It’ll be extremely interesting to see how this influential tween and teen soap presents the shotgun-wielding Eli episode. Apparently, a break-up leading to homicidal rage is “the story line you’ve been waiting for.” Well d’uh. What kind of story do you think Greek dramatists were writing over a thousand years ago? Dramatists. From Greece. Plays. Never mind children. I’ll be joining you to see what happens—and certainly not for more of that lesbian story line, that made me wish I wasn’t in the room with a certain family member. I mean, can these Degrassi kids sort their gender issues out already?


  1. As you point out, this is nothing new. How old is the “Jeremy” video by Pearl Jam? Old, but nowhere near as old as the Greek tragedies.

    And you’re going to watch that shit? You’ve got a tougher constitution than I do; that show and its ilk make me throw up in my mouth a little bit.


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