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Andrew says this Ruger American is his EDC and he carries it in the pictured soft leather IWB holster. There is some debate whether soft holsters or molded models made of Kydex or leather are the ideal way to carry to protect the trigger and provide retention.

What do you all think?

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  1. Thank goodness the dude has the evidently mandatory pocket watch complete with straps for attaching to your wrist.

    • Thank goodness that dude also had the mandatory pocket watch with strap for attaching to your wrist. Both those guys like the same thing is all, you know, everybody looks the same only different

  2. Since nobody’s asking …

    Were I given a choice, I’d much prefer the daily digest to the pocket dump.

    • Yeah me too…always thought pocket dump was LAME. As is ragging on OFWG…you know the backbone of society and gun rights. Oh well😦

  3. Kydex / molded holster. Like most people, I have bought a LOT of holsters that sit in a box. I finally found Alien Gear, and am done searching They have a great variety of holsters. And very reasonable in price. Their ‘molle’ holsters are cool: you can trade in the shell for one gun, for an entirely different gun, at no charge. I’ve done that. I’ve sold off a couple guns that I had shells for (which attached to the base holster), and sent the shells in, and got new ones in a few days.

    I always carry outside, and I only feel comfortable with a pistol that really is held firmly in place.

    A discussion of holsters is valuable. It might save someone from a long and expensive search to find the right holster.

      • Ah, yes. The holster conversation comes back like a boomerang.

        I would only consider Alien Gear if Stealthgear went out of business.

      • If you’re going to criticize, offer an alternative. Or do you just tuck yours in your waistband?

        • It is illegal in this state to carry a handgun unsecured. This state has constitutional carry but if a law enforcement officer finds you with a handgun stuck in your waistband, no holster your fucked. I’d also like to bring a misconception to some whom may not have the right to a firearm. A Blackpowder Firearm is a firearm, don’t fool yourself on that and get in trouble, check your laws. In this state someone prohibited from owning a firearm cannot legally process a bb or pellet gun that has a muzzle velocity over 620 fps or a rifled barrel. Check your laws. Be safe

    • Honestly, the best advice you can ever give about holsters is you just have to try all styles. I prefer a leather OWB or an all kydex IWB single clip. It’s a process to find your preferred method of carrying.

  4. I wish one day, those that Take Pictures for Articles would use a “Flash”, in order to be able to see the Picture Better. I see Two Possible Items which could be the Holster, but neither are Clear Enough to tell which is which…

    • I wish one day TAG would do 5 minutes of checking before writing statements “trigger protection and retention”. The holster company makes reinforced opening leather holsters and has a stiffening layer with a retention strap on the fabric ones.

      A better question would be is can you get a decent holster for $10. Better yet, spend the $10 and give a review on the holster.

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