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Everyone is welcome . . . Unexpected buyers flood post-election gun market – “Gun sales usually surge going into the holidays, but this year, experts expect a shift in buyer demographics. With Donald Trump headed to the White House, gun retailers are seeing more women and the elderly buying their first gun. ‘The request from people in the general public has been increasing,’ said Robert Boike, a volunteer at Home Safety Academy, a Lake Park-based firearm training facility. Boike said he is already seeing a shift in the clientele following the outcome of the election.”


Coming soon to a college campus near you . . . This Design Student Built A Gun That Weaponizes Tears – “Ask any parent, any spouse, or any histrionic teenager, and they’ll tell you: Tears can be used as weapons. Until now, though, those weapons were figurative, wounding the heart of onlookers without actually damaging the flesh. Fuck that noise, said Taiwanese-born designer Yi-Fei Chen. Having a predilection for crying herself, the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate decided to weaponize her tears into a fearfully literal weapon. It’s called the Tear Gun.”


Remembering Mike Dillon – “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Mike Dillon. Mike left us on the morning of November 7th, 2016. He leaves behind a large family including wife Carol, sons Stephen and Christopher, daughter Stephanie, and 9 grandchildren. Mike’s legacy has touched the lives of countless people worldwide. He revolutionized the ammunition reloading industry and made it what it is today. Mike also redesigned and manufactured the M134 Minigun that is now in service in the United States and foreign military forces. As a passionate aviator, he worked for TWA as a 2nd officer for 13 years and later made a name for himself as a writer for Air Progress Magazine. He is recognized by some as being the one who started the warbird restoration movement in the 1960’s.”


Lawmaker Will Push for Guns on Campus – “A new effort is coming to allow guns on the campuses of universities across the state. A state legislator pushing the effort says it will make campuses safer, but there is some evidence it could have the opposite effect. It’s an issue that sparked a heated debate during the legislative session two years ago. With Republicans picking up more seats in the state legislature, supporters now believe they have the votes to get it through. ‘By enabling the good guy and a good gal who may have a concealed carry permit to actually be present it makes the would-be murder think twice,’ said State Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville.”

Yeah, pretty much:




New from Allegiance Ammunition . . . The worlds only Powder Metal frangible subsonic. The quite effective way of handling loud problems. Excellent for tactical, self defense and hunting.

9mm 130gr 1050FPS

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Advanced technology


Ya think? . . . Trump’s victory has enormous consequences for the Supreme Court – “All eyes will now be on the court’s oldest members, Kennedy and Ginsburg. Replacing Kennedy with a more stalwart conservative would immediately impact the court’s dynamics. He has given no indication about how long he intends to serve on the court. Ginsburg has said she will serve as long as she is up to the job. She would likely be loath to allow Trump to pick her successor; she caused an uproar this summer when in media interviews she called him a “faker” and said she feared for the court and the country if he were elected.”


New from VDC Armory . . . “This is a way to add a muzzle device to a rifle without altering the barrel and still get the full benefit of a compensator or muzzle brake. The PHNX-MBS is a Muzzle Brake System that uses a parent Stainless Steel clamp on design using 10x securing screws (the most secure system on the market). The parent adaptor is made in a common industry thread pattern (5/8 24 or 1/2 28) that requires two specific exterior barrel measurements from the consumer and then it gets cut-to –order within a 3-5 day turn around. The system includes a muzzle device that is really very good but with the common threaded patterns of the adaptor the end user can install ANY muzzle device on the market using those thread patterns and correct caliber.”


Australian police find loaded gun in biker’s bottom – “An Australian man linked to an outlaw biker gang has been arrested after police found a gun hidden in his bottom. The loaded pistol was uncovered on Monday after officers in Brisbane, Queensland, discovered a second handgun in his car. A body search revealed the biker had the handgun ‘secreted between his buttocks’, Queensland Police said. He was charged with weapons and drug offences.” The other gun above was found in his vehicle. We don’t want to touch either one.


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  1. I don’t think a would be murderer thinks twice. But having the option to be armed gives the intended victim(s) a chance to counter the attack.

    • In Florida we actually had a huge uptick in criminals picking on tourists over natives after going Shall-Issue, precisely because they were unlikely to be armed. One of the more popular attack methods was to ding someone with a nice rental car, pull over with the apparent intent of exchanging insurance, then mug them and have another member of the crew take their car leaving them on the side of the road.

        • And Florida cured that by making rental cars ‘sleepers’.

          Rental companies had a license plate numbering system that were easily seen as being rental cars, and the rental companies made the problem worse by having ‘Avis’ or ‘Enterprise’ bumper stickers on the cars.

          So, rental car license plates are now indistinguishable from private car plates. No more rental car bumper stickers on rentals.

          Problem solved. 🙂

  2. Seems like it would be easier to make a gun that fires actual bullets rather than finding blanks and ball bearings.

    • Well, yea, but where’s the fun in that ?

      Besides, ball bearings and nailgun loads are found in hardware stores.

      I wonder if you could stabilize a nail, to make a big fletchette ?

      • What VJ said.

        Nailgun ‘loads’ are for all practical purposes not a ‘controlled substance’, so to speak.

        Nailguns like that in a toolbox don’t tend to arouse suspicion.

        Lead bullets would be better, from a ‘survivalist’ perspective, and are easily fabricated from scavenged lead in car batteries and wheel balancing weights. Cast some shotgun pellets and then drift them through the bore with a ball peen hammer for a good seal.

        (Am I the only one wondering if Mark Serbu is filing the papers and adopting Nunsuch?)

        • Nonesuch is Serbu’s son-in-law, as far as I can tell. Also, as far as I can tell,. Serbu has good genes and his daughter is pretty good looking, but I have no idea if she has a brain (which begs the ‘she’s married to Royal Nonesuch?’ question, but I’ll just leave it.)….

        • I’ve never really paid more than glancing attention to RN – he’s not doing anything novel. Good to see kids doing stuff like this, don’t get me wrong, but much is the stuff we did back in the ’70s/’80s. Difference being we didn’t get to monetize it through YT, it was just part of childhood.

        • Valerie has a few videos out – 50CalVal.

          I watched a few of them, and she does not strike me as being particularly dim-witted, but she’s still in the ‘young invincible’ stage.

          One of her vids: “VLOG: WORKING AT SERBU FIREARMS” shows her operating a stout grinder with her long hair blowing in the breeze, a good way to get hurt or killed, as this 22 yo. Yale female engineering student found out the hard way:

          Nunsuch never really impressed me either way, but if he is now related to Serbu, good for him having someone to pass the family business down to…

      • Flechettes *are* nails, if you ever look at one! The head has been crushed flat so that it becomes a fin, but it is obviously a nail.

  3. RBG, the Shillary Clinton appointment to the Supreme Court. Way past time for her to go to the home.

  4. Liberal Tears is not just a goofy meme? I like that…and who DIDN’T know chicks and old folks were the new gun cognoscenti?!?

  5. Ginsburg and Kennedy will both hang on as long as they can draw breath. Neither will outlast this Presidency.

  6. That weaponized tear system must IMMEDIATELY be banned from the like of George Soros wonderfully little brown shirts across the nation, lest it fall into the hands of the precious snowflakes beating Trump supporters in the street, rioting, burning our flag; as they have an apparent endless supply of tears for the passing of the walking bowel movement.

    • Serves ’em right for not listening to their parents warning about not trusting carnivorous strange old women…

  7. Increased gun sales after the election is interesting. I wonder if it a bunch of people who wanted to join the party but were afraid Shrillary would just confiscate their new investment, waited for more confidence they could keep it!

  8. It will be interesting to see what happens to that campus carry proposal in NC. With more Republicans in the legislature but a barely squeezes by Democrat as governor, we will need a veto proof margin on gun owners’ rights legislation. I expect Cooper to veto everything he can, since there is no chance he will be able to advance the Democratic agenda any other way.

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