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wikipedia.orgStacey Lauretta Dash (born January 20, 1967)  is an American actress, known for starring in the 1995 feature film Cluelessand the television series spinoff of the same name. She has also appeared in films such as MovingMo’ MoneyRenaissance Man and View from the Top. Other television work by Dash includes appearances in series such as CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSingle Ladies and the reality television show Celebrity Circus. She has also appeared in music videos for Carl Thomas‘ “Emotional” and Kanye West‘s “All Falls Down“. Dash is a co-host on Fox News Channel talk show Outnumbered.”

I sincerely hope Ms. Dash’s stance on civilian armament won’t hurt her career prospects, but I suspect it will, given Hollywood’s antipathy to the ballistic solutions that help drive its plots and profits. For her courage and her common sense solution to mass shootings, Ms. Dash earns TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day. Support her with your eyeballs as and when.

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  1. Good guys with guns “are trained” and “know how to use them”

    That’s not been my experience at the ranges I’ve been to. Many many shooters a painfully inept.

    • There’s a big difference between square range plinking and actually taking class and being vetted by passing a test administered by a competent Instructor… For former is sh*ts and grins entertainment, the latter is training…

    • You are talking about what I call the “carnival riders”. They are usually people who hardly ever go to the range. Sometimes, they have never been to the range. Sometimes, they buy time on the range with friends as some sort of “carnival ride” kind of experience. Since these guys pay a lot of money for the privilege, many ranges will market to them. Because they often make mistakes, they are noticed and remembered. The experience shooters who go to the range do not like to be around the “carnival riders”. They often have memberships that give them access outside regular hours. They find clubs with ranges that give them more freedom and privacy. When they go to the range, they are there to practice. They do not mess around. They get in, do their drills, and then leave. Unless you pay attention, you may not notice them.

    • True, but I could say the same for most vehicle drivers (car, motorcycle, bicycle), or even how people drive their carts at stores…

      That’s more a “people being people”, bell-curve thing.

    • Bob draws the right distinction here. We’ve all seen (or maybe even been, at some point in the past?) jack wagons at the range. That’s a different environment and type of armed individual than Ms. Dash refers to.

      She’s talking about people who carry regularly for self-defense. These are likely going to be more serious-minded people. In many cases, they will have paid for their license and associated training. Even in a constitutional carry state without carry licenses, we’re still talking about people diligent enough to carry regularly. Such people tend train with some seriousness.

      No guarantees of anything, of course, but I can see where she’s coming from. Millions of people carry on any given day. They don’t commit any crime with their firearm, nor do they inadvertently injure bystanders when they do have to defend themselves. I can’t say as much for the Orlando P.D., but then again, neither can the Orlando P.D. Chief.

    • “Many many shooters a(re) painfully inept.”

      Stay away from ranges where cops shoot and you’ll be fine.

  2. Don’t worry too much about this particular TMZ vid hurting her Hollywood prospects. She was already well out of the “gun closet” before this.

  3. As the Pink Pistols have been saying: #ShootBack

    If our targets are all hardened that will cut the problem way back and perhaps deter the less dedicated Islamic Terrorists. Or they may decide that they might get at least a few virgins if not the full 72 for offing a couple of Americans, with terrorists you never know.

  4. NO , We can’t arm everyone . There are countless numbers of Americans who can’t even keep track of their car keys , who wouldn’t ever train , who could never overcome their fear of a tool , who have too many criminal tendencies , who are far to quick to temper or are without any empathy , people who have no moral compass , psychopaths , deranged or on meds that alter their normal , ethical and logical judgements .
    I will state that carrying a deadly weapon on ones person , every day , can have an impact on temperament and self awareness for many people but responsibility is a big word .
    I contend that Congress should act immediately to ban all ‘ Gun Free Zones ‘ , declare them un-constitutional , and null and void . This is the only common denominator that ties every mass shooting together .
    I think the mobsters that were gunned down on St. Valentines day had been disarmed first .
    I could be mistaken .

    • While I agree with your stance that not everyone should carry. There is no evidence that normal, reasonable, peaceful, law abing citizens should not have every opportunity to defend themselves. The people you speak of are already armed, they are called criminals and terrorists (extremist of any flavor).

    • I concede your points, and even agree with some of them. I do think the statement “you can’t arm everyone” is no so similar to “you can’t let everyone raise children”. If you would stop those same people you mention as being incapable from being armed from raising children, then we’re good. Otherwise I would call you a hippocrite.

      • “Any set of fools can make a baby. The trick is to take that baby and turn it into an adult worth keeping around.” – Cliff H

    • Careful, don’t fall into the hyperbole trap. The haters use that ALL the time. “you have the right to a nuclear bomb!” “you’re making all the teachers carry guns!” and so on. Look, even if gun laws were flipped completely around and everyone was REQUIRED to carry, it still wouldn’t happen. Like you said, some people just aren’t competent enough for whatever reason, and others just don’t want to be bothered. Carrying a gun is a bit of a hassle, after all.

      So let’s keep things in perspective, okay? And good on Mrs. Dash for standing up for herself, too. I like her.


  5. God, I love that girl and not just because of her looks.

    She is na out-numbered conservative in sea of liberal stupidity.

    How many of us could stand up to the pressure she gets?

  6. She just earned herself a new fan.

    We all know that the training issue is not 100% correct. How many people have just pointed and pulled the trigger with a successful outcome?

    • “How many people have just pointed and pulled the trigger with a successful outcome?”

      A lot!

  7. She’s already been ostracised by “hollyweird”. Complained loudly on O’reilly(and did a bizarre turn at the Academy Awards) lampooned by the talent-free Chris Rock. Almost as hot as hot as my pretty 56 year old wife(brown don’t frown)…didja’ see where Steven Seagal is claiming Orlando is a gubmint anti-gun false -flag event?!?

    • “didja’ see where Steven Seagal is claiming Orlando is a gubmint anti-gun false -flag event?!?”

      Well, it would go a long way to explaining why Orlando SWAT took THREE HOURS to enter the building.

      • Or it COULD be they all wanted to get home safe(and not die defending gay boyz). That would make …-sense.

  8. How can i get a date with her? We can go to the range. Shoot AR’s, cowboy guns, long range, trap. Whatever she’s in the mood for. 🙂

    • “How can i get a date with her?”

      You can start the process by becoming very, very rich.

  9. The Uboob video was very inaccurately headline. At no point did she say “arm everyone,” or anything close to it.

  10. The Democratic African American community absolutely hates this woman. Good for her. Must be hard being a Conservative in Hollywood.

  11. Her conservative views have already hurt her career and it hasn’t changed her mind.

  12. Real good piece on her in People magazine a week or two ago (What? My wife reads it o.k.). She pretty much knew that comming out as a conservative would kill her acting career, but she decided it was worth it to stand behind her principles. Good article I suggest checking it out.

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