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SilencerCo’s Sparrow is one of the most popular cans for rimfire rifles and pistols. I have one and it’s lightweight and rugged enough to last you pretty much forever. But if you want something that’s a next-level improvement in both durability and weight reduction, SilencerCo is turning out a limited run titanium Sparrow-Ti suppressors in honor of their 15th anniversary this year. Here’s their press release with details . . .

SilencerCo is celebrating 15 years in business with the launch of a limited edition Sparrow-Ti. This will commemorate 15 years of the original Sparrow – the suppressor that started it all. The Sparrow-Ti limited batch will go on sale to the public October 30, 2023 through the SilencerCo website. Customers can sign up for an early access list for priority purchasing.

The Sparrow-Ti offers the same iconic features of the original Sparrow with a new spin on materials. Rather than stainless steel, the Sparrow-Ti is completely constructed from titanium. It’s also only around half the weight of the original Sparrow, with the titanium version at 3.8oz. The Sparrow-Ti has a special proprietary two-tone gray and bronze anodized finish for a completely unique look.

“We’re 15-years in, and we wanted to make the most perfect replica of the original version of the Sparrow,” said SilencerCo CEO, Jonathon Shults. “So we went with all-titanium and a custom-anodized coating that’s exclusive to us to commemorate what we’ve done.”

The sale of the Sparrow-Ti also marks the exciting start of SilencerCo’s direct purchasing service. This will allow customers to purchase not only the Sparrow-Ti, but also all other SilencerCo suppressors directly from the SilencerCo website moving forward. Previously, SilencerCo suppressors were only available at local dealers with accessories for purchase online.

Customers can purchase a Sparrow-Ti from for $499 and have the silencer transferred to their chosen dealer via the SilencerCo dealer database. Dealers and distributors must purchase the product through the dealer portal at special dealer pricing.

Those who opt into the early access SMS/email list will receive early access to purchase the Sparrow-Ti before it goes on sale to the public. With only a limited number of these suppressors being produced, the early access group may be the only customers lucky enough to secure one of these elusive Sparrow-Ti silencers.

Product Specifications:

      • Limited edition 15-year anniversary suppressor

      • Completely constructed from titanium

      • Length: 5.080”

      • Weight: 3.8oz

      • Custom two-tone gray and bronze anodized finish

      • MSRP: $499

To sign up for early access on the Sparrow-Ti, go to For more information on the Sparrow-Ti visit

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  1. “MSRP: $499”

    𝗠𝗦𝗥𝗣: $499 + $200.00 tax stamp = $699.00 the real ‘𝗠anically 𝗦tupid 𝗥eprehensible 𝗣rice’ (𝗠𝗦𝗥𝗣) by basically having to ‘buy it from’ the U.S. government by the $200.00 tax stamp.

  2. And those of you who can just “enjoy nice things” and indulge in the registration of firearms… talking out of both sides… “We will not comply!” and “Aw man, check out my new titanium can! I’m putting on my SBR!” you are the problem because you can’t just seem to say NO.

    Unless you are a professional, and another silencer is vital to your work— not “how do I rationalize it” but vital to your survival— then all revenue to the AFT should stop immediately. It should drop to zero, especially in this administration, where the BATFE is being used as a cudgel to make examples of people in the #2A world. Not even the wink-nod cliques where LEOs and the SOT loophole mean anything anymore (See: Larry Vickers, decorated veteran who faces 25 years for sharing machine guns with America…). The AFT is totally out of control.

    The government is not your friend. Stop patronizing them. This boutique stamp collector sht has to end and every single purchase of a suppressor or SBR/SBS professional purchase should end up in the courts to bring us closer to eradicating this idiocy. Not funding and validating the agency kicking down our doors.

    Just my opinion… and it has not been popular over the years, this I know. But stamp collectors, you’re part of problem— not solution. (The brace was part of the solution; not one single SBR stamp should have been registered once braces proliferated. And by keeping SBRs a viable cool boy toy, look what happened…. End systemic braceism….)

    Be safe. Even those who disagree.

    Mort AZ/actual

    • Absolute viewpoints can be useful in combatting tyranny. They can also be exploited by tyrants for heads we win tails you lose scenarios. I would be more interested in how things progress in states where they refuse to get involved in NFA issues

      • Things are currently percolating in the background concerning that issue. It would be nice if effective efforts were made by those who choose to bitch and cry the loudest about it.

        Hey, Mort – I’m talking to YOU – How much of your personal money have you spent on financing those lawsuits that will actually do something about the problem?

        Oh, none? Thanks literally for NOTHING… 🙁

        • Geoff I often wonder about such contributions in various forms when more judgemental posts get made but I also realize it generally doesn’t matter. Everyone has to fight in their own way however they can and if all they can do is to use free posts to try to shame others to do something so be it. I know what I do and how it has increased since Bruen. It may work it may not but I know NY has had to spend millions to address some of the things on increasingly questionable logic (mockery can work both ways). With that said your suggestion below re a list of NFA lawsuits pending is a good one that we have a similar version to for NY

    • I’ll probably get silencers for a bunch of my gunms when I can walk in WallyWorld and pick up a Chinese Sparroe knock off silencer for $59.67.
      Register my gunm or stick cigarette butts in my ears, golly, decisions decisions.
      I vote register all these gunms I’ve bought privately that the .giv has no clue I’ve got. That’s what a smart human would do and if Inwant to be a productive member of society I’d had better dummy down to smart human EQ

  3. Hey, TTAG management –

    Would you kindly consider putting to together an article listing the major legal challenges (with links for donations) to the NFA concerning silencers?

    Seems to lil’ ‘ole me that would be more productive than grown men bitching endlessly about the problem… 🙂

    • …or in my case, a grown man who is mentally 11, or maybe 12 years old, tops.


      (And farting in your general direction)… 🙂

      • If your like 60 or so and have the mental capacity of a 12 year old your good to go on the alzheimers for at least another 122 years.
        Methuselah lived to be 900 years old, he would have made it to 969 but he forgot which direction the sun comes up and wandered around in Joe Bidens pasture until he died.
        It wasnt reported but the cause of death was due to the heart attack he got when he heard the two blast balcony warning shots.
        One of two things, God was wrong when he said man can not live to be 1000 or number 2, theBiden is not a man. I’m more of the persuasion that theBiden is not a man. Cant be the antichrist because the TDS people say that title belongs to Trump. I suppose theBiden is one of those greek gods that never got much air time. But really God of Incontinence really isnt something history remembers. The Greek God of Manure and Kiddy Diddling.
        I certainly am proud of Americas choice for President, how about you?
        Mr. Putin, do you fear the americans president.
        ” Dah, Nyet, it Depends on the oder of things”


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