Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown
Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford, file)
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On Sunday, Chicago Police Officer Ella French was shot and killed and her partner seriously wounded during a traffic stop. The gun used by the shooter was later traced back to an illegal straw purchase the buyer admitted to making for one of the men in the car.

After being indicted by a federal prosecutor, the buyer, Jamel Danzy of Hammond, Indiana, was released from custody on a $4500 unsecured bond. Chicago Police Superintendant David Brown then issued the following statement . . .

When I heard this afternoon that a federal judge had released the man who illegally purchased and then supplied the gun used to murder Officer Ella French, I could not believe it.

To say that I am extremely disappointed in U.S Magistrate Judge Jeffery Gilbert’s decision to release Jamel Danzy on an unsecured bond today is an understatement. Danzy was released on a $4,500 unsecured bond and court supervision.    

It is an outrage.

This decision sets a dangerous precedent that straw purchasers like Danzy are not a danger to society, despite the fact that his alleged actions directly led to the murder of a Chicago Police Officer and left another in critical condition. 

The outrageous abundance of illegal firearms in our city and our nation is a major factor driving the violence that is continually cutting short the lives of our loved ones and fellow human beings.

The role of the justice system, particularly that of federal prosecutors and judges is more important than ever, and by allowing Mr. Danzy to walk free the court has done a disservice to Officer French’s memory, to the entire Chicago Police Department, and to the thousands of men and women across the country who work around the clock, day in and day out to stem the violence that is plaguing our communities.

— Chicago Police Superintendant David Brown in CPD Supt. Brown slams release of alleged ‘straw purchaser’ of gun used in fatal officer shooting

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      • Loathsome Mayor Lori “Beetle” LightJuice Supports Decision to CANCEL Bagpipes and Honor Guard for Slain Chicago Police Officer Ella French

        CPD Deputy Superintendent made the call: said we don’t have time “for that sh-t”

        What a disgrace, officer French deserved better.

  1. symbolically, yes, a shame.
    how is he eventually sentenced?
    the outrage is due to rapists and killers being sent home.
    this guy ain’t going nowhere and is not a public menace.

    • Someone obviously missed the part where he violated Federal and State laws which led DIRECTLY to the death of a cop just doing her job… Let’s review, there are people sitting in a Federal lockup without bail for months now for TRESSPASSING? While a poor, misunderstood, gay black man walks after abetting (dude even owned the fukkin car they were driving) the MURDER of another human being… Man there some fukked up priorities at work here…

  2. The ball reform movement just bit this Chief in the azz…ya can’t have it both ways Chiefie.

    His second to last paragraph is the telling one…”outrageous abundance…”

    This Police Chief is playing political patty-cake with his officers lives in their everyday performance of duty as he focuses on the tool, not, the criminal themselves.

    • he is a pawn, fall guy and scapegoat for when the time comes, as all who came before him.
      but to be fair he rails against the attorney general’s lack of prosecution. how long groot will let him blame is uncertain.
      at least catanza squawked a bit.

    • …”The outrageous abundance of illegal firearms…”

      Uh huh.
      I wonder if the fact that 75% of black kids don’t have a father may have an impact?

      If the NATIONAL rate is 75% I wonder what Chicago inner city is?

    • But, I can bet the “evil” firearm is being held without bail.
      The straw purchaser meanwhile is being rewarded for his contribution to the narrative.

    • The mindless zombie horde will simply refuse to believe it. You’re just repeating Fox News talking points. I listen to the good news outlets.

    • That’s the best part of the entire gun debate.

      They keep saying we need more laws to prevent this shit, while they’re not even pretending to enforce the current ones.

  3. “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
    “Stop doing that.”
    “Fuck you! Imma do it MOAR!!!!!”

    • To Carter ,Lightfoot ,et al…. it’s over, apparently the fat lady HAS sung !! say a little prayer for Ella FRENCH.

  4. A straw purchaser who gun grabbers claim is worse than Hitler is released on bond. A BLM ‘activist” can burn down 3 stores and a few homes and no charges pressed and someone who walked through capitol building on 1/6 taking selfies and pictures of statues is held in the deepest darkest dungeon in solitary confinement. Tell me how the justice system/law enforcement isn’t fundamentally flawed and broken?

    • Don’t forget being held (for months) without bail or charges. They’re political prisoners, and Biden is no different from Putin or Xi.

  5. Compare and contrast this with assaulting a capitol police officer or just trespassing for that matter. At this point, the Left is only interested in political persecution. They’ll only take out one of their own when they absolutely have to.

  6. The perps are equally guilty and not 90/10. IMO The judge is an after the fact willing accomplice and he belongs in jail too. With that said…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.
    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, knives, bats, etc. is another thing.
    3) History confirms Gun Control in any shape or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

    Under any circumstances the aforementioned are not to be mixed, combined, blended, etc. To do so is not only as stupid as stupid can get it is a sure fire path to saying buh bye and adios to line one.

  7. Yeah I was going to post this yesterday but didn’t bother. A federal rap with a 10 year prison sentence and a huge fine is treated like shoplifting. Good job Chiraq. Homie from Hammond had a few gun shop’s to chose from. I’m betting Cabelas in Hammond where I witnessed a straw purchase a few years ago. Didja see that crazy bi##h baby momma of the killer try to see her tattooed darling in the hospital?!?

  8. All they have to do is enforce the existing firearms laws on the books and leave the rest of us non-criminals alone.

    If we purchased our firearms legally and are possessing them legally for lawful purposes, we should have the right to carry them without any additional permission slips from, or restrictions imposed by, the government.

    • @MadMax,

      You mean “lawfully”? There are already tons of gun control laws on the books that define all the hindrances and hoops you have to jump through just to buy and/or carry a gun, and they’re “legal”. But they violate the Constitution, so therefore unlawful…

      • So is it “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” to ask if the purchaser is the actual “end user” of the gun? Are you saying 21(a) is unconstitutional or the entire form? If so I guess you are the winner… I don’t like or AGREE with a number of laws but as long as they are “laws” I’m aware of the possibility that I might be inconveinienced should I be caught ignoring them… But WTF, everyone SHOULD be permitted to provide the gang bangers in Chiraq with only the finest in firearms, maybe they’ll kill each other off more quickly with quality guns….

      • Yup. Point of fact, if you have a week or 3 to try & sort through ITAR & the rest, take a good hard look at what it will take to get any fire control parts from any allied nation imported.

        Land of the Free™

        Bring an attorney, you’ll need them to decipher & navigate that mixed density mine field. Onerous doesn’t even begin to describe.


        2 months, & then I’m in the clear. DA wouldn’t let a >>malicious<< firearm prosecution go, but the ADA sided with me on self defense and offered a sweetheart deal. Deferring as long as I keep my nose clean for the next 60 days, then it all goes away like it never happened.

        I do not yet feel entirely confident in speaking about the original situation except in the oblique. Until such time that's not hanging overhead, due to the prior gag order. And yes, in the last it explicitly stated social media.

        • Sealed, or expunged?

          I know someone who had a minor misdemeanor at the age of 17 and was told by his probation officer that the incident was sealed and wouldn’t be visible or searchable by anyone down the road.

          Well, down the road a few years later, and another misdemeanor was upgraded to a felony charge because the D.A. found and saw the previous “sealed” incident.

          Never believe anyone in the court system.

        • Expunged. Signed, sealed and delivered already. I have copies & the originals are in my attorney’s files. This one was/is a misdemeanor in the 3rd. Little chance of a massive upgrade, but it was used to support a repeat violence charge injunction which was dismissed with prejudice. Judge & ADA both labeled him a psychopath, so the full gravity of the above is understood.

          That said, I didn’t trust them before, and absolutely not a whit after the last year+ in this one.

          Because in at least one occasion, they colluded with that asshat & tried to have me swatted while we slept. Security video shows it all, including one officer, gun drawn, nearly jumping out of his skin when he peeked around the corner of my unoccupied back porch. I have no doubt I’d have been murdered, had I not been asleep in bed at the time. Imagine seeing your supposed trusted officials making moves to kill you. We found out 2 days after the fact when a pair of neighbors were walking down the street chatting about it audibly, & reviewed the footage…

          I don’t mind telling you, what little faith I had in the system, is utterly and completely destroyed.

  9. So a cop got whacked and NOW it’s a big deal, the Shitcago citizens have been dealing with the fallout of “bail reform” for a year now… so f*ck you and your sudden concern…. live by the sword, die by the sword.

  10. Guess Who will be blamed for all these illegal guns? Answer is you and me as legal gun owner again!!

  11. Everyone who is accused of a crime is guaranteed a day in court and bail(in most circumstances). The bail is only there to make sure that the accused will show up. Unless the person has priors for bail jumping or the like, what difference in this age of technology how much bail is set?
    This person is innocent until proven guilty, so allow him/her to work and be with family before they are sentenced, we are not supposed to punish the innocent, plenty of time for that after conviction.

    • This person is innocent until proven guilty,

      So what constitutes sufficient proof of “guilt”? Is his signature on the form 4473 enough? (includes the serial number, his signature and the box checked yes to 21(a)… How about his willful admission to the fact that he purchased the firearm specifically FOR the shooter and knowingly lied on the 4473 AND that he was NOT coerced to make the purchase…

      This person is innocent until proven guilty, so allow him/her to work and be with family before they are sentenced, we are not supposed to punish the innocent, plenty of time for that after conviction.

      Maybe you should represent the Jan. 6 “insrrectionists” I’m sure they would like to be home with their families while awaiting trial…

    • Because in reality he should be charged as an accomplice to Murder ONE.
      Also a host of other charges but the law says he’s innocent until proven guilty.
      Yet he admitted to an illegal straw purchase that left one cop dead and another with a bullet in his brain.
      He violated a federal law that carries a mandatory 10 year sentence w/o parole.
      Would he know that his “buddy” would shoot cops in cold blood? No.
      That doesn’t change the fact that he is an accomplice to the crime.
      He should of been held and extradited to Illinois to face the consequences of his actions.
      He shouldn’t of walked with an appearance bond which means he didn’t post a cent.
      “we are not supposed to punish the innocent” – He admitted to the straw purchase.
      I think someone from the CPD will take care of this guy, how do you feel about that punishment?
      Let him walk around, crime is rampant. Someone killed him, I wonder who it was?

      • Yes.

        We should only seek to have others treated “under the law” as we would expect ourselves to be treated.

        As an OWG, I would expect to be held either without bail for the “straw purchase” or have to mortgage my entire wealth to come up with the bail in this case- I most-certainly would not be released on my own recognizance. I’d be held up as an example to the rest of the world as a wanton law breaker and to show the need for yet additional restrictions and regulations.

        To release Danzy without bail under these circumstances is more than an outrage. It matters not that an LEO died- the law that seems to be the centerpiece of the gun-ban society was blatantly violated and justice needs to be served.

  12. It is not the “outrageous abundance of illegal firearms” that is driving the violence. What? You mean the moment I touch an illegal firearm (which could be an AR-15 pistol with a binary trigger in the wrong state), I suddenly turn homicidal? Really???

    That said, I do feel in this case for the boys in blue since it has to be demoralizing to catch and incarcerate criminals only to have the judges release them. That’s NOT the way a criminal justice system is supposed to work.

  13. Okay, Libertarians. Now is the time. Now go ahead and sell yourselves and your belief system. Why is better than the one that is currently being used in the city of Chiraq for handling crime?

    I’m serious; I really would like to know? You say I’m wrong about Libertarians. Ok, so tell me how you would reduce the murders and shootings in Chiraq???
    I personally support the founder of Gunsight, Colonel Jeff Cooper’s idea, about what to do about violence in the inner cities. He said give the inner city residence guns and ammo. And they would solve their own problems. Was he wrong? For me this is only the beginning. There are other things I would do to reduce crime. But I don’t believe anyone can stop crime.

    And I’m sure he was referring to changing the laws to allow people to buy their own guns legally. Not have a welfare system that gives people firearms.

    • Obviously, this perp should have been one of the 1.4 million people that have been charged with violating form 4473s and are now incarcerated in the super-secret Federal facility , the whereabouts that dacian has STILL not revealed to the rest of us.

    • With perhaps 150000 gangbangers in Chiraq your idea(Cooper’s) would NEVER work Chris. Everyone gotta son,uncle,brother,daddy or cousin who’s a CRIMINAL. In other words: stitches for snitches!

      • I think you’re correct I think the number of organized criminals in Chiraq is huge. And it’s the organised criminals there that are the ones that are probably most easy to deal with.

        The problem is Chiraq has been allowed to fester for decades. News reports have shown that the organized gangs actually help local politicians, at their request, to get elected and stay elected. Organizing voters and making sure they vote the right way.

        People don’t want to make comparisons to City fighting in say Berlin. Or Hue Vietnam. Or Okinawa. In Brazil in the 1990s the organized gangs became so powerful that the Brazilian government ended up using the army. To put an end to the organized gang violence in the major cities.

        There is one time in the United States when a crime went to zero in an American city. Or near zero. And that was in Los Angeles when the California National Guard was deployed. And it’s reported the Guardsmen carried their own personal firearms and their own ammunition. So if they did get into gun battles they didn’t have to account for their issued military ammo.

        After a handful of gun fights and a few dead gang Bangers in LA. The residents there had never heard such peacefulness. There were plenty of stories about how grateful they were that the Army was there. And the National Guard wasn’t confiscating guns. The Korean Americans guns weren’t confiscated. Interesting.

        And just as what happened in 2020 also happened back in the 1990s. The LA Police Department was ordered to stand down. And that is how you ended up having the Roof Koreans. And actor Charlton Heston being asked by his liberal friends if they could borrow his guns. Because they didn’t have any.

        I suppose we could just let the major cities go. They’re controlled by democrats. That’s where the riots have been happening. You can just let San Francisco go. They’re allowed to pee and poop in public. Crime is out of control.

        I’m asked to consider the libertarian alternative? So I’m asking what is the alternative to these issues?

        My federal tax money goes to these cities.

        • I suppose we could just let the major cities go.

          Why not, they don’t produce anything but Liberals and Cockroaches, I can’t think of anything I need Chiraq, NYC, Atlanta, LA, Dallas, Houston, Seattle or the rest for… They don’t grow food, they don’t make anything all they do is consume…

  14. Well if the program going forward is we’re going to have tougher gun laws, but don’t worry, we won’t enforce any of them, then be my guest.

    • don’t worry, we won’t enforce any of them,

      That’s only valid for the “less” privileged members of society, If you are a “privileged” White, heterosexual, conservative (aka deplorable/despicable), employed male you WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law AND you will sit in jail until they decide to bring you to trial…

  15. “$4500 unsecured bond” which means that the defendant executes an appearance bond “promise to appear in court on the court date” and also a promise to pay the bond amount if he or she does not appear in court” so he didn’t have to pay a cent to walk.

    “As part of an ongoing national effort to help prevent illegal “straw” purchases of firearms, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are reminding the Greater Chicago area public that stiff penalties are in place for individuals convicted of such unlawful purchases.”

    “Buy a gun for someone who can’t and buy yourself 10 years in jail. Don’t Lie For the Other Guy.”

    Jamel Danzy didn’t sit in jail for 10 days and was released after a day was told you can just leave. His straw purchase is directly responsible for the death of a cop and leaving another cop with a bullet in his brain who is going to be messed up for life if he lives and he ADMITTED to making the straw purchase.

    “Buy a gun for someone who can’t and buy yourself 10 years in jail.”
    The law is on the books and enforcement is a joke.
    “The gun used by the shooter was later traced back to an illegal straw purchase the buyer ADMITTED to making for one of the men in the car” and Jamel Danzy walks on a unsecured bond.

    So much for this TTAG article:

    Time to make some more laws that penalize the law abiding.

  16. I’ve opposing views on this subject.
    One I believe the right to be armed stands above strawman purchases and another is becoming armed to commit atrocities.

    • Nothing wrong with being torn pouched one, though most tend to forget that the murderer, under even Constitutional law, was a prohibited person for prior violent felonies.

      The truth is more than a little different than was represented by some of the more hyperbolic here as giving weapons to gang banger’s.

  17. what is it with these chiefs of police with the collar full of stars? 4 star generals?
    when the usual rank is colonel, which is an silver leaf, they must have a hell of an ego to want to be 4 steps above that.

    • Needs a bunch of campaign ribbons and some medals. Egg salad dripping off the hat. A nice snappy left handed salute to top it off.
      Law Enforcement. Oooog raw

  18. This just proved that the federal government is not truly interested in stopping “gun violence” only restricting our rights.

  19. Cars kill more people than any other inanimate object, ban cars first!

  20. check out the 2020 presidential election map by county
    see the 90 percent that is red
    thats where the people are no longer going to give their consent to be governed by the current system
    when they throw this system off in favor of another they will have a lot going for them:
    all the water food energy raw materials and transportation networks
    no abortion clinics
    all the gun and ammo manufacturers
    and a 2nd amendment interpretation that will guarantee that theres an ar 15 pattern or ak variant rifle with a 30 round magazine in it behind every blade of grass ready to take aim at whoever or whatever attempts to change any of that

    • I assume you are talking about Illinois where 92 out of 102 counties voted for Trump.
      Yet with Cook County and especially Chicago Biden won the state.
      It will always be that way, the people who are the freeloaders in Chicago aren’t going to give up their free handouts and use abortions as retroactive birth control.
      It’s been that way for 7 or more generations now. 14 year olds having babies who in turn do the same.
      28 years old and a grandmother. Who is and where is Dad? Ask Maury Povich.

  21. “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of “Men who wanted to be left Alone”.

    They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.

    They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.

    The moment the “Men who wanted to be left Alone” are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. . . .

    Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these “Men who wanted to be left Alone”, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at the Left’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy . . . . but it will fall upon deaf ears.”

  22. 22,000 gun control laws and still growing, and some Idiots expect criminals to follow laws, Including the straw purchase law…. Y’know they work so well, these laws, maybe congress should pass a few thousand more laws, eventually they will arrest every Man and woman who owns a gun for some violation or another, ( I mean who can really keep track of all the new laws let alone the OLD ones still on the books ) and they STILL WONT HAVE THE CRIMINALS IN JAIL OR DISARMED…. But the Public will be safe in Jail and the criminals will still be Killing each other.

  23. It is a shame that the SECOND CITY COP website went underground. I would be interested in their insight on this shooting.

  24. Multiple people are believed to have died in a “major incident” involving a shooter in the English port city of Plymouth, Devon.

    They must have gotten tired of reading about Chiraq and decided to get their own “15 minutes”, but wait, doesn’t the U.K. already have ALL of those “life saving” restrictions that the Liberals here are pushing for?

  25. ” we don’t have Time for that Sh*t ” you suck what? it is not like you are working to better that sh*thole, It is Time to bring back Mrs O’leary and her cow,…. Station the Army around the schitty limits to prevent escapes, and set the lantern near the cow !

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