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According to, a rental truck being used by the crew from Sons of Guns to transport machine guns and pyrotechnics was parked in front of the Dallas – Fort Worth Airport. When asked what the truck was carrying, the driver reportedly mentioned “I got a couple of guns.” Things went steadily downhill from there…

Airport spokesman David Magana says a bomb squad and canine units were deployed when an automatic weapon was found in the truck, parked in an area where troops returning from Middle East stints are greeted.

Other reports indicate that the driver had left the truck unattended. At an airport. With machine guns and bomb-like material inside. While he went inside for something.

A few weeks back I started talking to the Marketing people at Discovery Channel about interviewing Will or one of the other members of the crew for TTAG. Their initial reaction was something along the lines of “that’s great, we can set that up for you!”

Then they saw RF’s less than flattering posts about weapons handling and safety on the show, and I haven’t heard a peep from them since. Their seeming aversion to talk to people even slightly critical of the show makes this next line from the article completely unsurprising.

A Discovery Channel spokesman was not immediately available to comment.

And you wonder why the internet is making fun of them…

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  1. I really do enjoy Sons of Guns. Mainly because it’s comparable to a cheesy action flick. Contrary to their “safety” measures, they seem to all be the most irresponsible, and immature people. Apart from the daughter that is, who seems to know quite a damn bit.

    Not that I’ll stop watching it, but I really think it makes the Discovery Channel look terrible. I’ll stick to watching Deadliest Catch. That’s a REAL damn job. And who can argue with Mike Rowe narrating?

  2. not exactly how that happened the crew member left the truck unattended to go inside and wait for a friend to fly in. As it was a rented box truck towing a SUV behind it DFW DPS investigated discovering a pistol, an Automatic rifle and pyrotechnics inside. He had to leave the truck unattended on 9/11 of a days.

  3. “He had to leave the truck unattended on 9/11 of all days”

    wow,all of this with the elevated terror alet for this past weekend.

    i am a fan of the show, but that is beyond the pale irresponsible.

      • ” work for dhs/tsa its kind of sad that you knew what it was”

        sad that i watch the news and have seen information about it? this is public domain information there matt. at what airport are you allowed to park a vehicle in front of since 9/11? the “heightened alert” was blaring over the tv all weekend on news programs and channels.

        “a rental truck being used by the crew from Sons of Guns to transport machine guns and pyrotechnics was parked in front of the Dallas – Fort Worth Airport,” a bomb squad and canine units were deployed when an automatic weapon was found in the truck.”

        now why would they react this way?

        Oklahoma city bombing was carried out in…. a rental truck
        1993 World Trade Center bombing was carried out in…yep you guessed it.

        sounds like you are the one who is uninformed but i guess those little facts don’t “matter at all” eh.

        • Pretty sure the only tv ‘news’ channel that regularly displays that info is Fox News, go watch the movie Out Foxed. Anyways the fact the you memorize and reley on that info is indicative of the sad state our society is in. Since we’ve been at orange for 60% of the time since 9-11, it would be more credible to say that a terrorist attack is likely because there is daylight.

          I dunno what the rest of you post is about, I only brought up the alert level, and yes OK City had a rental truck and so did the Sons of Guns guys. The Fort Hood shooter had guns and so do you, following your logic, it must mean that have to consider you to be a suspected terrorist.

  4. I’m not a fan of the show, but at least it puts a Happy Face on guns and gun owners, and that’s a good thing.

    • Happy face? Gee, they come off as immature jackasses. A 7 year old in adult bodies that needs watching. “It’s a cannon!”. Give me practice, practice, practice, over a truck load of lead going down range. Not much skill in their hack jobs, R&D, hey, if if works for a day it’s good to go now give me a military contract, thank someone this isn’t how it works, not much skill in in their marksmanship , well give them 100,000 rounds and the side of a barn they are good to go. Reminds me of the difference of fly fishing and using a grenade. Which one would give the better impression to the public? Which has more skill? “It’s a grenade!” I would not hire any of them, a gunsmith job is mostly precious meticulous boredom, if done right. Instead of Red Jacket, should be called Red Flag, their behavior brings to mind the label, Gunsmith Cowboy. I think their problem with the Feds and lost license should tell you something and it is right in character. If this was a show about aircraft engine repair, would you fly in a plane they worked on?

  5. Nothing illegal, regardless of the date, is nothing illegal.

    As to this show, I have given up on it – they try too hard to make it entertaining that it has become a bore.

  6. When they shot up a pair of classic Suzuki motorcycles for kicks I lost interest. I don’t think it’s responsible to glamorize shooting up houses or vehicles, especially classic Suzuki motorcycles with some goofy machine gun sporting a handlebar.
    It’s American Chopper all over again, only poorly produced. I don’t see how this show makes guns or gun owners look like anything except immature teenagers taking huge chances with powerful weapons. People then start thinking walmart sells these things. The impossible deadline, create from scratch soap opera gets old quick too, and the acting , outtakes, and scenarios are getting old as well for ALL of the Discovery channel shows and their sister networks.

  7. I’m not exactly a fan of the show, but the editorial integrity in this particular hit piece is rather pathetic.

    Hey, we don’t like these guys. They’re like FPSRussia, only on TV!

    Okay, so.. uh.. “TV crew truck causes scare”… uh.. add some “anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks”, and voila: Sons of Guns causes 9/11 Terrorism scare!

    Give me a break.

  8. Matt’s comments are getting a bit annoying. Everyone is entitled to their opinions…but his delivery is way off. It actually caused me to stop reading the comments on yesterday’s post regarding 9/11 and gun rights. Just expressing my opinion

  9. PS: Is it not illegal then to park an unattended van full of explosives and machine guns at the airport terminal? Thats good information to know

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