one. Which is exactly where we don’t want to go with guns. Yes, gun ownership is a protected right, while car ownership/operation isn’t, but not many folks like to interpret the Constitution at face value anymore.

        So the Internet:
        – Is designed to move data quickly and efficiently from one place to another, with only the end-user in control of what kind of data it is. The data could be emails to Mom, Youtube videos, VOIP phone calls, posts on a message board, criminal conspiracies, terrorist plans, illegal images – anything ranging from the completely innocuous to illegal and harmful.

        – Are designed to move bullets quickly and efficiently from one place to another, with only the end-user in control of what the target is. The target could be paper, clay birds, steel gongs, deer, turkeys, an attacking criminal, or innocent people – ranging from completely innocuous to illegal and harmful.

        Yet, many of the same people who work themselves into a lather over private gun ownership would have kittens if someone wanted to exert government controls on Internet content. (Although there are certainly people who would like to do the latter.)

    • There are so many other forms of avoidable death that aren’t prioritized.

      => Alcohol impaired traffic fatalities (2012) 10,076 / year
      => Firearm homicides (incl suicides) 11,208 / year
      Mortality stats at

      For whiles (rank, percent & deaths / year) 2010 data
      Leading causes of death:
      * hearth disease: #1, 24% 514,000
      * suicide: #10, 1.6%, 35,000
      * cirrhosis liver (alcohol) #11, 1.3%, 28,000
      * homicide #18, 0.4%, 7,800

      • You may be on to something. The suicide numbers suggest that not-firearms are the biggest cause of said death. I why don’t we start with those destructive devices? Registration if you buy more than a foot of rope at the Home Depot. Buying razors? We need to put a safety tax on it.

        Speaking of razors, what annoys me is that the same people who were ready to allow pocketknives back on airplanes (an intelligent decision) but not box cutters (because they make people sad, which is dumb) are the same people that call for increased gun control. We can be trusted to carry knives on planes, but not guns in public?

  8. We still have 16 months to go. He’s saving the best for last. You better believe exec action on guns is coming, and it will be a doozy.

    • Them wiley waskels , they always save the best for last . Dag nabit , I’m gonna get that rabbit , here bunny bunny , waskily wabbits . All we can do is wait and see how ingenious their plan is , six and a half years , it should be good . We will all be saying ‘ WHAT THE HELL ” . It will fast track to the Supreme Court and they will rule and we will say ” WHAT THE HELL ” .

  9. Nobody is killed by “terrorism” or “gun violence”. They are killed by terrorists or murderers. Ignoring the root cause(s) as to why one kills is ignoring the issue altogether, which no amount of gun control will ever resolve.

  10. Keep up the pressure guys. It’s clear that Obama is the present danger (along with Bloomberg and his cronies) but the next danger could be H Clinton for example.
    We need common sensible, logical arguments that can’t find fault with or fight against.
    For the moment us sensible, law abiding citizens have been put on the back foot.
    Fight back against government tyranny folks

    • It’s Jeb’s turn . Those Bilderbergers , Tri-Laderalist , Skull and Cross Bones boys don’t seem to like old Rodham . She needs a penis to play with them boys . It’s Jeb’s turn . If Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or even ‘ The Trumpmeister ‘ were to win the nomination , Jeb will be VP at the convention and it will play out the way they want it to .
      NEWS ALERT ! BHO waves his magic pen after spending some time on the phone and shabam , because of this horrific national emergency we are now facing , the elections are on hold by executive order . The world rejoices as BHO holds onto the Raines of power .

  11. “Obama says that while fewer than 100 Americans have been killed by terrorism since September 11, 2001, tens of thousands have been killed by gun violence.” The casualties from Afghanistan and Iraq are not caused by terrorism? Or does he not consider US armed forces members to be Americans?

    • Hasn’t his hatred of our military member been evident? Dragging kicking and screaming to lower the flags at the White House to half mast for the Chattanooga Navy and Marine personnel murder, the whole VA thing, his Sec of State thinks military member are stupid with no prospects. Of course he doesn’t regard them as Americans, he doesn’t regard them as human beings.

      And this is the guy that is green lighting Iran as a nuclear armed power. The deal is designed to let Iran cheat and as long as they get the bomb once he’s out of office, it’s OK if they get nuclear weapons and use them to Obama.

    • Inconvenient fact: Junk food and booze have killed far more than guns and cost taxpayers significantly more in health care cost. Negligible spending on these preventable deaths and costs; millions spent on gun gun tool regulation.

    • Military casualties aren’t the result of “terrorism”. They are the expected results of an invasion instigated by the US government. It is amusing that anyone expects people in sovereign nations to simply roll over and submit to the hegemony of the US military without any resistance. 🙂

      On the other hand, civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan are the result of US government terrorism.

      • Nope you can’t have your cake and it it too. If you don’t accept that Servicemembers aren’t killed by terrorist in overseas theaters, or civilians aren’t killed by terrorist on domestic soil, then you can’t extend victimhood to the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Insurgents, ISIS and other malcontents, or the few civilians caught in the battle.

        • LOL @ believing every single civilian murdered by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan is AQ, Taliban, or some other US government designated boogeyman. As if regular people won’t resist a criminal invasion of their homeland. “Winds of democracy” indeed.

          LOL @ “few civilians”, since most studies put the number of deaths due to US military action in Iraq alone at over 100k.

          Speaking of have the cake and eat it, the US invades a country then immediately designates anyone who resists as a terrorist. Good one.

        • @Good Riddance–over 100k Iraqi civilian deaths were attributed to sectarian violence: Sunni versus Shia murders (which is a polished up way of saying neighborly/family grievances were escalated and blamed on religious differences). Just because the US invaded, it does not take the rap for all violent deaths hence forth.

        • I tried to update my post. Over 300k were attributed to sectarian violence. But so many of those numbers are estimates. Some point to millions attributed directly to the invasion. However, is it really less violent when a car-bomb goes off in a crowded market? How about someone bleeding out after a vehicle collision? Does starvation count? What about the Iraqi Flower (Iraqi security forces opening fire from a circle outwards)? Where do we draw the line?

        • Every single one of which is attributable to the US invasion.

          You can thank the US government for turning Iraq into a relatively secular nation into an ISIS stronghold.

      • As a criminal profiler with the FBI for 122 years , I believe GoodRiddance is a kid , barely 18 and really does care for humanity , probably has studied religions , doesn’t enjoy sports , reads a lot , probably is reasonably intelligent with a deeper interest in sciences and a limited amount of knowledge of history . He probably has few friends and is a strong advocate of gun control . His parents were both Christian and no longer together . He has a poor relationship with one and a shaky relationship with the other . Only one sibling of which he does not have a relationship with and has entertained fantasies of rampage .
        We have him on our radar here at NSA center , Utah .

        • “As a criminal profiler with the FBI for 122 years”

          Goddamn, you predate J Edgar.

        • My 132 yeas as pinhead profiler knew that would lure you out .
          Just picking on you bud , I apologize , everyone has a right to their opinion , God bless .

      • Such stupidity. The U.S. invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism or oppression. The casualties in Iraq were the result of Al-Qaeda declaring war on the U.S. forces. Had they not done this, there wouldn’t have been any violence. The U.S. was a completely non-violent occupying force, only using violence when needed to resist terrorists. These terrorists were so violent that they used such terror against the Iraqi people themselves which then turned the Iraqis AGAINST Al-Qaeda to siding with those “terrorist” U.S. soldiers.

        And yes, the Iraqi people were for the most part fully willing to role over and let the U.S. invade because the U.S. was toppling what was a hated dictator and regime. That’s why it took Al-Qaeda infiltrating into Iraq to fight the U.S. forces, because the Iraqi people themselves weren’t interested in doing it.

        • Kyle, Looks like the narrative that the US precipitated the mess has been discredited as you say. Interesting article in NY Magazine that claims analysts simply can’t explain the popularity of ISIS and antecedents. All the old theories simply haven’t help up under close examination.

          Very worrisome because we can’t effectively combat what we don’t understand. And it’s spreading.

      • People in free sovereign nations would not roll over and submit to U.S. military occupation because such occupation would then be based on oppression. You don’t topple free society’s government in the name of freedom unless you are intent on oppression. On the other hand, when you are in an oppressive dictatorship that crushes any dissent and the U.S. liberates you, generally people don’t have a problem with it. The problem with Iraq was that there was not really any national identity that was “Iraqi.” It was instead a country created by forcing together various groups of people that did not like one another, which made creating a viable liberal democracy after invasion very difficult, and also Al-Qaeda infiltrating to start making warfare, which led to U.S. forces responding with force and sometimes excessively, which did not help in turning the Iraqi people to its cause. This changed when General Patraeus implemented the surge in 2007 which emphasized more restraint.

        And Iraq only became an ISIS stronghold because Obama threw away the fruits of victory.

        • Don’t forget Yugoslavia – similar pattern after Tito was toppled. Thankfully no ISIS-like groups surfaced AFAIK.

  12. I am really glad that I had a hand in bringing dome “distress” to the Marxist Sheet-pile that resides at 1600Penn.

  13. Let’s have a have commonsense gun safety law.

    Require elementary school children learn to stop, don’t touch it, run away and tell a responsible adult.

    Taught by local law enforcement.

    That law, right there, nothing else added on to it.

    Pass it and drop it on Obama’s desk.

    Force him to explain to the American people why he won’t sign the most elementary gun safety law ever.

    How about it?

    • That makes a lot of sense. I mean, I had to sit through that dumb Duncan series in middle school and learn about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse so why can’t we incorporate basic safety training in our public schools? Add in some stuff about not handling a gun when you are feeling depressed, lonely, angry, etc. An ounce of prevention = a pound of cure.

      But my guess is that this doesn’t move the ball in the “right” (or should I say left) direction for the President. He wants prohibition. Something akin to Volstead Act or the so-called War on Drugs.

      • The POINT of passing that and dropping it on his desk is to force him to explain why won’t sign it.

        I want to watch him politically SQUIRM.

    • Taught by local law enforcement. From what I have seen of the local Barney Fifes, that would be a grave mistake. I was taught by an old experienced hunter and a former Staff Sergeant with both a basic and advanced marksmanship status. These people were also known as Grandfather and Dad.

      • The antis insist that the only ones qualified to touch a gun are the police and military.

        Therefore, LE are qualified to instruct gun safety. (According to them)

  14. It’s all about criminal activity having nothing to do with the average lawful citizen. Our president is not worthy of the position he holds and should be observed similar to Saddam Hussein. His intent to take control is the same, he’s just at an earlier point in the mission.

  15. He’s got 18 months left to crystallize his legacy for all time and darned if he isn’t going to go out with guns blazing. Er, I mean…ummm…go down swinging. The bad news for Dems may be that if he makes too much noise on this then he’ll rile the bases of both parties, and may cast a pall over Hillary’s bid.

  16. Since “Stymie” was the name of an African American child character on The Little Rascals, saying that our noble POTUS was “stymied” is raaaaaaaacist, even if altogether accurate. Otay, ‘Panky?

  17. An entire family was wiped out by their teenage sons who used kitchen knives to murder them. This happened just a few days before the LA shooting.

    Yet, *gasp* no mention of needing to do something to crack down on knife crime, introduce knives with safety features or have your knives safely locked away when you aren’t chopping up vegetables.

    Gun control advocates (well, Statists really) like Obama keep waging a war of attrition with the non gun owning American public. Insisting that the actions of criminals or those who end their own life will be impacted by strict gun laws.

    I’m legitimately frightened by what the POTUS might do during his last year in office. At a minimum I would expect him to legislate some new gun control measures by fiat (as is his way of doing things) at worst we would see him ban ammo sales and ban sales of entire classes of weapons (semi-automatic “assault pistols”, etc… you get the idea).

  18. Sad that another politician just doesn’t get it. Let’s try again. Were there laws already on the books that made what the killer intended to do illegal? Yes there were. Did the killer obey those laws? Obviously, he did not. So tell me how more laws would have stopped him, if he didn’t obey the existing ones?

    Mr. President, have you noticed how these “massacres” have gone up since President Ronald Reagan relaxed the mental health laws in this country? What don’t you do something and reinstate them, instead of trying to control inanimate objects?

    • What don’t you do something and reinstate them

      Because that would mean institutionalizing Harry Reid.

  19. Also said in the Kenya interview that everyone deserves equal treatment under the law… shot out of my nose. I’m getting too old for this.

  20. as far as I can see a mass”murder” not shooting on the FYI page is 4 or more people. For some reason I thought it was 5 victims until it was a mass shooting???

  21. Violence is violence regardless of the instrument used. Would death by defenestration be preferable? Would it have been better if the puke had rammed his car through the building? The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. Addressing it by punishing the law-abiding is like fixing a leaky faucet by cutting off the water supply for the whole house.

  22. I’m always puzzled by the term “common sense”. For instance, I lock my doors at night. Because common sense.

    But if someone gets in the house, what now? Common sense dictates I have a backup plan.

    Is commonly sensible to NOT have a gun for home protection? Ok, now I’m really confused.

    • “Common sense” to liberal progressives of today is that laws barring you from owning and using a firearm are going to automatically effect criminals as well.

      Than again, it’s no coincidence that laws are generally ignored by both criminals and politicians.

    • Banning guns because you believe that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you believe that the neighbors have too many kids.

      That’s leftist common sense in a nutshell.

  23. I am just waiting for the next “common sense” Executive Orders or ATF letter to get put out on a holiday weekend Friday night…
    Mag limits and backgrounds are what I think..some kind of action that they think can get done through bureaucracy instead of using Congress..because when the people say no, well, don’t they know who he is?..
    Well, that’s what Executive Orders are for, to correct us, the unwashed masses when we get uppity.
    This administrations disregard for law and precedent, and more so its disregard for the citizens want and don’t want is what makes me nervous. When I think of what they are capable of decreeing by fiat. People so fast to just make law anyways when the people rejected it through their representatives can justify anything they do. Using “gun violence” as the justification to infringe on rights. Maybe I am becoming a conspiracy nut, but I have no doubt that the ATFs rulings and letters on the SIG Brace and the upcoming NFA Trust proposals are retribution. Same with the 7N6 import ban and the attempt on the M855 ammo, which I am sure will be revisited when it is more convenient for them.
    It may be politics as usual to do that in Washington, but it just seems really far reaching, and obviously vindictive to me.

  24. When politicians have their head’s so far up their *ss, it is extremely difficult for them to see anything but their own turds!

  25. LOL @ the idiots actually using “terrorism” as a justification for 2A. Literally falling right into the government trap.

  26. POTUS and the stateists in the House and Senate (Democrat and Republi-sheep alike) are the biggest danger to the Republic. I believe we will win the short term political battle and the next POTUS will be a Republican and will be able to replace three members of the Supreme Court with conservative members Ginsberg’s seat goes from left to right. The problem in the longer term is that both parties are spending us into oblivion and both parties support illegal immigration (blame the Republicans for supporting cheap labor desires of big business).

    This country is in huge trouble because of the political class. Winter is coming, prepare as best you can.

    • I have prepared Rusty , for 38 years I have prepared for this winter . I could offer hundreds of suggestions on what to do and what not to do in preparation for this coming storm but most would scoff , some would disagree , many would agree and do nothing and the rest would say , me too and they are already prepared . I would say one thing . Hide anything you have that wasn’t registered , and if you bought a firearm after NSA , it’s registered , don’t hide it .
      I also like how they cropped the horns off of Barry in the picture , nice touch .

  27. Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of hearing and seeing our country referred to as a democracy?

    • It’s very planned. Like the left’s continued faux adoration of guns for “sporting” and “hunting” purpose, it’s meant to sound agreeable but is really purporting a dangerous lie. “Hunting and sporting” implies that the 2A is not about civilian independence, while saying that the US is a democracy is about suggesting the idea that the majority can vote away the rights of the minority.

  28. Here’s a little tinfoil for our collective hats:
    Continued race-baiting and overly-dramatized coverage of criminal activity is an attempt to create a socio-political climate so unstable that our illustrious leaders feel that holding an election under such conditions is unwise. “We’re delaying the election until we can restore order.”

    • Well, that actually occurred in New York City, where the elections scheduled for November, 2001 were postponed, but it took the disaster of 9/11 to make it happen.

  29. So he’s vowing to do something poorly conceived and ineffectual that won’t address the real problem but will inconvenience millions of Americans and trample on their rights?

    Got it. So just another day at the office for BO.

  30. Sad that when Joe Biden walks into the oval office the IQ in the room triples. Doesn’t hit triple digits though.

  31. “…more worrying than religious extremists dedicated to destroying our Constitutional democracy?”

    I’m not too worried that ISIS and Al-Qaeda (remember them?) will overthrow the U.S. The existential threat isn’t from the Islamists. It’s from our own government, systematically dismantling our rights in the name of fighting terrorism so they can have more power and control over the citizenry. ISIS can’t destroy America, but the sociopaths in D.C. probably can.

    I’ll leave the “democracy vs. republic” semantics for someone more pedantic than I. 😉

  32. AS Barry Soetoro heads to the land of his birth-do any of you older folks get the feeling we are stuck in a bizarre cosmic joke? Hilarious they called this drifter “anti-government” too. I can’t remember any pro-gov. mass murderers…republicans need to man-up and oppose this kenyan dictator…

  33. If “gun controls” Obama seeks means having more enforcement of laws to keep guns from violent criminals and felons and insane sociopaths like this shooter, I’m all for them. More enforcement of laws on the books, and harsher penalty for those who choose to use a wonderful 2a rights for nefarious crimes.
    If it means preventing law abiding people from enjoying gun ownership, I’m against it.

    • As Paul Simon says , ” slip slidin away , you know the nearer your destination the more you’re slip slidin away ”

  34. The only killing that this admin seems to get behind is unborn children (a/k/a Planned Parenthood Chop-Shops). They get funding. And . . .

    muslim jihadi’s. That’s protected hate-crime workplace violence equal to uniformed forces under the Geneva Convention.

    • That’s all you evil house of blue state (D). His POS-ness is all you too. That’s on you.

      If you live in a blue state you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal or a rino, THE PROBLEM IS PART-OF-YOU, you are permanently damaged and your ‘mom’ (one of your five dads that wears the dress most often) owes us an abortion.

  35. Problem: Numbers wise he’s absolutely correct. Police officers in the US kill more US citizens on US soil per year than muslims have in the last ten. That’s just a fact, but also a complete and deliberate oversimplification.

    Obviously some of the people the cops shoot are going to be people that we’re better off without, I mean, even the cops can’t kill just the good people.

    Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of shootings in the US involve one drug gang versus another drug gang in a dispute over distribution rights for their competing products. Econ 101 could tell you what a bad idea drug prohibition is, and just how doomed to fail it always was, and just what the unintended effects would be. End the war on drugs and the violence goes away because there’ no reason to kill each other over legal products.

    The US very high in number of shooting for counties worldwide, no doubt, but in terms of just pure homicide rate the US is actually down below 100. End the drug war and watch the number drop to below 200. The feds know that, but then that puts a bunch of them out of a job, and takes away federal power, so it will never be part of the narrative.

  36. Well, I’m sorry that the executive couldn’t do whatever it wanted what with a legislature which inconveniently makes the laws.

    He might try to convince, vs. scold, which begins with listening to and hearing people’s actual concerns. As it is, not gonna happen.

    /How it came to this…

    Especially inconvenient that with supermajorities in both houses for the initial two years, plus extreme “other guy fatigue” they couldn’t do every single thing they imagined – yep, that’s right: the problem with this president’s several agenda was and continues to be the inability to wrangle enough of his own party to do what he wants, after a highly-acclaimed win, and a troubled administration by the other guys.

    The problem with the gun control agenda is way too few people want it. Add in the people who just don’t trust these guys, and any kind of sweeping approach, especially one consolidating discretion in the executive is dead before it starts.

    The other problem is the minority of already convinced aren’t bothering to try to convince anyone else, or try for something palatable, just yelling at them for “bitterly clinging” or similar.

    I’m reminded of something Lady Thatcher said: “First you win the argument, then you win the election.” The point there being that you get elected *after* enough people agree with what you are going to do. It’s similar with legislation or programs to “fundamentally transform” this or that. First you win the argument. “Everything is Awesome, especially Me” is a thin argument for many policies.

    I’m reminded also of an observation attributed to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of the now-extinct sub-species of intellectual legislators, and it turns out a democrat, nobody’s idea of a conservative, and far removed from a “bitter clinger.” He observed that in the US any significant change in the alignment of federal policy takes about a decade. The problem – it takes a while for people to understand. It takes a while to process the natural skepticism about who’s ox is gored (Uber anyone? Sorry, I mean Solyndra – er – Halliburton.) It takes a while to sort out side-effects and unexpected consequences.

    40 years of “trying to get this done” on federalizing health care isn’t winning, or even making an argument. It’s log-rolling, insisting, disparaging with videos of pushing little old ladies off cliffs. No matter how much “a big f****** deal” the legislation may be *everybody* saw how it was done. I”m reminded of one of Merlin’s great lines from Excalibur: ” … now no one trusts you.”

    The problem with “common sense gun control” is, given the posturing, the astro-turf by Bloomberg & crew, the abuses of such laws as have been passed (SAFE act, anyone?), the disparagement of anyone who uses a gun regardless of their politics, the casual disregard for what 10’s of millions of citizens do all the time – othering much?, and the repeatedly demonstrated ignorance of the folks proposing the laws … you couldn’t get it done even if everyone in the country agreed with it in principle. *You* couldn’t get it done.

    We have had a multi-year clinic on how *not* to engage in change to legislation, alignment of policy, or a society at large.

    Gun-rights folks could take many smaller lessons from this fiasco, within the one big one: to win in the long-term pursue your position in exactly the opposite as this administration has on gun control.

  37. I know a lot of people here will not like this approach to the coming storms and it isn’t my only suggestion by any stretch , but anyone who will ,

    Please pray to God to protect our children in Jesus name . I am afraid we may be unable to do it when the time comes .

  38. Interview with BBC, it’s like preaching to the choir. We’d be far better off with a leader (of which we do not) who pounds their fist and runs the show, is the boss. One who speaks to those who seek to commit violence reminding them they will not likely survive where American’s are armed against them.

  39. ““Obama says that while fewer than 100 Americans have been killed by terrorism since September 11, 2001, tens of thousands have been killed by gun violence.” In other words . . ”

    How many have been killed by car accidents?

    I mean, sure, we like cars, but if it’s a question of quantity killed…

  40. It’s a shame that this president doesn’t spend more time confronting the endless gun crimes committed by folks in his proud city of Chicago, folks who managed to wake up early enough on that blustery afternoon of November 4, 2008, stop shooting each other for a second, and go vote for him. But then again, I doubt those folks spend a lot of their endless free time watching the BBC, or news at all for that matter.

    • ……………. and if you were smart enough to play three sixes on the pick three that morning , you would have been a winner .

  41. Once the number of people killed by other civilians approaches the number of people killed by their own governments, I’ll start taking the government seriously on “protecting its people.”

    So, what, 150 million or so to go for just the last century?

  42. Am I the only one who finds it worrying that the President of the United States reckons that gang banging with guns, firearms-related suicides and the occasional mass shooting are somehow more worrying than religious extremists dedicated to destroying our *Constitutional republic*?

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