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Well, it’s still legal. For now anyway. Who’d a thunk it? RF sure didn’t, but who can blame him given ATF’s track record? Against all odds, the Slide Fire Solutions bump fire stock is still for sale and, according to ATF, still legal. That is until the ATF changes its mind. Again.

But wait, the ATF wouldn’t tell a company something is legal and then change their collective mind after that company’s invested God-knows-how-many thousands of dollars in manufacturing and marketing. Would they? Just ask Bill Akins. If you’re in the market, I wouldn’t tempt fate by waiting.


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  1. Maybe I’m not a die-hard full-auto guy, but I wouldn’t want some sloppy plastic stock on my gun. Neat idea though.

    • Fostech makes a far better product from billet aluminum that is a must on any ak. It is called the bumpski wich is a dumb name I think but it is a true quality product that looks like a quality side folder ofcorse it does not fold but like I said it is a must add on to any ak. I would not put one on my ar platform but thats a whole different animal. They do make a vesion however called the deffender. Fostech is a great company that makes top noch equiptment. They also stand bihind all of their products 100%. They also make the best shotgun ever produced in my opinion the origin12. So yes these plastic slidefire things are just a novellty but the fostech are an integral part of any ak if you want to go fullauto.

    • actually, it IS legal in Mass. at least for now. We were just talking about this at my club, a few guys have one and love it!

        • It’s 100% illegal in California. Posession alone is a felony, and gun stores that possess them or sell them WILL (99% of the time) lose their license to sell firearms in the state. If you think different, you are mistaken.

      • That’s odd to hear they are “100% illegal in California” I spoke with the CA DOJ just yesterday and was told they were in fact perfectly legal in California and the rep even told me the myth about them being illegal was started on Calguns. If you live in California you should just email the DOJ and ask for yourself. It takes about 4 weeks for them to respond but they will call you and answer your question.

    • It’s also illegal for the Federal Government to arm terrorist and drug cartels, but they do it. Anyway BATFE has stated in writing that they do not regulate stocks if they do not mechanically assist the shooter. The plastic Slide Fire and the Aluminum Cobras do not.

      As far as MA law don’t know…

  2. Soooo, if you’re bumping back with your weak hand, how is accuracy working there? Nice shooting into the water though-I wouldn’t want to live any where nearby.

    • i just got one and tried it out the other day.. i have a magpul angle grip just in front of my magazine, and ill tell you its hard to hold it steady for the first shot cuz yes as you asked youre pushing the rifle fwd to fire with your aiming/steadying hand(angle grip good for regular shooting tho). I just ordered a folding foregrip to place farther fwd on my rail , i figured itll be more comfortable to fire with an actual vertical grip. But i like it, its alot of fun. kinda shifty cuz its built to slide but some plastic shim and glue will fix that np

    • I have seen alot of folks shooting ak’s full auto and it looked like the gun owned them they would be all over the place but to be honest with my fostech bumpski wich is aluminum is very controlable and I am 5′ 11″ @175lbs

  3. I think it uses the buffer spring to automatically ‘bump’ back for you, which would be a little more stable than ‘freebumping’. Still not too stable, however. I’ll pass, even though it could be fun for a while.

  4. I have actually been considering one for two reasons,
    1. It would be fun for those times when you have friends over.
    2. You know at some point the ATF will decide they are full auto device and ban the sale of them making the sale price of these skyrocket.

    • If/When ATF bans them they will just make you turn them all in. Just like they did to Bill Akins maker of the Akins Accellerator.

    • Actually, just the opposite would happen. If these are banned or re-classified as full auto they would become worthless. Full auto folks would have no reason to use or possess these and anyone who does not hold a full auto permit will be holding onto a felony.
      Since when are firearms toys?

  5. That looks really cool but I’m willing to bet that if you use this in MA or RI that you’ll most likely be arrested and lose all your guns, even if it’s legal.

  6. Let’s see…

    ($349) + (ridiculous amounts of ammunition being dumped i.e. $$) = (1 really great weekend) + (certain divorce)

    balance that equation and you have your answer on whether or not to get one.

  7. i also was skeptical at first, but had to jump headfirst anyways.Now after some serious range time and 6 slidefire stocks im glad i made every purchase its a win win.It is very controllable after a few outings.

  8. It is amazing how many people will snark something without ever having touched it. Who knows; maybe the hundreds of these sold, together with the ‘fast and furious’ driven “abolish the ATF” movement,” will lead to an FBI take over and an amnesty so the gov can get decent records. When owning a registered mg, always think positively. In fact, it is a good idea most anytime.

  9. For all you naysayers out there. This is the most fun item to use on a AR-15! Its very controllable, I’ve shot a M-16 and the barrel rise is not as much on the AR-15 at all. My daughter and I had a blast on the back side of the farm the other day! Of course I don’t live in a communist state like MA, NJ, NY, or CA. I happen to live in KY where we still have most of our weapon freedoms. Don’t be a hater now

      • we are allowed to have ar-15’s, and i was looking into getting one of these. does anyone actually know if its legal? cant find any answers

        • AR-15’s are legal in canada just restricted. it would be interresting to find out if this is a legal mod though as you would technically be fireing semi-auto just quickly. on the other hand i do believe there are laws about “attachments or mechanical advancements to make the fire arm prohibited or prohibited like” so who knows, best to find a cop buddy and ask them, if they get hooked we may have a chance!

  10. i have one on an AR lower…. the uppers i use are 5.56, 5.45, and 9mil…. the 9mil is the most fun (do to the light recoil ) and the least expensive to shoot…. my shooting buddy has an M16 and my slide fire can dump a whole 32 rd. mag as fast as his M16… is it as accurate as the M16…. of course not !!! is it as fun as the M16…. hell yes !!!

  11. If the slide fire is banned by the ATF and I own a few of them before the ban can I legally sell them to a friend? What would I have to do to sell them legally?

    • If the ATF considers them machine guns, they will be regulated under the NFA which prohibits possession/transfer of post 86 machine guns by non-dealers. To sell them legally, you would need a) to become a dealer, and b) purchase new stocks (which would require a demo letter from a law enforcement organization). The ones you purchased would not be registered and there is no way to do that since you did not manufacture them.

      Dont expect to be able to keep them (legally) if ATF changes their collective minds.

  12. first off isnt the purpose of having the ability to have a gun capable of being a full auto weapon to throw lead at your target I dont believe accuracy is an issue when surefire makes 100 rd clip for the ar in 5.56 rounds and after 100 rounds you havn;t hit what your aiming at you have other issues to work on. second when you buy one of these you sign no paperwork the govt will have no idea you have it so turning it back in really you gonna just give it to them RIGHT!!! and 3rd but not least go to your local court house find your ATF rep there and ask if it’s legal as they are in PA. oh and for richocheting off the water who target shoots at fish

    • If they are banned that’s one thing. That just means no more manufacturing them. You won’t be able to use them at any range, but possessing one won’t land you in prison. But, if they are made illegal own, or most likely classified as a full auto part, then anyone who does not hold that type of license and decides to keep their bump fire are basically holding on to a felony. Maybe you’ll never be caught with it maybe you will. Wouldn’t be worth it if that’s what happens. And the talk among law enforcement and shooters is these will be classified as a full auto part in time, so everyone buying these up are basically buying an illegal firearm part they will have to tuck way back in their closet never to be used again except in very rural area that’s safe to shoot.
      At least be honest with the situation, we all know these will be re-classified soon. I’m amazed it’s gone this long.

      • So here we are in 2014 and they are still legal. I wonder what your cop friends are saying now? I bet you are one of those guys still sitting around saying “just wait” Sorry to tell you but they are here to stay. I love mine.

      • I shoot this very well and very controlled. Great add to the arsenal. This is not a toy. This is a force multiplier. For your range to have a full auto area and ban these is counter productive. How else will people learn if they can’t shoot with it? By the way, the liberal commie camp is that way. <———–. Our community doesn't need closet liberals. Who are you to say what we should have. Shame on you.

  13. $350 is way to expensive for what you get, it is a damn ripoff by money hungry jerks that don’t care about anything but money and know there are enough people who can afford to throw the money away & idiots that will buy it instead of food for their kids just to BE COOL. Neat idea but way over priced.

    • That is the entire idea Brian. To sell as many as they can until it becomes re-classified and worthless to anyone who doesn’t hold a full auto permit, which is 99.9% of all shooters.

      • They are a little overpriced actually. However, has anyone noticed that doesn’t seem to be many used ones up for sale, and when they do turn up, they cost almost as much as a new one. It looks like one could recoup most of their loss that way (for now.)

    • It seems a little expensive for what it is, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than payin $15,000+ for an actual automatic


  15. I can’t believe you still don’t have your facts right. If you bothered to research the whole story of Bill Akins, you would discover the reason he got his bell rung is because he redesigned his device AFTER getting his letter from ATF.

  16. There is debate over these being legal in CA (Although I purchased one and they shipped it).

    I found this on the forum——-

    here is the PC:

    12020 PC.
    (a) Any person in this state who does any of the following is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year or in the state prison:
    (1) Manufactures or causes to be manufactured, imports into the state, keeps for sale, or offers or exposes for sale, or who gives, lends, or possesses any ……, any multiburst trigger activator,

    (23) As used in this section, a “multiburst trigger activator” means one of the following devices:
    (A) A device designed or redesigned to be attached to a semiautomatic firearm which allows the firearm to discharge two or more shots in a burst by activating the device.

    (B) A manual or power-driven trigger activating device constructed and designed so that when attached to a semiautomatic firearm it increases the rate of fire of that firearm.


    • I just ordered one online today. i live in ca. I made calls to california DOJ, they said they didn’t know and for me to call my local district attorney (since they would ultimately be the ones to prosecute me). the DA didn’t know, told me to call a gun lawyer. called the lawyer who told me that he had no idea, and the lawyer told me to call california ATF. I then called the CA ATF, who didnt know and told me to call CA DOJ. this time they gave me a DOJ number for gun restrictions. They were the best help. But the woman from the DOJ said that it was a gray area. She said, “will it draw attention to you if you are at the range constantly? probably”. “could you get stopped by the local police and them confiscate your weapon? possibly”. “you might even end up in the back of a police car”. then she said… ” will you get arrested and go to trial and so on… no”. it was NOT illegal, but might draw negative attention to yourself. she said, ” you just gotta ask yourself if its worth it.

      now the pc 12020 mumble jumble is a croc, and here is why.

      It is NOT a multiburst trigger activator. your rifle is still one round per trigger pull. very important to understand that.

      Also, and this is also very important!!!!! the slidefire DOES NOT INCREASE THE RATE OF FIRE OF THE FIREARM!!!!!

      imagine that you had the rifle in a vise, and you could use your finger, or anything you wanted for that matter, to activate the trigger as fast as you could. see where i’m going with this? the actual rifle rate of fire has not increased. instead YOUR ability to activate the trigger has increased. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    • The CA DOJ has no policy either oral or written about the status. I sell a metal version in kit form and as of about a month ago that was there thoughts on the issue

    • You still have to pull the trigger for each shot. This is nothing like say a 3 round burst where you pull the trigger once and the weapon fires 3 rounds.

  17. Seen This

    Fostech Outdoors, LLC Sues Slide Fire Solutions, Inc. for Patent Infringement of Semi-Automatic Firearm Device

    Indianapolis, IN- Patent attorneys for Fostech Outdoors, LLC of Paris Crossing, Indiana filed a patent infringement suit in the Southern District of Indiana alleging Slide Fire Solutions, Inc. of Moran, Texas infringed patent no. 6101918, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ACCELERATING THE CYCLIC FIRING RATE OF A SEMI-AUTOMATIC FIREARM, which has been issued by the US Patent Office.

    The patented technology is described as “bump fire stocks” which are a device that, when attached to certain firearms, allows the firearm to rapidly fire multiple shots. The complaint alleges that Slide makes, imports, and/or sells a product called “SSAR-15 stock” that infringes the ‘918 patent “when used in conjunction with certain firearms assemblies.” The complaint alleges that Slide actively induces other to infringe the Fostech’s patent and thatFostech.JPG Slide should be liable for contributory infringement because it knows there are no non-infringing uses for its product. The complaint makes one claim of patent infringement and seeks an injunction, damages, costs and attorney fees.

    Practice Tip: The plaintiff here has made a claim of contributory patent infringement, which governed by 35 U.S.C. § 271(b) and is defined as selling or importing a device “for use in practicing a patented process, constituting a material part of the invention, knowing the same to be especially made or especially adapted for use in an infringement of such patent, and not a staple article or commodity of commerce suitable for substantial noninfringing use”
    Personal jurisdiction may be an issue in this case. The plaintiff alleges Slide regularly conducts business in Indiana and the events giving rise to the suit occurred in Indiana. However, none of the specific acts of infringement seem to have occurred in Indiana.

    This case has been assigned to Judge William T. Lawrence and Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch in the Southern District of Indiana and assigned Case No. 1:12-cv-00289-WTL-DML

    • Looks like Slide Fire won as they are still selling them. They have even added more to their website.

      • I’ve offered e-books at Smashwords under the pay what you want model and was susprired at how generous some readers were in their donations. Unfortunately, there’s problems with dustributing to Barnes & Noble any Smashwords e-books that are priced that way, so I had to end the experiment. Still, I think it’s a better model than free e-books, because some readers *want* to make a donation.

  18. Wouldn’t order one online. A local gun shop near me sell’s these.

    COLD HARD CASH. Been thinking of getting one. Not sure how they would know i owned one if they are banned. Hard to trace a cash transaction you didn’t sign anything for.

    just a though

    • They wouldn’t know, you’d just be holding onto an item that will get you a felony if caught possessing or using one. If they are deemed illegal to own or the most likely scenario, re-classified as a full auto part and you don’t hold the proper permit. It will become a mostly worthless item being those that hold full auto status have no reason to own or use bump fires.

      • Make it a machine part? How? A bump fire stock has NO CONNECTION with the fire control system of the firearm.

        In addition they are fun and can now be had for the AR-10, AR-15, SKS, MINI-14/30, AK and Saiga formats

  19. These need to go.

    After years at our local range where full auto has it’s own area and rapid firing is allowed but not appreciated, we have been seeing an increase in bump fires, mainly on AR and AK rifles. At the annual meeting this July where interested gun range members can attend and voice concerns or suggestions, we decided enough was enough and banned these with a majority vote of about 90%. It was in the local paper and the response was all positive. In the last month we have had a larger then usual increase in membership so late in the year, which was surprising being a good number of our newer members this year were bump fire fans. As a military guy and a previous national shooting champion, I find bump fires not only dangerous being any noob can get one, but I find them to be childish like. There are for those folks that need something more then becoming a good shot, or ones who can’t obtain this. I understand it’s “fun” be firearms are not toys and the bump fire is nothing more then a toy accessory added onto a dangerous weapon. That combo along with the majority of bump fire buyers, younger males with little to no firearms experience, is dangerous period. There is no practical use for a bump fire, or a full auto for that matter, on a range or in s defensive situation. They are sold ONLY for the fun factor.
    These will eventually be banned not only from production but for private sales as well. The local FBI groups that shoot at our range now and then have said there is something in the works at the legislative level that will deal with this fad severely and swiftly once it goes into effect, what that is they won’t say and I admit I didn’t like the tone of how they said it but it’s obviously on their radar and measures are being sought to rid the bump fire “loophole”.
    I would never own one, nor would I suggest to anyone to ever get one. These will most likely be bought up by shooters, conspiracy buffs and sales folks alike, but really they serve no purpose and would be more of a hindrance and liability in a defensive situation. I imagine, like one of the FBI said, that the first few cases of drive-by’s and murders with a firearm that had a bump fire attached will be the beginning of the end of this product. It’s not like the manufactures will take a hit, they are bringing in cash hand over fist from people who have nothing better to spend their hard earned money on.

      • If you judge your friends solely on their opinion of bumpfires then you must have a small sorry group of friends.

    • Thank you for being around to save us from ourselves and define the 2nd ammendment for us.

      Glad I don’t belong to your range.

      • You’re welcome Marcy. You have to be able to pass a basic three gun shoot drill to be a member where I shoot, so yes it’s probably best you don’t attempt to shoot here. We have full-auto here in a designated area, just no bumpfires. Like I told another here, bumpfires are for sissies and all they will do is draw negative attention to gun owners and the gun rights issue itself.

        • Yo, “C” Dude with the “anti-fun” attitude. I don’t like you or your style, You seem like a real girly snob to me.
          I fantasize you being that first Slide fire victim!
          I bought three of them and they will stay tucked away for that day when people like you make the world really suck.

    • So C you are telling all of these folks out there that full auto serves no purpose in a defensive situation? I guess the millitary just keeps theirs for kicks. On the other hand I have to agree with you they can be dangerous without propper training. I will also say not everyone should be able to own one but who do you think should be the one to decide who and who cant own them. This is America and Im sorry but the attitude that they have no place on the market is the same as the people saying anything over 10 rounds has no place or for that mater semi automatics. This is a very dangerous attitude just look at history. People do not need asault rifles with 100 round mags right now but noone can tell what might happen in the future and for that my fellow american we need all of the Responcable citizens with all of the proper training as posable. I am not some radical conspiracy nut or anyone that has crazy believes. Im just a guy that believes in protecting my neibors and anyone that might need protection. Therefore I think sure there are idiot gang members out there but there are far more good people. As far as the idiot kids buying these things and coming to yalls range dont you think maybe rather than banning the slide fire stocks you could require they go thru a corse thru you. You being ex millitary I think you could snap some respect into the fact they are not toys and give propper training. Its also a way to make abit of cash maybe two times a month charge ten or fifteen bucks and when you get them in there snap some respect into there intire attitude towards firearms period there are alot of grown up kids that need it too…

    • Interesting post.

      Someone who is clearly an elitist, promoting exclusivity while pretending to be non-exclusive by superficially supporting the 2A, ranting about an object that is simply a hunk of metal. Just because he does not agree with it,
      “these must go”. Not only that, those that own/sell/manufacture one, will be “dealt with severely”.
      This folks, is the WORST kind of gun owner. This is the “Governor” in Walking Dead. I’d rather deal with the lunatics and terrorists because I know where they stand. A liberal will shoot beside you, then behind you, and then you’re gone. Why? Because he knows what’s best for YOU.

  20. The local FBI groups that shoot at our range now and then have said there is something in the works at the legislative level that will deal with this fad severely and swiftly once it goes into effect,

    Really? The bump fire stock has been approved by ATF SEVERAL times and according my last conversation with the Firearms and Technology Branch there is NOTHING on anybody’s radar or any conversation about reversing its position. Even the CALIFORNIA DOJ has no oral or written policy on it..

    • I certainly hope that these do remain legal as they are a lot of fun.
      The BATF doesn’t actually make firearms law. What the BATF does is INTERPRET and enforce the laws that are already in existence. When they approve a bumpfire stock or gadget or whatever it simply means that they have determined (in their opinion) that it is legal according to the current federal laws and won’t press charges against people who own whatever it is unless , of course, they change their mind. (It’s always a good idea to check with them first.) If they determine that a firearm or attachment is illegal in their opinion and it does go to court, if the BATF wins (they usually do), then a Federal court would have ruled on an interpretation of that law and possibly sets a precedent as well. If the legislative branch (Congress) simply makes a law banning them or whatever that is completely different. Then, there would be new laws that determine what is regulated, enforced, interpreted etc. Also, states do have a right to ban items (in their jurisdiction) that are legal under Federal law. So, of course, it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure.

    • I know. It’s a legislative issue and is open for attack. If it’s ever brought up in congress bumpfires are gone.

    • With the Akins stocks, the gun is still semi auto and the hammer resets EVERY TIME, but they were still able to make owning them a felony. I agree they probably won’t be able to call them full-auto, but they can still make owning them a felony.

      • Interesting concept. But what happens when you get to court and you produce a letter FROM ATF saying they are legal. ATF has issued about 6 letters to different company’s, kind of hard to take back and file on someone for it

  21. I’m pretty sure “c” is in love with Obama! What a communist sissy! Good thing we already ran of the British.

      • I know a couple people like you. One has a SBR with a tax stamp and all he does is run down the Sig pistol brace. He’s just pissed off because he paid 200 bucks for a stamp and I have the same thing as he does without kissing the govts butt. You probably have a legal full auto with a stamp and you hate to see someone else having fun with a bump stock when you were stupid enough or pussy enough to buy a stamp because you’re afraid of getting in trouble.

  22. C,

    The fact that you feel the need to tell everyone how great of a shooter you are makes me really not value anything else you say. You may have a point about bumpfires not being practical, but saying they are for sissies? What does that even mean?

  23. Bottom line. Responsibly people like fun and don’t set out to hurt other people. If slide-fires are outlawed bad people will still use the available ones out there or find another way to hurt people; what ever it takes. If not with a gun they will find other means like a bow and arrow or a car!!!
    Remember. Cars don’t kill people;…drivers will cell phones kill people!

  24. I live in a state where full autos are illegal so to own this stock is great because theres no way they can track if you have it and its thousands cheaper than a legal registered full auto, so why not take the chance on it

  25. LOL….if its not illeagal, why would you care if somebody else buys one? I know your not concerned about other peoples finance, so the “waste of money” theory is a joke.
    To think an assult rifle without a bump fire is any safer than with one is just ignorant.
    I dont have a bump fire on my AR nor do i plan to get one. Not Because i cant afford it, i just dont want it. But i dont ridicule people that concider buying one.

    We live in a capitalist society, with a free enterprise. Good for them, i hope they make millions selling a device that people want!!!

  26. Being as I sell an aluminum stock in kit form for almost 2 years I have only heard of one POSSIBLE legal case standing and it is in CALIFORNIA. IT is still a question weather the local DA will really file it.

  27. “C” I am not sure who’s side you are on but, you sure sound like an Elmer Fudd to me. I do not own any variation of this stock but if I did. I would not take it to a range to use it simply because Range Nazi’s like yourself… You should just go to your local police station and turn in all of your “Assault Weapons” or all of your fire-arms for that matter… Now run along and be a good little citizen/boy-scout…
    Support you local Sherriff they are elected not appointed…

  28. If been saving up to buy one of these for an SBR ak 47 project, but all this negative information about it becoming illegal is needless to say… disappointing. And wtf, what’s up with the negative dude trying to ban them at his range? People should have the right to use them if they are legal and as long as they don’t violate the rights of other people.

  29. He/she seems to be forgetting that a lot of people own guns for fun . Can I ask why someone would want a muzzle loader then ? Surly they’re the most impractical form of firearm , but why ? Well people have fun shooting them . And last I checked this America . If you want to have fun you can . Though I admit there is a serious side to guns you can’t tell me you ONLY want that gun for home defense . YOU ONLY WANT THAT TRUCK BECAUSE YOU CAN HAUL STUFF . No , you want that truck to go off roading in . You want it so you can shout ” COMMIE PINKOS !! ” everytime you see a smart car .

  30. If we ignore “C” it will go away. It is simply trying to get everyone worked up and wasting our time replying to it’s infantile rants. It enjoys getting people upset. Let it rant and treat it as a nonperson. If we do this, it will drive it crazy. Please do not respond to anymore rants from this slug excretion (C, this means poop).

  31. Interesting. A group of people who enjoy waving the 2nd Amendment flag, criticizing “C” for exercising his right to the 1st.

    Now, let’s be clear. I disagree with him entirely. I believe that these things are great. I’ve used one, and am seriously considering purchasing one right now(to mount on a .22LR rig, to save cash on the ammunition I’ll undoubtedly burn). I would take it to my local range and enjoy the hell out of it. And yes, I don’t expect it’s ever going to do me much good in a defensive situation, or to improve my accuracy.

    Mostly, though, I shoot because it’s FUN. I hunt a couple times a year, but I shoot thousands upon thousands of rounds at the range purely for recreation. I like to take my long-range rig out and ring the 1000-yard bell. I like to take a bunch of the boys out and blast through a couple of cases of shells and clays. I like to practice mock-defensive shooting drills with pistols and shotguns. Sometimes, I just like to take my .22 out and blow cans off a tree stump. I do all of those things for FUN. And, in my opinion, and the opinion of obviously thousands of others, these things are a blast. And so, I’m of the opinion that if you can safely handle a firearm, you go right ahead and do it, regardless of whether it’s a bolt-action, a bump-fire semi-auto, or a full-auto.

    If my range were to say to me that my bump-fire stock was not appreciated and they were no longer allowing it at the range, I’d seriously reconsider keeping my membership at that range. Because that’s how it needs to work. Vote with your wallet. But if a guy wants to spout off his opinion regarding a product, he’s entitled to that. That he’s decided that use of said product makes one a “sissy”, well, I for one will leave him to that childish, narrow-minded opinion. But I don’t think everyone needs to jump all over the guy for sharing his opinion.

    I’m glad we don’t share a range, C. But if you’re happy with the decision to ban bump-fire stocks from your range, power to you.

    And I don’t think anyone is buying your “Camp Perry has something to do with who I am” and “competitive shooting champion and military guy” BS. If you want to tell us who you are, go right ahead, and let those credentials be proven and work for or against your argument. If you want to remain anonymous and drop hints about your vague, supposed credentials, please keep in mind that you come off like the 16-year-old kid who claims he’s a SEAL Team 6 sniper because he played Call of Duty or watched Zero Dark Thirty too many times.

    • Having sold Bump Fire stocks for several companies I hope you have done your homework. In addition to having sold several hundred of these I have PERSONALLY NEVER SEEN one work on a 22. What I have seen are videos on you tube like everyone else and the research I have done it is not just plug and play. What they don’t tell you is all the work and mods that must be done to get it to work.

      I can tell you that you can’t just stick one on a 22 and away you go, it won’t work and I have tried every 22 ammo on the market including some that run up to 1700 feet per second. After you buy the stock and find it won’t work out of the box you will discover that you will most likely end up changing out the trigger assembly and other fine tuning.

      All of course is if you want to spend several hundred dollars AFTER the cost of the over priced piece of plastic.

      Just my 2 cents

  32. It now appears that as swiftly as the plastic overpriced bump fire stock appeared on the scene it is now on its way out the door. Soon to go into production is the Tac-con drop-in trigger for the AR 15 and the AR 10. This new trigger assembly which drops in and replaces the hammer and the trigger as one unit will be the death of the conventional bump fire stock. The three mode drop-in trigger is made in-house with EDM and CNC components are coated with MP3 and it is BATFFE compliant comes with a three mode billet selector switch. Third mode has a positive reset characteristic semi auto is match grade 4 1/2 pound pull rate center zero take up with no over travel.

    • I just watched everything I could on the Tac-con and while it is pretty smooth, I don’t think it’ll take over the slide-fire/bump-fire market. It appears that the shooters in the vids were firing at maybe 200 rpm. The rate of fire was somewhat errattic and becomming even more so near the end of the magazine (tiring finger).
      This’ll be a different strokes thing. The bump-fire guys will likely enjoy higher cyclic rates (up front) and more relaxing fun. The tac-con guys, probably will enjoy honing their trigger technique and controlled bursts.

      Soon there’ll be a superhuman operating that tac-con in the video, making it look full auto, but the average guy will probably look like the current star of their vid.

    • Wrong Louringe!
      The Tac-con is $500.00 and slower. And now you ARE changing mechanical parts and pushing the envelope of the laws. The Slide fire did drop to $300.00 ea. and free shipping though. (that’s why I bought three). 🙂 As a former military guy who appreciates the auto selection in a SHTF situation, the slide fire is the thing! I don’t waste bullets at “C”‘s range. I keep them tucked away as insurance. If they get so illegal “they” come looking for them, that’s when I’ll re-install mine. Who know’s, they could be worth a grand each soon!

      Oh yeah, the Tac-Cons are not coated in MP3’s, or they would be musical instruments… Tee hee hee!

  33. It worries me that the Tac-con trigger ships with a laminated, wallet sized notice from the AFT saying that the trigger is okay…..

    It’s like a note from your mom saying, “I allow my son, Billy, to be out late at night”. Still pretty add-on IMOH

  34. I have a slidefire stock and they are fun but I leave it lock on single fire mode most of the time and when I do rapid fire I can keep on target and hit 30/30 at 12″ target from 50 yards. There was some slop in the stock but a few shims on me tube tightened it up and my regular adjustable stock fits better to.

    • Hi Mark…if you have the time and don’t mind doing it, I want to pick your brain about SLIDE FIRE. I have been procrastinating over the last year concerning making a purchase; which is mainly due to the fact that I spend about 25% to 50% of my time in and out of the VA Hospital for multiple surgeries and wanted to make sure that I’m not too late to purchase a couple of the stocks & a bit more? If you wouldn’t mind, would you send me an email so I can ask you a couple of questions? Any assistance and knowledge would be very much appreciated. Thanks bud, Shawn

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