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  1. That video nearly gave me an ulcer…he stepped so far forward of the firing line (and toward the other shooter too). I thought he was seriously going to walk right into a round

  2. Camera man was muzzled a few times. No one seemed to care where the firing line was. Whats behind those trees?

  3. I know I am going to catch crap for this but I didn’t see anything wrong with this video. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and saying they know what lays behind those woods (probably miles of marshland) and this looks like it is probably in Florida. I am jelly of all their cool toys and awesome backyard.

    Will be funny when the cops get called by the neighbors to machine gun fire though.
    In Florida this is legal right now though. State preemption laws and no ban on shooting in city limits and stuff like that.

    • I agree. Yeah the camera guy was muzzle swept a couple times by what appeared to be unloaded weapons and they had a few issues with maintaining a safe firing line, but I don’t think they were being incredibly unsafe. I’ve seen much worse disregard for safety at public and private ranges. Maybe I’m not as much as a safety nazi as others, and that can be a good or bad thing, only time will tell, but as far as I’m concerned the only issue I saw was me not being there to shoot such fun NFA goodness.

  4. The following are comments from the poster of the video. Just FYI.
    “ALL weapons are 100% legal and approved by the ATF. All shooting done was within the law in my county. Thanks for watching.”
    “Shooting safely in my backyard with a safe backstop and its legal in my county…”
    “… I’m in un-incorporated county out of city limits. I’ve looked up the law and talked to many local LEO’s and I’m GTG.”

  5. If you go to the video on youtube he explains that he is in a housing subdivision outside of city limits in unincorporated area of a county. The previous video show the “backdrop that they are shooting into. It doesn’t look that great. That would be my biggest concern.

  6. Right now? Maratac automatic. Japanese movement, but solid stainless and a sapphire crystal. A total steal at $200. Love the sterile face too. Hamilton is another good brand with a military heritage. Their Khaki line will get you stainless & sapphire with a Swiss 2824 or 7750 movement. I have a Traser as well, but the problem with tritium capsules is that tritium wears out. I have guns old enough that the tritium night sights are no longer really visible. A good watch will last decades. If you’re buying for the long term, painted lume is probably your best option.

  7. Although they claim, in the description of the video, to be in accordance with all relevant laws
    1. Their backdrop sucks.
    2. They muzzled the camera man and each other several times.
    3. They didn’t even pretend to have a firing line.
    4. The dude with the tight black t-shirt was the only one who seemed to have a good stance and grip.

    Other than that my biggest problem is that they have much cooler toys than I do.

  8. really sad that no one probably can let their kids or pets out to play in the woods around this place. I used to love playing in the woods as a kid, not if im going to get sprayed with rounds though! I agree with first commenter, thought the guy in the grey shirt at 2:05ish was going to step right in front of that SBR.
    Who are these guys?

      • yeah your probably right. Lots of dead Piranhaconda’s back there! (Look it up! new syfy movie!!! cant waiiiit!!)
        “the unholy union between a piranha and an anaconda”

  9. I’m inspired! Maybe I’ll go shoot up the neighborhood tonight. But first, I’m going to check with my local PD to make sure it’s okay, ’cause you can never be too careful.

    • Just the older guy, constantly inching closer and closer forward ahead of the muzzle of the SBR. And then eventually even steps left, closer to the SBR.

      He posts in the comments that the guys he is with are his neighbors…so I guess having cool neighbors and cool guns rocks!

  10. Black shirt wants to ventilate his hand, really can’t get enough covering the muzzle with that little SBR. Also looks like the Glock needs a booster or a new ejector I counted 4 or 5 stovetops which were promptly followed by them flagging themselves as they bend over to shake it clear.

    Oh well you can’t tell people some things, just gotta learn it on your own the hard way.

    • I thought that at first too, but I think he is actually tightening the suppressor so he doesn’t get a baffle strike.

  11. I think he muzzled the upstairs bedroom with the SBR a few times when he stepped under the eave with the muzzle pointed up. Hard to be sure due to camera angles…

  12. What kind of stance is that? The dude in the black shirt looks like he’s trying to take a crap standing up.

  13. The dude in the black shirt looks like he’s trying to take a crap standing up.

    It takes serious athletic ability to do that — unless you’re a horse.

  14. Non .mil, .gov, or AR owning fella here… What on earth is the move I always see people doing after firing the last round, flipping the rifle to the side? Checking to see that the bolt stayed back?

    • booger hook on bang switch and no kaboom, looking to see wtf is up, staring into the ejection port is how you check clear, see if mag is over-inserted, bullet over bolt any number of problems are diagnosed through that little slot

    • I own many AR’s & bolt guns, I visually check the chamber on both to make sure they’re clear.

  15. 1- Safety is off while checking the EoTech. Not horrid, but against AR15 battery of arms.
    2- Might have flagged the cameraman, not sure though.
    3- Points the weapon up in a residential district. Bullets falling at terminal velocity aren’t lethal, but bullets on a stable ballistic trajectory maintain lethality.
    4- Firing line violations, but that is not a universal rule. I remember training in the military and having SF guys walking in between firing lines yelling “KEEP SHOOTING! HOW ELSE WILL YOU LEARN TO AVOID CIVILIIANS?!” Crazy fuckers…

  16. I hope that 9mm SBR owner registered his toys under a trust. Otherwise transfer of a registered NFA item to a non-registered person = grounds for the ATF’s foot up your rear. With slimy buggers like Eric Holder in charge, anyone’s fair game for a chance to star in the reality drama called a “Federal Gun Charge “.

    • Uhh… everything I’ve read says that wouldn’t really be a transfer per se, being that the owner / trustee is standing right there.

  17. Looks like fun toys. In our shoots, we usually have one guy shooting at any one time and the other behind spotting. Not crazy about backstop and not knowing who or what is in the woods.

  18. If it really is legal to shoot there, I bet it wont take too long before their home owners association bans it.

    • Big difference between being a 2A supporter and having to approve of full auto weapons being fired 50 feet away from my kids playing in our back yard.

      • Completely agree. Doesnt matter whats in the background, people shouldn’t shoot firearms in residential neighborhoods except in extreme self-defense situations. Completely unsafe and irresponsible.

  19. He shoots with the pistol guy 3 feet in front of him.

    Then he waves around pistols and points directly at the camera man.

    Then at the end he doesn’t check clear on the rifle before he waves that around too.

    Bunch of dumbasses, esp when some of the weapons are hanging. The only non-idiot was the first pistol shooter, he always pointed down range. But then he was also the one to step in front of another shooter.

  20. So how do they know one of there neighbors didn’t take a stroll in the woods behind their houses? This is idiotic. All of a sudden because you have a supressor all gun safety and common sense goes out the window? This kind of shit scares the hell out of me.

  21. Could it be the loaded carbine being pointed directly at the cameraman at 10 seconds, or that they appear to be in the middle of a housing development (probably woods behind the house… you know, like where all the neighborhood kids probably play if they were anything like me and my friends growing up…). The ability to stare straight down the barrel at 5.45 is also troubling for the cameraman… I’ll bet that plastic fence could stop a bullet from hitting your kid playing in your back yard if you lived near these guys. these fellas have more money than brains, and idiots with guns make it harder for non-idiots to enjoy them.


    • “…woods behind the house… you know, like where all the neighborhood kids probably play…”

      Stop deluding yourself; we all know they’re all sitting inside playing Grander Automatic Thief 47 on their IdiotBOX 16.

  22. I don’t see any kids and they are shooting into swamp (cypress trees), so knowing those types of wetlands there is standing water IE no kids. I didn’t see anything grossly unsafe. I’ve seen worse videos on youtube of “rednecks” blasting away. It seems you all are making a lot of assumptions. That and camera angles can be deceiving. I’ve watched his other videos and they are quite informative. YMMV

  23. ^
    Just saw he stated to some guy hassling him in the comments on YT that he built a bigger backstop. I’m going to subscribe and follow up on it. I’m sure he’ll post a new video soon, from the looks of his upload dates hes pretty consistant……..

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