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Sports Illustrated writer Peter King (courtesy

In a perfectly sane world, the Bob Costas blowback experience would have convinced other sportscasters to STFU on guns. Here in the real world, though, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King boldly goes where Bob-oh went before. Specifically, King feels compelled to share his feelings about the failed Senate background check bill in his “non-football thoughts of the week.” Which include this little [non-Denver] nugget: “No matter what side of the issue you fall on (and for the life of me, I need one sane explanation on what is wrong with thoroughly checking the background of someone who walks into a store to buy a potential weapon of mass murder), you need to read the op-ed piece former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford wrote after the shameful display in the Senate the other day.” Right. Giffords wrote it. But wait! There’s more . . .

b. You go, Gabby. She wrote: “I’m furious. I will not rest until we have righted the wrong these Senators have done, and until we have changed our laws so we can look parents in the face and say: We are trying to keep your children safe.”

c. Come on: Tell me one good reason the gun lobby in this country should make the laws of the land instead of so many gun-lobby-intimidated, soon-to-be-cast-out Senators who shamed their names last week.

d. Now, those of you boiling over right now because I am so ill-informed and so left-wing and such a hater of the Second Amendment (which I am absolutely not), say something to the parents of the murdered Newtown children, whose deaths prompted exactly zero federal action to prevent more mass murders of innocents in innocent public places in the future.

e. I knew you couldn’t think of anything.

In the never-ending game of curmudgeonly condescension, I call that a home run. Judging from the comments section underneath the post, it’s an unforced error. Anyway, when it comes to debating gun rights, King ain’t got game. Who knew?

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  1. I dropped SI and stopped going to their website a long time ago because of this obama loving douche.

    • I read his column but skip over the non football parts (which is like half of it). He is a New York elitist surrounded by NY elitists. Half of his column is about who annoyed him in line for his first class plane seats, which hotel didn’t quite cook his steak right, how this coffee wasn’t up to par but this beer was. He has no idea how the rest of the world lives.

  2. I honestly don’t know who he is (and really don’t care), but I do know that, like all other gun grabbers, he doesn’t give a flip about anyone’s kids.

  3. Does this idiot not realize that “someone who walks into a store to buy a potential weapon of mass murder” will already are subjected to a background check under the current law?

      • I’m from the UK and I know more about US gun (control) laws that this idiot. He should be ashamed of himself I wish.

  4. Little Peter knows the NFL just fine, he loves lurking in the locker rooms :^)

    His articles are always anti us and he injects his “wisdom” at every opportunity since he is a shill for the left. I stopped reading his articles for that very reason. Why a Boston resident would be so liberal…..oh, never mind!

    • Do you ever read his dreck on SI? He knows little about football. Maybe 20+ years ago when he started at SI, but now his MMQB is a travelogue of his bitching about Starbucks, Beer, and the Boston Red Sawx.

  5. I know what to say to those mothers and fathers in Newtown. It’s a shame how certain politicians are using the excuse of your child’s death to attempt to pass gun control laws that would have had absolutely no affect on the outcome of the Sandy Hook massacre. It’s time these politicians are called out for this horrible action instead of actually doing something that would prevent it.

    • To which I would add: Grow up, grow a spine and move on with your lives! Quit feeling sorry for yourself and letting others take advantage of you! Life is not fair, never has been, and never will be! Enough with this culture of victimology. People in this very day and age all over the world are killed by petty dictators, warlords and plain scum.

      And mind you, it was a damn sight worse last century, and the one before that, and the one before that, and so on all the way back to the beginning of history. Better that everyone learns that harsh reality sooner rather than later.

  6. Again, another “ends justify the means” argument. Again I say “even if one is for UBC one should still have been appalled by this bill”

  7. “… and for the life of me, I need one sane explanation on what is wrong with thoroughly checking the background of someone who walks into a store to buy a potential weapon of mass murder…”

    So – Mr. Idiot King wants federal background checks on everyone who buys a pressure cooker? Hey, nobody needs a high-capacity pressure cooker, right? Pressure cookers are the weapon of choice for “Islamic Jihadists” (can’t say “Muslim terrorists”). I mean, those home-canning types are all a bunch of “prepper” nutcases, right? Time to crack down on the Amish!

    “… say something to the parents of the murdered Newtown children…”

    How about: “It’s a tragedy that you let your state-run schools declare themselves Victim Disarmament Zones, which provide a guarantee of easy targets to nutcase killers on psychotropic drugs. Your tragedy could have been prevented or stopped sooner by an armed citizen on the site, but your school and your leftist Legislature did not provide that option.”

  8. How does being shot make you an expert on guns and so called “gun violence ” just because I get hit by a car that won’t make me a mechanic

  9. I passed a kidney stone once, clearly I’m a fully trained urologist. On topic: This is what comes from paying people to talk about sports. They think their rock-stupid opinions actually matter.

    • It seems to work for Hollywood actors. They become crime and defensives experts by attending a minimum of 500 hair & make-up sessions.

  10. The mantra of doing something overpowers doing what is right. The current logic of background checks to prevent mass murder is similar to the following statement.

    Do you walk to work or take your lunch? The only logical responses is no thank you I ride a bike to the store.

    The mindless pushback over the NRA’s logical stance of an armed guard in every school shows elected representatives true concerns. And since they will not speak the truth, I will.

    To the families of all the mass murdered, the reason Congress is at an impass because your dead relatives impose a lower cost on society than using tax dollars to protect them. In addition, we are pursuing legislation that will restrict your ability to protect yourself and your family. We will however continue to fund city, state, federal entities with technologies to further restrict any use of a weapon used in self defense. Please continue to work hard so we can extract 50% of your earnings so we can fund these initiatives.

  11. I’ll say something to the Newtown parents: “I’m sorry no one is advocating for policies that have actually been demonstrated to reduce crime and (in the second case) are recommended by an overwhelming majority of police: abolishing gun free zones and allowing staff and teachers to carry in school.

    None of the other crap the Senate took up would have made a difference. And everyone involved, Biden on down, admits it.

    • not more than 1 week after newtown biden let slip the term “civilian disarmament”…never let a good crisis go to waste 🙁

  12. Parents of Newtown, the policy that helped kill your kids was Gun Free Zones. The only way to stop Lanza was to shoot him in the head as he walked into the school.

  13. I’m surprised that King can talk, what with his lips pressed so hard against Barry’s @ss.

  14. He’s one of the worst football writers/NFL shills around (Kisses Goodell’s buttocks all the time). I can’t stand reading his dreck of nothing. Now SI is going to give him his own website? I typically read the KissingSuzyKolber website takedown of King’s weekly column. Can’t stand him on the NBC Sunday Night Football telecasts. The guy just flat out sucks.

  15. Someone please tell Mr. King that it’s not about crime control , It’s about people control and more government , and WHAT part of ‘ Shall not be Infringed’ can he and others not understand. We are a nation of laws, John Locke said it the law is what it says or we have no laws …. They are God given rights that man must follow , Even the KING is under the law…

  16. Mr. King, the Newtown school board has said something to parents. Board members voted unanimously to install armed guards in their schools. Not federal action, Mr. King. Effective action.

  17. you have to admit…. that’s ALOT of weight… He and Michael Moore probably share Big Macs.

  18. I was a huge sports fan growing up but drifted away over the years, so I missed the evolution of tough Joe Sixpack sports journalists into effete bedwetters. When the hell did that happen?

    • I think the transition of previously masculine men into effete bed-wetters is a pretty common occurrence across the entire spectrum of American culture.

  19. Isn’t there a quoate about sports. Mountain climbing and hunting are sports, everything else is a game. Or something to that effect.

    • Ernest Hemmingway is quoted as saying “There are only three true sports, bull fighting, car racing, and mountain climbing. The rest are all child’s games.

  20. say something to the parents of the murdered Newtown children, whose deaths prompted exactly zero federal action to prevent more mass murders of innocents in innocent public places in the future

    Ok, here it is:

    There is no way for any government to stop all violent crime, even in a totalitarian society. In fact, one of the most catastrophic attacks on a school occured in Beslan, Russia, where most of the restrictions proposed by gun control proponents are already in effect. Restrictions on law abiding citizens do not reduce crime, and restricting the rights of 300 million due to the actions of 1 is not logical. While the shootings in Newtown were horrible, we cannot allow the actions of one crazy person to fundamentally alter the nature of our Republic.

  21. We get these pearls after an all day drinking binge, just step away from the bar & show your hands, it’s for the kids. Him & feinswine make a cute couple, Randy

  22. Sounds like he’s got the same deep thoughts running through his head one might expect from the girls in the swimsuit edition. Although the one in the string bikini has a PHD in biology I think.

  23. Oh Jesus… the Khaki Pants Brigade. This twit has always had it in for the Redskins. I’ve already written him off decades ago.

  24. Yeah, it’s all the Evil Gun Lobby.

    Except I’m not a member of any “gun lobby” organizations and don’t really listen to them much, so I guess the letters I wrote must not have reached my congresspeople. Apparently I didn’t calmly explain the truth about guns to everyone I know, and I didn’t tell anyone to get involved and protect their right to self-defense. And that rally I thought I attended must have just been a really busy day at the city park (for people with guns…and flags…and microphones…and speeches).

    And by the way, Peter, as a parent I’ll gladly look any of the Newtown parents right in the eye and explain exactly why I “intimidated” my national representatives into voting down gun control.

    I’d tell them to ask their school district and their city, state, and national government why it didn’t think their children were worth defending in the first place. I’d ask them what they want to happen when (not if) some new psycho tries to top the Sandy Hook death toll.

    Because I’ll defend my children to my last breath, and the least the government can do is let me do it the way I see fit. Heck, if they had either brains or balls, they might actually *help* by protecting my kids’ lives when I can’t be there.

  25. “I’m sorry that politicians created a school environment that a violent criminal felt comfortable assaulting.”

  26. There’s so much fail in those paragraphs I don’t even know where to start. So I won’t. I’m done wasting my time with sub-human trash.

  27. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I was wounded in Afghanistan when I was in the military. That does not make me an expert on foreign policy. Likewise, Giffords is NOT and expert on policy to prevent “gun violence” because she was shot in the head by a madman. Her voice should be heard, for she knows what it’s like to be a victim; however, Giffords has a Bachelor of Arts’ degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Regional Planning. She is not qualified to be an expert witness, so her opinion is no different than any other American with an opinion on this issue. Personally, I’ll listen to Dr. Gary Kleck, who is a criminologist with the qualifications to speak on this issue with authority.

  28. Stop defending against the “it’s the gun lobby’s fault” meme. This is the best advertisement to join the NRA we’ve ever had. In other words, don’t stop your enemy when he (they) are making a mistake.

  29. I find this fairly typical. The anti-gun ghouls keep shouting out what the laws should be but often don’t know what the current laws actually are.

  30. Just another fool parading on the graves of dead kids.
    Sure “we” care.
    About as much as “we” care about 500 mostly gang bangers dead in Chicago last year.
    Enough already.
    Any civilized society buries their dead, mourns and moves on.
    Time for those “low information” folks to move on back to obscurity.

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