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Matt in Idaho writes:

If you’re like me, you were devastated — devastated I tell you! — when you read that the gun emoji on your iPhone was going to be replaced with a squirt gun. Like me, you probably saw this as a cultural blow to the RKBA crowd. Well, my organization set out to fix this problem and I’m glad to say that we will provide you with a better option than you had before.

Sticker apps allow a person to add predesigned ‘stickers’ to an iMessage conversation. Some of the most successful examples of these are made up of cat photos or pictures of celebrities. Stickem’ Up by Hardweiblered, LLC is ALL firearms. The app costs $0.99. It’s available to Apple users through this link:

We have over 50 stickers of firearms, cartridges, reticles and an ammo box on the app. We’re collaborating with several manufacturers and competetive shooters to add more.

The thing that sets our app apart from other gun emojis: we’re using images of a real walnut and steel firearms for our stickers as opposed to black silhouettes or cartoon renderings.

Many of our stickers have provenance. We have a 1911a1 that was carried in a PBY Catalina over the Pacific Ocean in WWII. We have several of the ultra rare and incredibly valuable DARPA XM-3 sniper rifles. One of these was and is a personal rifle of Steve Reicherts (as seen The History Channel).

I am a daily TTAG reader, a lifetime member of the NRA and a second amendment absolutist. The role that devices like the iphone plays in our lives is ever increasing, especially for the younger crowd. Keeping firearms available in the conversations people have on their devices is imperative to the future of the 2A in our culture.

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  1. Apparently you need iOS 10 to download this thing.

    I tried to buy it, but have not upgraded to new iOS system. Have spoken to Apple employees who say the iOS progression slows down the phone performance.

    • I held off on the upgrade until we were close to finishing this. I truly felt like Apple could have my gun emoji when they took it from my cold outdated iOS 🙂

  2. I am so thankful that I do not own an I(diot) phone, and that my old fashioned flip does not display such nonsense.

    • Right there with you Mark. I love the incredulous looks I get when people see me using my “Dumb Phone”

        • “People who don’t share our preference are SO stupid, amirite?”

          No, no you aren’t right. However, the converse would be right:

          “People who are SO stupid don’t share our preference.” That is, people aren’t stupid because they don’t share your preference. Rather, they’re already stupid as an initial condition, if they waste time playing with toys on their phones, such as frivolous graphics. It is the fact that they are stupid which then differentiates their preferences from yours. Stupidity precedes difference.

          And, oh yes, emoji nonsense is INCREDIBLY stupid. It’s right up there with full grown men sitting on the couch watching the game and donning the jersey of their favorite player, *also* a full grown man, as though he’s his ten year old little brother or his high school girlfriend. Unfathomably stupid.

    • Yeah, because smartphone emojis breed laziness. It’s much better to make real emojis. (`・ω・´)

  3. Why isn’t this the App that comes up when I randomly get redirected straight to the App Store when clicking on articles⁉️

  4. whats interesting is that they left the bomb, knife, sword and cigarette emojis. not sure what kind of stance their trying to take. And they left the fast food icons, transfat kills more people than guns, just saying.

  5. “Keeping firearms available in the conversations people have on their devices is imperative to the future of the 2A in our culture.”

    I’m not sure “imperative” means what you think it means. I highly doubt people will forget that guns exist just because Apple took a cartoon one away.

  6. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!|

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