Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome (courtesy northwestgeorgianews.com)
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As I said in a previous post, I read a lot of stupid sh*t on a daily basis. Our Founding Fathers wouldn’t have written the Second Amendment if there’d been “assault rifles” back in the day. Gun control advocates don’t want to take our guns away. “Arguments” that Willie Mae Samuels (above) trots out in her column The big change: Gun bless America at northwestgeorgianews.com. And then this . . .

Now we have decided that guns are the answer to all of our disjointedness. Guns are the answer to all of the hate and confusion and race baiting, low moral standard and lack of integrity.

Even during slavery days, the master and the slaves were able to coexist without waking up every morning desiring to kill each other.

It did not mean that the slaves loved the condition in which they lived. It meant that the slaves believed in the God that they were praying to daily. The God who finally brought civility and reason to the hearts of leaders and other noble minded individuals.

As the Brits say, I’m gob smacked. Ms Samuels an African American, ignores indeed refutes the role that guns played in the liberation of America’s slaves? Look! There’s a giant WTF.

Gun control supporters are all delusional. Some more spectacularly than others. Until next time . . .

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  1. It is all lies and self delusion, even a lot of self loathing. None of these people seem able to see that gun owners in general do NOT want to harm anyone. Because we DON’T harm each other, even when sorely provoked.

    When was the last shoot out at your local gun club, grocery store or state park… none here.
    Where do these people even get that idea? If most gun owners and shooters were that irresponsible, hateful and evil…. well, there wouldn’t even BE any anti-gun folks left alive, I suspect.

    • To be fair, there is a whole world of difference between not wanting to do something, and accepting that doing said thing would be counterproductive. That’s where conservatives are different from marxists, we are able to put our feelings aside and act in a rational manner.

    • Like the motivational poster says: Law abiding American citizens own over 500 million guns and 16 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were a problem, you would know about it.

  2. “When the Constitution was written giving Americans the 2nd Amendment, most guns were muskets using gunpowder. There were no guns with the capabilities of shooting bullets that could explode on impact or once it entered the body, nor did we have guns capable of shooting hundreds of rounds at one time.”

    And when the Constitution was written giving Americans the 1st Amendment, the “press” consisted of manual printing presses producing handbills and a few copies of local newspapers. There were no computers, internet sites, blogs, or high speed presses spewing out thousands of newspapers. So using her argument, she shouldn’t be allowed to publish her drivel and disseminate it like she has.

    • When the 13th amendment was passed before the Boshin war and there weren’t even double digit number of people with Japanese ancestry in the US. Clearly it wasn’t meant apply to EO9066.

    • Muskets and muzzle loading rifles came in large calibers (61-75). When a ball hit a body, there was a lot of damage. Hence the reason amputations were so common. While they didn’t “explode” (know any of these bullets?) the damage was massive.

    • Actually, I’m in favor of all legislation be handwritten with a quill and be read aloud to a present quorum…

    • As inconceivably stupid as this sounds, I have actually had conversations with people, in recent years, in which they insisted that many of the bullets on the market today have exploding projectiles. It blows my mind that they believe this and, after I have attempted to disabuse them of this notion, they claim that I, as a gun owner, am just trying to lie to them about it (as if there is some super secret society of gun nuts trying to spread disinformation. All praise to the NRA.)

      There are, actually, people out there who believe we are carrying explosive ammo in our CC pieces – I just can’t even. I have even (I promise that I am not making this up (really, I swear)) had someone ask me, “well then why do bullets blow up cars in movies?” Seriously, that is the intellectual development of some of the folk we argue with.

      • Hey my name,
        Those are the people who wear the badge of brainwashed mindless idiot’s, nothing more than helpless victims !!!!!

  3. Here’s the point that must ALWAYS be made when engaging on the issue of gun control. Just ask the fascist what law they want passed and then ask what they are offering to gun owners in return.

  4. “Even during slavery days, the master and the slaves were able to coexist without waking up every morning desiring to kill each other.”

    So, we should go back to slavery…???

      • Well, if that’s the case, they need to garner up some more support, because as it stands now, private gun owners in the United States comprise the largest stand army on the planet, and just the III% comprise more than 2.5million…

        • Figure American gun owners would be a standing army of approximately 100,000,000. According to one survey. I suspect that there are more than that. That is why Japan never even considered invading the US.

        • A rifle hiding behind every blade of grass.

          Also, I really hate when people try to flip it around and pretend like small arms won’t matter in a fight against the government. “They have tanks, and bombs, and drones, and shit. Oh yeah? The bullshit we’ve been struggling through for close to 2 decades was…. is the same kind of scenario. You fight wherever they may be, never let them gain a solid footing, and keep them in a perpetual state of battle until they are weary and just don’t have the fight in them. You don’t have to win, just outlast,

    • Slave holders pointed to the Christian religion as a “benefit” of slavery.
      Far from “co-existing” most slave owners slept with the knowledge that they could be murdered in their beds. There are over 250 documented slave revolts, just in the United States. By 1850 over 100,000 slaves had escaped using the Underground Railroad. Finally, during the Civil War, Blacks rallied to join the military. By the end of the Civil War over 179,000 were serving in the Army and 19,000 were in the Navy. BTW the Confederates hated Black soldiers. One Union officer asked for better rifles for his soldiers. ” They will not surrender as they know they will not be captured.”

      • Slave revolts (in the U.S.)were mostly done with outside influence and against the owners that would contract their slaves and work them close to death. While the plantations were not heaven on earth, many slaves on a plantation had it better the mine or factory workers up north, who had it no better than slaves themselves.
        The northern workers lived in tiny shacks, that could not get warm in the winter, the women, boys and girls worked had at cottage industry, just to help keep clothing on their backs. The men and boys older than 9 or 10 worked 12 hours and up 6 days a week. After the Cotton Gin and other labor saving devices were invented, keeping slaves for your plantation was not economically feasible, so certain slaves had to be sold. Many of the owners did NOT want to do this, they knew what life would be like for them.
        Many slaves stayed on at the plantation after the war because they felt safe and that was home. For many of the slave descendants, it was a good choice, because the master and his sons were dead , so the slaves inherited the land. Sadly, many slaves had to be turned off the plantation, either by law or by the yankee carpetbaggers that
        further raped the South. They knew how to make the best of a bad situation, just like subjects or comrades do in other political situations.

      • Well, we all know how liberals/anti-gun zealots lie, distort and or manipulate the truth to suit their agenda and push their narrative…

  5. Even during slavery days, the master and the slaves were able to coexist without waking up every morning desiring to kill each other.

    It did not mean that the slaves loved the condition in which they lived. It meant that the slaves believed in the God that they were praying to daily. The God who finally brought civility and reason to the hearts of leaders and other noble minded individuals.

    Ms. Samuels, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    PS… Washington didn’t defeat the British with Free Speech. He shot them.

    • This old black woman is a modern day slave. In pre civil war days southerners got slaves of the day to say they were treated very well and were better off under the “care” of white people.

      She see’s all blacks as slaves who are better off under the care of the Welfare Industrial Complex, living in gun free zone housing projects.

      • “living in gun free zone housing projects.” All housing projects in this area are rife with guns. In fact, that is a major reason persons outside these “gun free zone(s)” arm themselves. Read between the lines.

        • Im surprised the press don’t blame us concealed carry conservative citizens with our “exploding ammo” for the sad state of the housing developments.

    • “The God who finally brought civility and reason to the hearts of leaders and other noble minded individuals.”

      Somehow, she forgot that God used guns during the civil war to bring that civility and reason to the southern states’ leaders.
      She also forgot that assault rifles are already illegal to own. Maybe, just maybe, the reason we can’t have “a decent conversation about outlawing assault rifles” is because they are already outlawed?
      I have never, until I read her article, heard anyone say, “Guns bless America.”
      When you don’t have facts, just make sh!t up.

  6. SSDD
    How many of those slaves that were “co-existing” with their white masters were viciously beaten or whipped because they “misbehaved” or tried to escape? How many died of their poor housing, poor food, poor clothing, and lack of medical care? How many were lynched for crimes, real or imagined? I mean, really!

    • And how many of those mistreated slaves would have killed their masters in a heartbeat if they thought they could succeed? I am willing to bet $10,000 that there were thousands of such slaves.

    • Not the established libtard doctrine but on average Southern (and Northern) slaves were better treated than European immigrant employees or indentured servants. Pure capitalism as slaves were a very expensive investment, typically for business purposes just as they bought a mule to pull a wagon or a horse to ride. Damaged or dead were of no productive use. The sweatshop worker in the North was not.

  7. Liberalism: Slavery, genocide, and oppression are appropriate alternatives to war and violence in defense of ones liberty, loved ones, and nation.

    Reagan may not have been the greatest friend to the second amendment, but his opposition to progressive liberal politics was vital to saving the RKBA in the decades since. “You and I do not believe that life is so dear, and peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery.”

  8. Look… Most of these people are too dumb to live with. Take their EBT cards away for a day, they will riot in the streets. Take them away for two months, they will die in the streets.

    Which is fine with me.

    • Please define ” these people are too dumb to live with. Take their EBT cards…”.
      Do you mean, “Dumb people? “Live people”? Or “People with EBT cards”?
      Or do you mean to say that you yourself are a racist idiot that dumps all people you don”t like into a single category so you can paint them with your white “THEY are not just like me, so there must be something wrong with ALL of THEM” paintbrush?

      • Whoa- only a filthy, subhuman Liberal Terrorist™ would reflexively default to bringing up race. Your comment was in reply to EBT
        cards. Why would you immediately assume that the comment was in reference to feral, persons of color? Seems kind of racist, yet typical, that democrats automatically link blacks to being on the dole, exactly as you demonstrated. Here’s the facts….there hasn’t been an instance of white, conservative racism in over a hundred years. The only racism that exists in America today comes primarily from filthy leftists, blacks, (of course) and the few hundred white supremacists that populate America. Other than that, racism is pretty much been eliminated.

        • “Here’s the facts….there hasn’t been an instance of white, conservative racism in over a hundred years.”

          I’m sure the “Fine Folks” who ordered my mother’s entire WAC company at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, to be “last in, first” out at the mess hall, and to live in substandard housing, compared the white WAC’s, knew that. This despite “The forty black women who entered the first WAAC officer candidate class were placed in a separate platoon. Although they attended classes and mess with the other officer candidates, post facilities such as service clubs, theaters, and beauty shops were segregated. Black officer candidates had backgrounds similar to those of white officer candidates. Almost 80 percent had attended college, and the majority had work experience as teachers and office workers.”
          Black officers were assigned to black auxiliary and officer candidate units at Fort Des Moines and Fort Devens.
          I’m quite sure they knew that, too.
          Or the “Fine Folks” who burned us out of our home at midnight, Christmas Eve, 1952, knew that too.
          Or the “Fine Folks” on my bowling league who had just awarded me the “Bowler of The Month” plaque, and payed for my drinks, were making “Dumshit big lip monkeys” jokes, thinking they were out of hearing range of the only (so they thought) Black in the league, not realizing that the guy they had just feted was also Black. Not until I opened my wallet and showed them my family pictures.
          I’m quite sure they knew that, too.
          Or the White companies that hired me for my skills and intelligence, and then fired me for my race.
          I’m quite sure they knew that, too.
          It is SOOOO good to know there hasn’t been an instance of white, conservative racism in over a hundred years. You should tell that to all the “Fine Folks”.
          The rest of us, of all races, know that to be one of the most blatant lies being battered around by the current crop of idiots and liars (you may pick which group you wish to be part of).

          I just asked you to define your terms. You created them, not me.

          Just for the record, I am a conservative Republican gun owner.

          Who just happens to be Black.

  9. Gun control advocate: Nobody wants to take your guns.
    Gun rights advocate: What if it’s an “assault rifle?” Can I still keep it? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

  10. Willie Mae Samuels was most probably wrong when she suggested that the 2nd amendment would not have included so-called “assault rifles” if such weapons had existed in the time the 2nd Amendment was adopted.

    The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is explained in this short video by Dr. Suzanna Hupp in her eloquent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Commitee:


    If you can’t devote 5 and 1/2 minutes to watch her entire testimony, at least sacrifice
    time to watch the last minute and one half so you will understand why the 2nd amendment exists. (because most of the Congress and the Government in general have conveniently forgotten the “raison-d’etre” of the 2nd amendment).


    The founders wanted to be sure that the ordinary American was equipped with equivalent fire power to the ordinary foot soldier they would be facing in the future. Hence, if arnies of future governments were to be equipped with M-16 style weapons, in order to ensure FREEDOM from TYRANNY, the citizen of the United States would also have the right to possess and keep equivalent arms and ammunition. Our freedom depended on it in 1776 and the 2nd amendment was insurance against tyrannical government (not duck hunting).

  11. It is amazing to me that she seems to believe that slaves did not want to kill their masters. She should go to a library and read up on the long history of slave rebellions.

  12. Amazing what a black woman would say to get money from white anti gun civil rights white people.
    She would be the one to tell her slave mistress when slaves would try to escape. This is the battle that law abiding black gun owners have to fight every day. Unfortunately the news media won’t come to this black gun owner for my opinion.

    This is why Black Guns Matter is so important. Maj Toure could be the Moses that leads blacks out of the disarmed desert to the land of the armed civilian.

  13. “Gun bless America”

    I sort of like this. It’s like “ammosexual”. Meant to be disparaging, but I like it.

  14. Um, lady slaves weren’t able to co-exist. One of the formative origins of gun laws was Nat Turner’s Rebellion. Go look it up some day. As it was once put “may your chains set lightly on you.”

  15. Wake up each morning with the desire to kill each other….

    The motto of a few of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

  16. “Ms Samuels an African American, ignores indeed refutes the role that guns played in the liberation of America’s slaves?

    No disrespect, but does this sentence kind of ruin it for anyone else? I’m pretty bad with typos and punctuation myself, but it’s missing like three commas and a period — and even after those are added, the question mark makes it look weird.

    P.S. @RF Thanks for all your work and for risking your sanity to find stuff like this. =)

  17. Had a conversation with a young liberal progressive ( voted for Sanders, does the rally march thing) today and we both kept it civil and low keyed. This he told me,” you old white fat guys(,? I’m not fat? ), ” You old fat white guys don’t get it, your holding on to the past, and there’s just not that many of you left.Us kids are the new generation and we see things differently then you do.” There was no animosity, ranting, or 2a rights brought up. It did give me pause to consider the future. Statistically, ha, there are way more anti 2a web sites then pro 2a web sites. Something to think about

    • I remember hearing that, if you’re young and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you’re older, and not a conservative, you have no brain.
      As we gain life experience, we tend to change our attitudes.
      Unfortunately, some of us never grow old in our brains. Such people remain liberals because they can’t see what’s going on around them, and shape the world to their ideas, at least in their minds.
      This is why Ms Samuels forgets the whole civil war that liberated the slaves: it doesn’t fit her ideas.
      To the liberals, their world is safe, so we don’t need guns. Then, when it turns out their world isn’t safe, they think that, somehow, criminals just haven’t been convinced that they are really, deep down, decent people, and another law will convince them.

  18. No guns were used in the 1861 civil war, the bloodiest in American history. The north & south just traded insults. Words hurt you know…

  19. Willie Mae Samuels is just another in a long line of grifters including Frederica Wilson and Maxine Waters.

  20. Few things make me sadder than seeing African Americans (read: the target of the earliest forms of gun control) employ the same empty rhetoric that was used to disarm them. It’s doubly disheartening when anti-gunners rely on case law stemming from mass execution of Freedmen in defense of their positions.

  21. Hey, I’ve seen Jews mock and condemn those who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto, so with enough stupidity, anybody can cross the threshold into self-parody.

  22. When the Constitution was drafted the American Patriots used the same (if not better) “military-styled” muskets as the regular British Army. When the Constitution was written the American “Navy” was composed of heavily armed (with canons) ships leased from PRIVATE wealthy early Americans (see “privateers”). It appears that the more ignorant you are (see “Willie Mae Samuels”), the easier it is to give an opinion.

  23. “Guns are the answer to all of the hate and confusion and race baiting, low moral standard and lack of integrity.”
    So basically what im getting from this is liberals should not be allowed to own guns….
    As far as hate, confusion and race baiting, you can blame the msm and your beloved former president obama.
    Low moral standards and lack of integrity? Again falls on the same people. You can also include hillary and the rest of the left wing politicians.

  24. So, let’s do some math:

    Over 600,000 men, mostly white men, died in a war to settle a question that this woman wants to revisit, what with her step-n-fetch-for-Uncle-Sugar routine?

    In the fullness of hindsight, we now see what a waste of life this was.

  25. She is correct. It is very sad that Obumer’s “race baiting, low moral standard and lack of integrity” was inflicted on the US. Can hardly wait for the rise of Michelle to REALLY amp it up.

  26. Is anyone else tired of hearing the term African American ?? I know I am. Their black, just like were white, I refuse to use the term anymore, we are Americans all different colors. We need to stop with all of the labels, everyone knows of their African roots yet we all pander to the PC crowd just like the term assault rifle. We need to stop with all the PC nonsense.

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