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Smith & Wesson is coming to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival! On November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just northwest of Austin), the storied Massachusetts manufacturer will take over the entire BoTW pistol range, a discreet facility boasting 14 lanes of ballistic beatitude. Ticket holders will get their hands on a wide range of Smith & Wesson handguns, from the latest M&P semi-automatic pistols (complete with the new enhanced trigger) to traditional revolvers (from concealable J-frames to game-taking X frames) . . .

Smith’s guns will also be on sale at the Sportsman’s Finest gun store tent. Show special pricing? Wait and see. Meanwhile, click here and get your tickets now. Seriously, with Smith & Wesson, FNH USA, SIG SAUER and other “anchor brands” to be named later bringing the best gun to Best of the West, the [strictly limited] 1550 shooting tix per day will sell out. Early birds, buy before prices rise. Just do it!

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    • “What a funny looking gun! It’ll never sell in California!”
      As far as I tell all CADOJ approved handguns expire 1/1/2016, either revolver or semi
      With micro stamping now required for semi autos, not sure if only new improved models are off list without micro stamping
      A few years ago considered buying S&W M&P 45 ACP in anything but black just for a change, nope, only black approved, same everything just color change kept it off the approved list
      Thank you to Barrett, Ruger, Smith and Wesson for not rolling over like a show dog bitch
      Only a matter of time before micro stamping is required for revolvers

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