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Time sure does fly when you’re living in a failed state. Somalia recently held its annual al-Shabab sponsored children’s Koran recital competition. And once again this year the winners were awarded AK-47s, cash and hand grenades. I’m not sure if National Talk Like a Pirate Day was observed in Somalia yesterday. If not, they should probably consider it as piracy is about the most lucrative profession to which a Somali youngster can aspire. You have to wonder if the al Qaida-associated group would consider giving extra credit to kiddies throwing in the occasional ‘arrgh’, ‘matey’ or ‘scurvy dog’. Unless, of course, the child is a girl in which case she’s more likely to be buried up to her neck and stoned to death…

Andalus radio, which is run by the al-Qaida linked group, says the award ceremony was held in the town of Elasha, about 20 kilometers from the capital, Mogadishu.

Andalus says the first prize winner of the Koran recital contest received an AK-47 rifle and $700, while the second-place contestant won an AK-47 and $500. It says the third prize winner received two hand grenades and $400.  All of the winners also were presented with religious books. The ages of the children were not disclosed.

Senior al-Shabab leader Mukhtar Robow told the ceremony that children should use guns to defend Islam.

It’s nice to see al-Shabab knows how to reward achievement and motivate the next generation. And that they can look past the famine in the areas they control to give the children something they really need instead of all that infidel-provided food.

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  1. I know this is tongue in cheek, but, please, do a bit of research to see how Somalia has been undermined by its neighbors and western powers. Yes, it has suffered greatly from its own warlords, but much of the misery and instability can be traced to other nations.

    • ? Failed people because they are from African or failed because of this insane islamist regime they have had to live with since 1991 when their centralized govenment collapsed?

  2. “Senior al-Shabab leader Mukhtar Robow told the ceremony that children should use guns to defend Islam.”

    Heartwarming, to know that the truths of the Koran are still being taught even in a failed, anarchistic (almost a) society. When they grow up, the Iranians will give them even better weapons to defend Islam: backpack nukes!

    The Religion of Peace.

  3. Every country gets fucked with by their neighbors and outsiders. Somalia is not alone in that regard.

    Personally I blame religion. Not Islam specifically; all religion. It produces strong soldiers and weak minds.

    • As someone who was raised in a Catholic family/church/school enviroment, lives in one of the bible belts(Baptists here) and catches buckets of it for not being religious anymore, I agree 100%. Religion does a lot of good in most cases, but I would bet that it is responsible for more war and death than gold.

      In Somalia’s case, I believe that even if religion was not involved, it would still be a failed state. The tribal nature that still rules much of Africa is responsible for the lack of stability on the continent. Until Nationalism trumps Tribalism, Africa will have a hard time maintaining stability.

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