Sony Playstation Move Sharpshooter for Killzone 3: How Macho is That?

Why doesn’t this Sony PS3 controller controller look like a real gun? It wouldn’t have cost any more for Sony to give Sharpshooter’s polymer case some muy macho realism. A white gun? Red? What red-blooded male wouldn’t prefer a black gun that look like a gun, rather than a stapler with an albino clown nose? I guess the faux firearm’s aimed at parents’ purses, rather than adolescents’ allowances. So we must make allowances. But what does it say about our society that we’re fighting a war, buying our kids war games and can’t stomach the sight of a “real” toy rifle?


  1. avatar Jamie says:

    That rifle is pathetic, it should look like an AR or AK not some star wars ww2 grease gun.

  2. avatar Tad Pole says:

    I think the idea is to make the gun *Feel* somewhat real, however not look real. The reason being that it is being used by children, as well as adults, and children often don’t excercise proper judgement when it comes to making safe choices. If a ten year old decided to take the *cool looking gun* to school, or the playground, it could end deadly if the police were to mistake the *realistic looking toy* for a real gun. I for one am happy to play with a red gun. Pink would have gone too far.
    OH! and one more note: There isn’t a long lever to control the trigger – it is digitally mapped to the controller (no moving parts connecting them). It should give a longer play life.

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