Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911 3” 9mm Round Butt Scandium Frame
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Smith’s Performance Center pros have been busy little bees. They’ve just announced a few new guns that will have many of you (us) Smith weenies drooling. First up is a compact 1911, the PC 1911 3” 9mm Round Butt Scandium Frame. Just the thing for concealed carry.

The Performance Center Pro Series SW1911 pistol offers consumers a reliable, single-action pistol in an easy-to-carry configuration, which includes features such as an oversized external extractor, 3-hole curved trigger with overtravel stop, full-length guide rod and round butt alloy frame. Chambered in 9mm with a 3” barrel, the Performance Center Pro Series SW1911 pistol comes standard with rubber grip and ambidextrous thumb safety, white-dot steel sights, and an 8+1 round magazine.

Looking for something in a finely tuned full-size wheel gun? How about a PC 686 or 686 Plus?

The new Performance Center Model 686 and 686 Plus revolvers feature premium Performance Center enhancements for a competition-ready package, such as a speed release thumbpiece for quick reloads, interchangeable sights, and a Performance Center tuned action. Chambered in .357 Magnum and .38 S&W Special +P, the new Performance Center Model 686 revolver is equipped with a 6 round cylinder and 4-inch vented ribbed barrel. The Performance Center Model 686 Plus revolver also features a 7 round cylinder which is cut for moon clips and a 5 inch vented ribbed barrel.

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  1. So we get a 9mm carry piece but no .357 carry piece?
    Make that 686 in a 3″ or even a 2-1/2″ and we can talk.

  2. Get rid of all these ads, I will stop reading if they continue.
    As soon as I click on a story an ad appears, driving me crazy.

    • Haha…

      “Stop making money so I can continue to read your site for free!”

      Good luck buddy. Get an ad blocker like the rest of us and enjoy the best of both worlds.

  3. I would rather see that compact 1911 in .40 S&W. Out of the short barrel the .40 is more powerful and recoil is nor really a factor in a 1911 due to the ergonomics. Some say that with new bullet technology the 40 cal. is trumped by the 9 mm and then forget that the same tech applies also to the 40 caliber and again, a win for the 40 cal. I like the 9 but prefer the 40, I have been shooting it for 25 years as both a cop and as a civilian and I have no complains.

    • I feel this is overblown. They obviously don’t have any issue selling them.

      The pieces look nice imo. I’m always cautious about those 9mm compact 1911’s though it just defeats the purpose so much of the time.

    • Funny, when I go to S&W’s web site and look at the 686+ page, I find no pic of the left side of the gun or any mention of the super safe lock feature.

      But I find them bragging about the lack of a lock on this 442:

      If it costs money to include the lock, if you’re embarrassed to admit the locking guns have the locks, and if you’re not embarrassed to admit the non-locking guns don’t have locks, then why do you make guns with the locks?

      • How should they phrase it?
        “We understand that many people still live in states where their civil rights are curtailed, licensed, restricted and infringed upon – so we make many of our Restricted Civil Rights Compliant revolvers with a key lock feature so your elected Masters will allow you to own one.”
        …actually, that sounds pretty good… 🤠

  4. Nice looking wheelguns, but that 1911 is just hot. I love a compact 1911 and 9mm just makes it better. The 357 mag would be cool for a smith to squeeze into a 1911. Maybe that is in the pipe?

      • If it came in 38 Super I’d have one already.

        And before anyone starts going all ballistician about 38 Super vs 357 SIG, I know. It’s just a huge PIA to reload 357 SIG.

  5. Them damned orange plastic sights are a joke and the non fluted( cost savings) and vent rib makes them plumb fucking ugly. The pistols cool, but 9 mm.

  6. Round butt…not really. They just knocked the sharp edge off a little. Smith does make an E Series commander size 45 with a true round butt.

  7. Stop complaining about the locks, it just makes you seem childish. It took me five minutes to remove the locks on my revolvers, there are videos on line that show how to do it, and removing the lock does not leave a hole in the frame.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people who build their own ARs and load their own ammo nevertheless complain about a lock when it takes less time to remove the lock than it takes to clean the gun.

    If you can take your gun down for cleaning, you can remove the lock. Easily.

  8. I firmly believe 1911’s with sub 4.25″ barrels are nothing but problems waiting to happen. On top of that, 9mm 1911’s have always been hit-or-miss, yet that little Pro Series 1911 9mm sure looks like fun.

    Good thing “wants” don’t have to make sense.

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