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Duane, a keyboard jockey with a “stripper zippo” lighter headline’s today’s Everyday Carry pocket dump of the day.

He calls it his “Friday Night Hang.”  Nice photography, I’ll give him that.  I’ve got to say, the only guys I know who bring the bottle of cologne along with them are either lacking self-confidence, haven’t showered in a couple of days, or they are imbibing Mary Jane and trying to mask the skunk.

But what do I know?  I thought “Creed” was some sort of booze.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re married with children.  You don’t keep up on the latest fragrances, right?

So Duane’s got a brass knuckle.  Singular.  Interesting.  Wonder if that qualifies as an illicit weapon these days.

Love the P365 in a pocket holster.  Nice.  Discrete and deep cover all at once.

The Sinn EZM 3 watch is quite nice, and pricey.  Why spend four- or five-figures on a watch if nobody’s heard of it before though?  Maybe it’s like a secret club or it’s just a nice watch he wears with pride.  His stuff does all look pretty brand spankin’ new though.  Including the gun.

Oh well, the only thing missing is a light to see into those dark crevices for bad things and bad people.  But I suppose the Zippo would work in a pinch.


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  1. Man slut looking for call girl? For $285 that cologne better be able to wine and dine then suck and f*ck me afterwards. Literally unbelievable!

  2. The cologne is to hide the smell of strip club from your wife/girlfriend. Or douse the stripper in if you’re low on funds and have to stoop to a hummer from one of the low rent girls.

    Side benefit, if the stripper is ugly you can drink the cologne and not see her.

    • I’ve always been told if it smells like cologne leave it alone. Probably wise advice if it smells like fish too. I’ve been told I smell pretty good just by taking a shower. Soap and water doesn’t cost $285. I’d kick my own ass if I spent that on cologne. My wife wouldn’t have to worry about kicking it for me. Not to mention how many combinations of brass, bullets, primers, and or powder that money could buy. Guess that goes to show difference in priorities from person to person.

      • $2.85 or $285 doesn’t matter cologne is silly IMHO unless you’re in a place where deodorant isn’t possible to get.

        After all, that’s why perfume and other “body scents” were invented. To make people living in towns and cities somewhat presentable on days where washing wasn’t possible back in the day. It’s still a common practice in places where deodorant isn’t available.

  3. Cologne? Really. Who cares? Spare mag and decent light needed. Zippo lighter with stripper on a pole. That’s just plain sad.

  4. Nope, not impressed, except negatively. A grown man should simply be clean, apply some unscented fragrance free deodorant in the pits. That’s it, stop right there.

    No respect for the Metrosexual mindset. You are not supposed to be pretty, or smell like flowers or the scent glands of a forest creature in rut.

    • Men were wearing smellum long before metrosexual came along.

      Old Spice, Brut, and English leather all had their day.

      I personally like the smellum aftershave they use after a nice shave at the barber shop.

      I don’t normally wear cologne but I would rather smell others cologne (or perfume) than the nasty-shit vape fog that permeates the landscape nowadays.

    • Hey now I shoot every morning to give my self a good fresh coating of gun powder, then take a few shots of whiskey for that fresh whiskey breath smell. That’s what a man aught to smell like.

  5. I’ve made watch comments here before so I guess i’ll do so again. A real watch aficionado does not wear a watch because of the attention it will get him, he wears it because he appreciates craftsmanship Why wear a $4000 mechanical watch when a $40 Timex will keep more accurate time? Because we know that 4K watch was made by skilled artisans and the $40 watch was made by a robot in China.. Maybe it is why watch afficionadoes are also gun nuts.

    Although this guy being a “class act” is in doubt simply because of the cologne. Hey, maybe that is a whiskey flas in disguise.

    • Looks like Duane is maybe an aficionado of knives, watches and colonge. Possibly these are the fruits of his labor and is proud to share.
      For rare special occasions and/or a date night with my lady, I’ll be fancy and wear the fancy stuff. But for normal Every Day, I carry durable, reliable, ok-to-lose or scratch up, non jewelry stuff.

    • Agreed re the allure and feel of a fine mechanical watch. I never wear a battery driven watch. Ever!

      There’s something special about a mechanical device filled with perfectly calibrated gears and gizmos that can keep track of the time reliably. They also hold value and can be passed on to your loved ones.

      My beater is a 99 dollar Seiko 5, and I work my way up from there, depending on my mood and the occasion.

      Despite Mr. Boch never having heard of it, Sinn is a very respected, but smaller watch manufacturer, which actually delivers a lot of quality for the price paid.

      • If you are German, and a pilot, special operator, firefighter, etc…..there is a good chance there is a Sinn watch on your wrist . Sinn makes some of the best specialized tool watches in the world. A lot of innovative engineering can be seen in various models they offer.

        They get more respect from some in the watch community than big names like Rolex.

  6. Like one of my coffee cups says…. “May just be Whiskey”

    I have been wearing a 6 dollar digital watch from Big Lots for 2 years, at work, break it toss it and get another. Keeps good time so far. Don’t really wear one when not working. Phones and my car can tell me the time when I am not working. Always have a pen, knife and spare mag, (or speed loader, if wheelie gun is with me).

    Hell I like my old Zippos, one engraved with Army unit, even have the old silver eagle Zippo belt buckle, the Zippo is held in place by magnets.

    But I will leave stink water to the Frenchies.

  7. IMHO way too many folks take these EDC Dump Photos much too serious, pretty obvious that many of them have an item or two thrown in for $hits and Grins.

    And yes, the Sinn is a very fine German automatic watch with most of them in the $1,500 to $3,500 range and anyone should be proud to own one.

    I mostly just use them looking for new and better EDC ideas and products, otherwise I say: Buy what you like and enjoy what you buy!

  8. I spent too many years in Health Care, cologne and perfumes are discouraged, and I’ve personally witnessed and treated someone go anaphylactic by the Eyuuh de Toilette. It was actually against policy at the facilities I worked at. No spare mag. A lot of us harp on that, but it’s SOP to eject the mag if a failure occurs, and the perp you’re up against isn’t going to allow you the time to look that mag over. Most of us drill to replace it with our spare to return to battery ASAP. Nice gun, same one I carry. Nope to the Zippo because they can leak, and the chemical burn from Naptha isn’t pleasant and they run out of fuel when it’s the most inconvenient time. Stripper on a pole decoration is sleazy and denotes a classic wannabe Playuh. I still have my Zippos and even a high end Colibri, though I quit smoking a few years back, but I prefer a Bic (light in case color, so holding it up to a light, you can see the fuel level), same goes for the electronic plasma lighters. Gold filled/plated pen? Is it sturdy enough to use as a hole poker? Tactical Pens are nice, but most are pretty obviously a puncture weapon first, pen second, and not suitable for a night on the prowl for companionship. Single Brass Knuckle might see you explaining why you have it before a Judge. Both of my key rings are equipped with a 4″ Williams Adjustable Wrench, which works great as a flail or kubotan as well as keeping my nuts from getting loose 😂. Nice knife. Not sure which brand, as it’s too blurry when I enlarge it. The watch is a Sinn, which is out of this retiree’s budget, but I’ve a couple of buddies that swear by them. I’ll stick with my $90 Casio Solar, although for a night out, I’m old fashioned enough to use my Great Granddad’s old Waltham Railroad Chronograph Pocket Watch (although it cost me a small bundle to have it gone through and cleaned and lubricated by a competent watch repairman, it has sentimental value as I can still picture my Great Grandad using the watch, and he died when I was 6 or 7 years old 50+ years ago).No flashlight? Even a Streamlight “Nano” or similar flashlight is a must have IMO.
    To each his own, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this EDC Dump about a 5 – 6 tops. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse.
    Various comments and viewpoints does make me think about the value (not the monetary value), of what I carry on a day to day basis, as well as my EDC for special events, and I’d hope that others feel the same way. It’s next to impossible to carry everything you’d need in preparation for every possible scenario, however remote, you could possibly face. It’s also made me more aware of how our past experiences, level and type of training influences our choices. Past Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services training, although they have similarities, they’re also different by the emphasises on different aspects of threat responses. Someone who hasn’t any experience from any of those 3 areas, is going to have a different view altogether of what’s absolutely necessary on a day to day basis, to carry with them at all times. Being retired, I’m away from home, usually only 2 – 3 hours per day at most on average, as compared to some that spend a considerable amount of time away from home. When I was still working, my employers forbid carrying of a firearm at work or during your shift (although I kept one in a lockbox within my vehicle). The point of my rambling dialog here is this, I’ve developed a real appreciation for this column, and I look forward to seeing the email alert from TTAG everyday. Reading the comments from everyone, runs the gamet from amusing to thought provoking, and I enjoy and appreciate everyone’s involvement, and give a big “Thank You” to all of you for sharing your thoughts, opinions and experiences when these various “Dumps of the Day” are presented. A big Thank You to those that submit is given as well. Sharing your choices and the “why” takes a certain amount of courage, as your kit choices are picked apart and reviewed by the group of us. For me, I enjoy discussions such as the ones we have on this site, because it’s a welcome change from the politically driven discussions we’re inunduated with on other sites.

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