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Cue the music and the Reagan-era vibes. It’s time to celebrate the Strandhogg, First Spear summertime shirt style.

This new limited edition tee is a tactical (~ish) tip of the hat to Andy Warhol in pop art design and the iconic First Spear Strandhogg plate carrier.

The design is printed on a soft side seamed shirt which means better quality, more comfort, and a buff ‘Built for the X‘ appearance when heading out for some summer fun.

After all, looking cool matters.

First Spear keeps the description simple:

Across the front of this LIMITED EDITION white t-shirt, the popular FirstSpear Strandhögg Plate Carrier is featured in vibrant colors.

On the back is the classic FirstSpear logo. This shirt is a perfect addition to your summer t-shirt collection.

The POP ART STRANDHOGG t-shirt is a limited edition run, designed and printed in the United States, and retails for $29.99 on the FirstSpear website.

Don’t wait these are available in limited sizes and quantities and when they are gone they are gone, no backorders will be filled.

Like everything made by FirstSpear, these T-shirts are high-quality and Built for the X.

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    • Personally, I’ve never really understood the idea of spending my money to buy something that advertises some else’s product. You want to give me a shirt with you ad on it, well, if I like your product, I’ll wear it. You want me to *buy* a shirt with your ad on it, uh, no.

      • * someone* and *your* forgot to check the magic “you may now edit your post” box.

      • Haven’t you heard? The mythical .9mm has been renamed to the even more mythical “.9mm caliber.” In keeping with this mixture of metric and English measurements, the energy of the “.9mm caliber” is measured not in foot/pounds, but in centimeter/pounds.
        It can shoot 30-caliber clipazines per second because it has a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up.

  1. It isn’t technology that we should fear invading gun tech as much as some random post trying to sell over priced T-shirt’s with ambiguous meaning and logos 🤦‍♂️

    • “yeah?.. no.”

      Someone else who recognizes they don’t require the constant approval of others… 🙂

  2. Just seeing the word “Strandhogg”, gives me the willies, as it sounds an awful lot like David Hogg, the Harvard-attending, limp-wristed Soy-Boy in Chief…

      • It appears that the Irish for all their talk of Freedom still can’t get away from the policies of their former English overlords. Glad that the Irish side of the family had the gumption (born of desperation) to emigrate out from under John Bull’s boot back in the Famine Years.

    • So this white man whose descendants were slaves decided to return to the land that his ancestors fled from. So that he could now become a white slave. Just like his ancestors. Wow???

      I wonder how many of the prisoners this former guard oversaw were arrested in New York using the Sullivan Law???
      How ironic now it is that he has now been scooped up, by a similar anti-gun series of laws in another country.

      He’s not the only one. There are many American expats living overseas in countries they think are better than the United States. Those countries allow them to stay there. Not only do they not have a human right to live in a country they were not born in. They also do not have a human right to armed self-defense. In the country they have chosen to live in.

      You violate the rules of your new adopted country and you will be arrested. There are plenty of people in New York who were told one thing about guns. They later found out the opposite was true and they were arrested. The same goes for Ireland. And any country that has no second amendment.

      I don’t feel sorry for this foolish man at all. He has every right to be a stupid dumbass retired cop.

  3. I do not understand. And I do not want to.

    I have a large collection of patriotic t- shirts from Infowars.

    That is what I wear almost every day
    That, and a “Trump Won” button on my Stetson.

    • big(smile)

      I still wear my “Make America Great Again” camo pattern ball cap.

  4. Golly, $30.
    I’m trying to remember the last time I bought any clothes. ? ? ?
    I bought a box of 12 gauge two weeks ago, I think it was, golly, maybe 14 years ago that I’ve bought any clothing.
    $30 for a t shirt, no thanx.

    • possum’s gotz fur. And nobodies going to arrest them for walking around nekkid.

      Gotz was auto corrected butt nekkid waznent. Whut a weerd whirled we live in.

  5. Doesn’t stupid shit like this usually get labled
    ” Sponsored Content ” and not allow comments?

    • they should allow comments on sponsored content, sometimes we need to justly praise or share our experiences about a product that are positive and sometimes drop a hot load of steamy mess on products that are just bad.

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