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 SF and Oakland gun buyback (courtesy

Police: Gun buyback program aims to remover (sic) firearms from Oakland streets the headline proclaims. Which is stupider than normal. Yes, the FUD is strong with this one. “After last year’s successful gun buyback program that removed more than 600 firearms from city streets, police and two anti-violence organizations will hold a similar event on Dec. 14.” Right. The otherwise worthless, broken ass guns Oaklanders exchanged for booty we “removed from city streets.” Like bags of heroin. Or thugs locked away in jail. Can I get an Oy Vey? “The event is part of a statewide gun buyback initiative and will be co-hosted by Youth UpRising in partnership with Gun by Gun, an organization founded this year to prevent gun violence by reducing the number of unwanted illegal guns in a community.” What about wanted illegal guns? Seriously folks, this is funny stuff . . .

Youth UpRising organizers got involved with the buyback as 1 out of every 5 Oakland homicides occurs within a mile of the organization. The homicide rate in the community immediately surrounding the organization is seven times higher than the national average, with homicide the leading cause of death for people under 25, according to organizers.

Would it be politically incorrect to point out that any decent uprising needs to be armed? Then I won’t. Let’s go with this instead. Given that Youth UpRising’s stated mission is to “transform East Oakland into a healthy and economically robust community by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them” why are they getting into the gun buyback biz?

Because it’s easy. Present company excluded, who’s gonna say they shouldn’t? Who’s gonna say it was a waste of time and resources; politically correct crime control theater with no more proven impact on “gun violence” than astrology-based policing? Of course, gun control groups love buybacks. If nothing else, they demonize firearms.

There have already been 3,026 gun crimes committed in Oakland this year, according to Gun by Gun, which is trying to raise $10,000 toward the buyback event.

Ian Johnstone, the group’s founder, said he created the group because his father was fatally shot by a gun-wielding youth in an attempted robbery in San Francisco two decades ago.

“I grew up without a father, and my family members were determined to prevent what happened to us from happening to other families,” he said.

Setting aside writer Kristin J. Bender’s willingness to quote “gun crime” stats provided by an organization dedicated to civilian disarmament (Google and Oakland PD are not her friend), I wonder if it ever occurs to Mr. Johnstone that trying to “remove” guns “from the streets” is a fool’s errand. I guess not. Not when so many people are fooled into believing gun buybacks “work.”

After all, it’s common sense! “Fewer Guns = Fewer Gun Deaths” Mr. Johnstone’s website asserts. In fact, common sense says criminals are the last people to give up their guns. Fewer guns = a higher percentage of guns in the hands of the bad guys. Hey! I have an idea! How about we concentrate on reducing the number of bad guys by, I dunno, developing the leadership of youth and young adults. I know it sounds crazy, but it just might work.

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  1. Wow. Six hundred guns gone from Oakland last year. Only 299,999,400* legal guns remaining that may end up in the hands of a scum bag. Those Oakland folks better get busy.

    * Not counting the number of guns already in the hands of criminals, nor the 100,000,000 AKs built to date, nor the tens of millions of other weapons built across the globe.

  2. So if this stuff works so good why don’t they have drug buy backs? Get those dangerous drug off the streets.

    Oooh even better we can have criminal turn in day.


  3. thats another picture from the australian gun confiscations. where do you find these things farago your have a habit of using them in storys like this.

      • I did actualy, looks like it was breitbart’s handi-work: its still a picture from the Australian confiscations, not one showing guns turned in by california citizens.

        • Not Aussies, mate…the boys wear blue uniforms and either hats with brims or caps when the sun shines.

    • or it could be the would be confiscators only have 1 cache of guns and they say these are the guns from our ______ __ ___ _____ fill in the blank gun buy back. and then send the cache to next “gun buy back”.

  4. the group’s founder, said he created the group because his father was fatally shot by a gun-wielding youth

    What about having a “lowlife youth buyback?” For just five dollars a month, we can give a lowlife youth a chance to escape Oakland by providing him with some of life’s basic needs — a sixth-grade education, Obamacare and Skittles.

    We can’t lose!

  5. Do you need an FFL to host a gun buyback program? I mean, it would be for the children and everything, not just trying to fill up my gun safe or anything.

      • You’re gonna get some shitty Saturday Night Specials, an ancient 12 GA with the accompanying handful of .410 shells, and then some spray-painted abortion of an AK or SKS.

  6. It is also sad that these futile efforts also sweep up some nice antiques from time to time! Though I understand that in some communities the police do prevent them from being melted by diverting the choice ww2 bring backs and other guns of value into their personal collections!

    I recall a wonderful photo a few years ago of a chap who had set up a card table between the parking lot and the police station with a sign (helpfully with photos) offering fair prices for antiques with value the guy had a FFL curio and relic lycence so he got away with it and got more coverage at the time than the actual police purchase pop.

    • ^This.

      “There have already been 3,026 gun crimes committed in Oakland this year, according to Gun by Gun, which is trying to raise $10,000 toward the buyback event.

      If they want to raise even more than $10k for this event all they have to do is invite some people who know guns and let them inspect each weapon that comes in the door and make a legitimate offer for it’s real value, not the arbitrary bounty offered by the OPD. This assumes, of course, that the weapons so purchased could be kept by the purchaser and if in violation of any Kalifornia laws could be exported from the state with impunity.

      Nah, that makes too much sense, especially since getting guns off of Oakland streets and/or out of California, is not their REAL agenda.

  7. The thing to do is show up with 1000 feet of pipe cut into 1foot pieces and some washers and nails and sell them as zip gun parts kits.

    • Call them ‘pipe bomb kits’ and quadruple the price you get paid. Or get a felony. One of those two options, certainly.

      • If you extrude your own filament from recycled plastic bought in bulk from a recycling company and made the liberators hollow because they wouldn’t have to work, less than a dollar each.

        It would still take a few hours to print each one though.

  8. “1 out of 5 Oakland homicides occurs within a mile of the organization”
    Maybe they should move?
    Oh wait…

    • Maybe the orginazation needs to be investigated. That’s an awful lot of murders right around them. Maybe they’re like the Nation of Islam.

  9. Notice all of that WOOD, I wonder how many great old family treasures were destroyed. Ughh the peoples republik continues to set a new low.

  10. How can they have a gun buyback in Oakland? It’s a Gun Free Zone. There’s not a single gun shop in the entire city and walmarts in alameda county are not allowed to sell guns or ammo.

    According to the grabbers Oakland ought to be covered in rainbows with unicorns prancing in the parks. Or is Oakland proof positive that gun control is one great failure? I’ll let the discerning reader decide.

    • No, it’s not a gun free zone–yet. Its state representative sponsored a bill to allow Oakland an exemption from the state pre-emption, just so they could enact even more stringent gun bans. So the idea has been floated, fortunately it has not yet passed into law. If we get a radical governor down the road like Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsome, that may change.

    • I see an awful lot of rifles in those piles–and what do you want to bet that almost all of those 3000 gun crimes were committed with handguns?

  11. Youth Uprising, perfect for Oakland, they are good at it. Maybe another black community organization can be called: Young looters of Oakland.I think Obama should be president seeing that he is looting an entire country

  12. Wait a minute, 3026 gun crimes in Oakland this year? What’s the population of Oakland? Just trying to figure out how long it will take for Oakland to be nice again. Hurry please purge yourself Oakland

  13. I’m all in favor of gun buybacks. It’s a great way for me to turn my worthless broken-ass .22lr’s into new Glocks, 1911’s, AR’s, etc.

    Speaking of, I’ve heard some of these buybacks poney up cash to take zip guns off the streets. So what’s to stop me from building 10 or 20 zipguns out of like 50 bucks worth of material and turning them in for a nice profit?

  14. “What about wanted illegal guns?”

    Probably the most brilliantly laconic summary of the entire nature of gun buy”back”s

  15. Should walk up to the counter with a box full of the cheapest hipoints you could find, could make a little money. Wonder if there is a limit on how many you can turn in, you could help support you r local gun shop doing this too.

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