stoeger p3000 freedom supreme
Courtesy Stoeger
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From Stoeger . . .

Stoeger continues to set the standard for dependability and versatility at a wallet-friendly price with the new P3000 Freedom Series Supreme. Widely recognized as a superior choice for defending home and property, the Stoeger Freedom Series offers extended magazines for increased capacity while being 922R compliant. The latest Freedom Series offering packs features with outstanding performance and reliability.

The Freedom Series pairs proven Stoeger platforms with select U.S.-manufactured components to deliver extreme value and performance to meet the demands of American shooters. The P3000 Freedom Series Supreme provides a custom fit with it’s six-position, telescoping rear stock with adjustable cheek rest. The stock also folds for compact storage and transportation.

stoeger p3000 freedom supreme
Courtesy Stoeger

A rubberized pistol grip combines with a checkered pump forend for a rock-solid grip even when shooting 3-inch magnum loads. The ghost-ring front sight provides quick target acquisition while the integrated sling attachment point offers a convenient carry option. The P3000 Freedom Series Supreme relies on the proven pump-action of the original Stoeger P3000 for the ultimate in reliability when it matters most.

Stoeger P3000 Freedom Series Supreme

Gauge: 12. Action: Pump. Chambering: 2-3/4 and 3. Capacity: 7+1. Barrel Length: 18-1/2 inches. Overall Length: 40.50 inches. Weight: 7.3 lbs. Stock: Six-position, telescoping (3-3/4 in. adjustment). Barrel Finish: Blued. Chokes: Fixed cylinder. Sights: Ghost-ring sight. Length of Pull: 14-1/8 inches. Drop at Heel: 2-1/2 in. Drop at Comb: 1-1/2 in. Warranty: 5 years. MSRP: $469.

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      • “Turkey actually makes real good shotguns.” Some manufacturers in Turkey produce junk shotguns, the ones produced for CZ I’ve seen fail right out of the box, less than 50 round of gun club loads. Broken extractors and firing pins. I’ve seen a few good Tristars (shotguns) but seen more that were not so good. Turkish guns can be great Tristar and Canick pistols, but Turkish politics suck.

    • Not only do I trust in Beretta, I also have less of an issue buying from Brazil. What carries the Stoeger name is not always made in Turkey. The P3000 is interesting though.

  1. The good- Owned by parent company Benelli/Beretta. The Stoeger semi auto is slightly similar to my Benelli, obviously not as polished.

    The Bad- Made in Turkey. 12 guage with that style stock, in my experience, isn’t great on the shoulder.

    With that said this shotgun does have a lot of features that would cost a lot to add to a budget pump like a Mavrick 88.

      • Im not anti Mossberg and like their pump guns. Im just saying to upgrade the sights, add an adjustable stock and mag extension it’s going to cost more than this Stoeger.

        • Not trying to argue with you. I live in CA so the stock has to be fixed. My 88 came with a 7 round mag and a 20 inch tube. The sights are just a simple bead. Which are fine for a house gun. For 200 bucks.

          And I don’t have to risk poor qc from a turkish company.

      • Like my 88 too. Right out of the box, added light, that’s all. Smooth shooting and racking with 2 3/4 inch 00 buck, 6 round max. $189 w/o tax. Basic dependable home defense tool.

        • Ive got love for my 88… wish I had the extended mag version though. Mine was >$170 after sales tax so I won’t complain too much.

    • I thought 922r covered semi autos but additional laws tacked onto the 922r state “semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun”.

  2. If you can’t break it in 5yrs it will probably last longer than the first two owners do. As for Turkey politics, I don’t plan on going rabbit hunting there any time soon. Been looking for a good 12 mag fed pump and under $300. This might be it.

  3. Two of my weaknesses: crazy, liberal, minority women and inexpensive, imported, tactical shotguns…

    I don’t need another of either but I can’t help myself!

  4. After clicking to read this article what’s the first thing I see…..A Warren Ad….WTF!
    Is “The Truth about guns” a front for a liberal group??


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