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I recently sent my Springfield XD-M to the factory for a “Combat” trigger conversion. This afternoon, I brought the modified gun to the American Firearms School for a work out. The XD’s trigger was as crisp as a freshly-laundered shirt. But there was lots of clicks where there should have been bangs. I shot four types of ammo: Remington UMC, Hornady Critical Defense, Independence and Blazer. I switched magazines. Nope. I called Springfield Armory. After cautioning me for dry-firing (which I did a handful of times), Jacob reckons the gun may have come out of the factory with too much lubrication, which might have gunked-up the striker channel. Or something. I’m taking the XD-M to my gunsmith for a closer look.

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  1. I just picked up an XDm 3.8″ Compact in .40S&W and today brought it to Caswell’s in Mesa, AZ for a quick swap out of the sights (I had a set of TRU GLO night sights for a SIG P229). The gunsmith wanted to know “who did the trigger job?”. Like Rabbi, I find that most triggers are just fine for personal carry and home defense. The gunsmith was shocked to find that I simply did a thorough scrub and re-lube, and haven’t even put a round down range. I find it very odd that Springfield Custom sent out a pistol that didn’t perform 100%. I know a lot of guys who have had nothing but fantastic results and quick service from the Custom Shop. In the future, you may want to consider Springer Precision in Oregon – I did for my XD-9 Tactical Limited-Class Pistol and have been nothing but happy!

    • Sounds like you are in my neck of the woods, I shoot there at least once a week. Have you shot their Monday Night Challenge? Its FUN!

      Ps: Paul is awesome, assuming he was the one commenting on your trigger.

      • No, it was a new guy – I haven’t been to Caswell’s in some time since it has been nice outside and since I started school, so when the new guy walked out from the back, I was surprised and asked where Paul was. Then of course, Paul walked out and said “here I am!”. I haven’t been up there on Monday’s – I usually go there on my lunch break. I may have to go back tomorrow – my front sight is barely visible in the dark and I know they both were super bright last night when I checked them out. Perhaps the front got smacked too hard and ruined the glass vial or sapphire.

  2. You should purchase a #3 roll-pin punch and some replacement roll-pins (again, Springer Precision has them in stock) for your XDm. I enjoy being able to take apart my XD/XDm’s from time to time for a thorough scrubbing.

  3. Admittedly, I know nothing of the actual specs of the “Combat Trigger” mod of the XDm. However, the question begs asking:

    If you have to pay extra for a combat trigger, what the F**K did it come with in the first place??

    Would you like your barrel with or without a hole in the end??

  4. All my Kimbers come straight from their custom shop, and they double check everything before they release any gun. I would like to know what your gunsmith thinks happened, because I’ve been considering buying a 45 XDM.

    • Sorry Joe, but I know of DOZENS of Kimber’s that won’t run for sh*t right out of the box, nor will they run with a proper “break in” (whatever the hell that means!).

      • I’ve own 3 Kimbers and have NEVER has issues. In fact there’s NO other pistol on the market that shoots as smooth as the Kimber.

  5. I’ve heard the same thing Pat, but I’ve been lucky with my Kimbers and I know many Kimber owners who trust their lives to their Kimbers. There will always be exceptions, and all guns can experience a failure at anytime because any man made device can fail without exception.

    • I agree with you 100% – I was making the (unfortunate) point that just because something gets inspected, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was “tested” in a meaningful way… take any Chevy made from 1980 to 2011 for example…


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