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SIG SAUER’s new P365-XMACRO takes the modular P365 platform from one extreme to the other. The ultra-popular original P365 packed more rounds in a packable micro-compact than anyone thought possible. Now, the larger, P365-XMACRO allows you to have full-size pistol capacity in a slimmer, more comfortable-to-conceal pistol. Think G43X size with G17 capacity.

Back to the SIG platform…the P365-XMACO, with its XL length slide including built-in compensator, is still slightly shorter (5.2 in. vs. 5.3 in.) and over half an inch less in length (6.6 vs. 7.2) than a compact size P320…while packing two more rounds.

Here’s SIG’s press release on the new optic-ready pistol . . .

SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the P365-XMACRO bringing more capacity, more shootability, and more concealability to everyday carry; the P365-XMACRO packs an unprecedented 17+1 round standard capacity into the iconic 1” slim profile of the P365.

“When the P365 was introduced, it reimagined the possibilities of everyday carry, and the P365- XMACRO continues this tradition delivering more on everything that made the P365 the number one selling, and most award-winning gun in America,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The innovative magazine design of the P365-XMACRO delivers on capacity while maintaining the slim design, making it more comfortable and more concealable than any other 17+1-round pistol on the market. The integrated compensator of the P365-XMACRO reduces muzzle flip making follow-up shots faster and easier to stay on target shot after shot for even more accuracy. It is very simple, like the name suggests, with the P365-XMACRO you get more of everything you want in an everyday carry pistol, and you no longer need to compromise your capacity for concealability or shootability.”

The P365-XMACRO is a striker-fired, 9mm, polymer frame pistol featuring the all-new Macro-Compact Grip Module with a standard 1913 accessory rail, an integrally compensated P365 XSERIES optics-ready slide with XRAY3 day/night sights, and flat trigger. The pistol ships with interchangeable small, medium, and large backstraps and (2) two 17-round steel magazines. The P365-XMACRO is optimized for use with the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics FOXTROT1 rail mounted flashlight and ROMEOZero Elite
Micro Red Dot sight.

P365-XMACRO Specs:

Caliber: 9mm
Overall length: 6.6 inches
Overall height: 5.2 inches
Overall width: 1.1 inches
Barrel length: 3.1 inches
Sight Radius: 5.1 inches
Weight (w/magazine): 21.5 oz
Price: $799

The P365-XMACRO is now shipping and available at retailers. To learn more about the P365-XMACRO or watch the product video with Phil Strader, Director, Product Management visit

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  1. OK, I posted this once but it disappeared. Again. So I’m trying a second time.

    I have an idea. Let’s have another model of gun. We don’t have enough (cough cough)…

    Anyone here old enough to remember when there was only one original flavor of Pringles, or Oreos, or Cheerios, or Coca-Cola, or such? Then came a big announcement that a second offering was being rolled out, and it was successful (Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, Double-Stuff Oreos, Honey Nut Cheerios, Vanilla Coke). Now there are so many flavors being thrown out into the marketplace in the companies’ efforts to remain relevant, it’s absurd (Flaming Hot Jalapeño Pringles, Birthday Cake Oreos, Blueberry Cheerios, etc).

    I’m all for innovation and I’m glad the gunn market is seeing a burst of creativity, but all the new gunns (that are like existing models) and cartridges (that are like existing ones) is starting to cause “consumer fatigue”. At least from me. Announcements like this one above (look! A new Sig! It’s like this one, and that one, but it’s new!) don’t bring much more than a yawn now.

    Maybe it’s just me.

    Wake me up when you have something in the 40 watt range.

      • If you build it out of Unobtanium, they’ll buy elsewhere. I’ve had requests from fellow shooters wanting to buy my 4300 or so round count P322 for what I paid for it, as none are available.
        Marketing always seems to ” jump the gun” ahead of production / distribution.

    • I agree with the overall idea you’re advocating, but I think this is a step in the right direction, away from consumer fatigue. Having one product that can adjust to meet a broad spectrum of needs across a whole market segment is the opposite of oversaturation with “different” products that basically do the same thing.

      SIG has been advertising this idea for a long time, and I’m glad they’re finally starting to act on it.

    • Most of what’s called “innovation” today should properly be called “iterative improvement”.

      True innovation is hard. It won’t be enough just to come up with a hot new product design, you’ve also got to provide support for it in the form of replacement parts, servicing, and quality control. One reason new cars cost so much is that they don’t just have to cover the cost of their initial construction + some profit, they also have to cover the cost of 20+ years of spare parts and servicing that go into supporting them.

      “Fake” innovation by pushing iterative improvements on an existing design, where much of the support structure already exists, is both easier and cheaper.

      • drednicolson,
        I agree with your overall point, but I’d caveat it with the overwhelming historical fact that – while revolutionary change impresses collectors and guys who read history of technology for fun – “true innovations” almost always begin as terrible products by any subsequent standards. The vast majority of useful, practical, safe and effective products arise from periods of evolutionary, iterative development.

        • Glock and Porsche 911 designers have embraced evolutionary development. It seems to be working out.

        • Dude,
          Most automakers have, and a huge majority of customers would rather trust their lives to “boring” iterative cars than the first of anything.

        • Yes, that’s another reason “true innovation” is rare these days. You do the hard part coming up with the original ideas, but the people who come later and build on your ideas are more likely to achieve lasting success. The pioneer does the most work for the smallest profit. So why be a pioneer?

        • drednicolson,
          Nowadays the most likely motivator to be a “pioneer” seems to be patent trolling. Some sources claim the same about Sam Colt.

      • If the grip module is compatible with the xl slide and NY ever gets normal capacity magazines it could be an option for light jacket carry weather without having to buy a new gun. Honestly more interested in the magazines as thay has some potential for smaller frame higher capacity options.

        • “…and NY ever gets normal capacity magazines it could be an option for light jacket carry weather…”

          It’s coming, sooner rather than later.

          And the Leftist Scum ™ will “Cry, cry cry, all the way home” :

    • I agree. I normally scroll over all the new micro 9 announcements without even thinking about it.

      Innovative, ground breaking, new, improved, penultimate, game changer.

      All things a new micro 9 is not. Every press release from every company is the same.

  2. Kinda weird looking. The grip looks longer than the slide.

    Kinda like the 43x but with more bubble gum.

    Good thing they added the compensator to tame the horrendous recoil of 9mm.

    I’m sure it will sell like hot cakes.

    • It’s meant to tame the one remaining argument of Fudds who not only project their own inability to control a P365 onto everyone else, but also have the audacity to insult the strength / manhood of everyone who can (“Hurr durr, can’t you carry the extra weight of X?”).

      Now that there’s a pistol that is not only smaller, lighter, holds more rounds, but actually kicks less too, maybe they’ll acknowledge reality. Probably not, though.

  3. Almost like there was no point to the standard P320 to begin with! But now Sig is screwed because this will sell while the old P320 models will collect dust but they will still have to manufacture them to for the military. They literally phased out themselves.

    • I agree the P365 is a much more suitable platform for modularity than the P320 (because SIG’s methods, at least, make it possible to make a small gun big but not the opposite).

      That said, I wouldn’t call the P320 pointless. I’m sure there is some military round count or other durability test for which the chunky P320 is more suitable than the pared-down P365; it’s just that 99+% of private owners will never reach it.

        • Pity, I wonder how the 365 magazines could be redesigned to the 40/357 sig footprint and what the analog pistol would look like. 320, g31/22 or whatever the s&w or various other options available for now it is then.

        • SAFE,
          Part of the reason the P365 is so compact is because it was purpose-designed around the 9mm cartridge and therefore doesn’t need a bulky slide or room for fatter magazines. A “P365” made for those cartridges would basically be a P320, except maybe with a lower bore axis.

        • Ummm in my case it’s more an exercise in laziness as I don’t want to go through registering another pistol to be added to my license if the capability to use a larger grip/magazine with the relevant slide and barrels can be produced for the 365 fcu. Honestly the 320 is one of the best options for the way NY handles pistol ownership if you want more than one pistol size or caliber.

        • That is one of many good reasons to love and want a truly modular pistol, even in a free state. I’d love to 4473 once and then shop for the rest of my needs online.

        • Agreed and I can see it becoming more common for custom frames/grips as additive manufacturing becomes cheaper and more effective/efficient for materials involved. Also I think 80% fcg’s were a thing for a while but not really a good option here in NY with the way we handle rights.

        • SAFE,
          I understand, having retired from the CSSR to what I thought was one of the freest states only to get hit with a “Ghost Gun” law soon thereafter.

    • I assumed they weren’t in a hurry to put this out because they didn’t want to mess with their cash cow, the P320. Ultimately, I think this will just hurt the compact P320 sales. It might be a way to attract more people, outside of regular Sig customers, into the 365 line. The goal is to get them in, and keep them there with constant new tweaks to the platform. You can have multiple firearm configurations with one background check.

      • Dunno. P320’s come with far better optics, R1Pro is vastly superior without question. Despite all the hemming and hawing, the far more modular nature of the P320 still wins out.

        There is no separate modular FCU on this, or any other P365, which is why the P320 is physically wider & taller. Although you can’t seemingly make some come to understand the simple fact that this feature alone makes for a larger overall package.

        Accordingly, there are those crow about it as though it’s heresy when physics is largely an inescapable solid fact. Not sure why they are visibly so emotionally invested in what gun someone else buys….

        • “I think this will just hurt the compact P320 sales.”

          I should have said it will only hurt the compact P320 sales, as in, it isn’t really competing with the other P320s.

        • Not only does the P365 have a modular FCU, but it’s milled from solid steel – a construction method generally regarded as bulkier than the P365’s thin stamping. It’s what makes the original, XL, and Macro interchangeable; I’ve changed mine.

          But please continue to lecture us on your physics theories, er, “inescapable solid facts”🤣 and how they explain what we’ve all been missing. 🙄

        • True, they are self cannibalizing and undercutting their own product stack. Not exactly the wisest of business moves.

          Pulled out a tape on my Xcompact (RXP) which is the current favored soup du jour of the P320 compact line and what they should be comparing against.

          I see why they didn’t, same specs mostly overall, but the length is 7″ instead of the quoted 7.2″. Makes the difference a bit less impressive sounding than “more than 1/2″ less length” I suppose. Deceptive marketing drivel.

        • Yeah, I cross pollinated 2 different convos, this one and a P365 vs. P238 buying decision. Had to bust up a group casing the neighborhood, and deal with LEO’s giving descriptions in between starting to post, and completion.

          Physics comment meant to apply to being incapable of stuffing .45 or .40 into the same physical space as Luger. Should’ve proofed my comment, but was interrupted by official authoritative knocking on my door, and smashed the post button w/o in my re-reading.

          You argue both ends of the same argument as both being negative all the time. Can’t have it both ways, and that is both deluded and disingenuous.

          Secondly, every other post in every single P320 thread is filled with your pedantic OCD rants. 10 posts in this very thread, over 1/2 of the entire posts in the last, likewise the previous. You sure have a load of vestment in the subject. Makes one probably many wonder.

          Oh, really. So being built to creep in under Military budget requirements where milled will not fit the bill for the purpose it was designed for is a negative. Got it. Clown world. :/

          It passed .mil req’s for durability with excessively high round counts (as you noted yourself), and then you dismiss that as being not needed. Then disparage the very same FCU for not being milled because it’s not as strong. Hypocrisy much? 🤣

          The only thing consistent about your arguments concerning the subject is the Minor/Dacian level inconsistency of your points, and I could go on with many other examples, but I don’t have all day to dress down all that b.s.

        • Cool story. It wasn’t “pedantic” to call you out for resting your entire condescending argument on the exact opposite of the factual truth (separate FCU), because it wasn’t a detail, opinion, or oversight.

          “disparage the very same FCU for not being milled because it’s not as strong”

          How is calling a milled FCU “bulkier” disparaging a stamped FCU? In what language is “bulkier” a superlative, or even positive term?

          “excessively high round counts (as you noted yourself), and then you dismiss that as being not needed”

          By definition, anything “excessive” is not needed. Second, while there is probably some round count (in the mid to high tens of thousands) where a P365 may start to go out of spec, it is a widely documented fact that most civilians will never reach it. Even in the conventional military (which doesn’t use pistols as Vickers Guns, but as last-ditch defenses – i.e. very rarely) hitting that round count would require persistent gross mismanagement by armorers (qualifying a unit with the same non-rotating handful of pistols every time) for years.

          I think P365 modularity is a good idea simply because it’s easy to make a small pistol larger and impossible to make a big one more compact. In the previous thread, your argument was that – since you can conceal a P320 – nobody ever needs anything smaller. Not only tens of millions of customers – but even SIG themselves – emphatically disagree, so now you’re down to ad hominem BS about my comment numbers.

  4. I like that the grip is a little wider which is the main complaint I have with the P365 series but I have no use for a P365 model almost as tall as a Glock 17. I hope SIG offers similar grip modules for the P365XL series wit 12 round capacity.

  5. “I’m all for innovation and I’m glad the gunn market is seeing a burst of creativity, but all the new gunns (that are like existing models) and cartridges (that are like existing ones) is starting to cause “consumer fatigue”. At least from me.”

    Well, as soon as Sig’s patent runs out, (if their drop-in trigger group concept was patented, that is) everybody and his brother will be producing compatible chassis to drop their module into.

    I get what you’re getting at Haz, but I got kinda pissed-off when that Leftist Scum ™ awhile back made the comment on camera (something along the lines of) :

    “We don’t need 27 different kinds of deodorant”.

    F-you, Leftist. Let the free market decide how many kinds of deodorant. I don’t want government (or anyone else but deodorant or gun companies) making that choice for me. If I decide I want to explore a new or another type of gun or deodorant, I’ll spend my money if I want. If no one buys it, it’s my loss, not yours.

    When it gets down to it, this a first-world problem. As Yakov Smirnoff once said, “What a country!” 🙂

  6. Glad to see they’ve made another option out there. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    I can see the appeal as long as you don’t already have a larger gun. Or maybe you do but you like the thin profile.

    I won’t pick one up personally, but that’s because of my previous acquisitions. I’d at least give this one a look if I was newer and didn’t have what I needed yet.

    Will be interesting to see how 320 sales go after this though.

    • I have service-carried concealed .38Special, .45ACP, and 9mm handguns. My now personal-carry concealed is the Sig P320 in 9mm. Never thought I would use a 9mm DAO 320C Carry as my all time favorite. Trigger pull is consistent and very manageable, as is the slide charging, for my 80-odd year old hands. Accuracy, trigger-pull, and recoil is very, very good. Conceal-ability is better than the S&W, the Kimber CC2, and the Beretta.

      • I hope I can still carry when I’m 80. Hell, I hope I can still walk when I’m 80. God bless you!

        • I still stay proficient in my old firing range drill wearing suit coat; sweep coat, draw and fire 3 rds in 3 seconds, 2 center of mass, 1 head or groin. Most were/are fired less than that. Still get 45-48 shots on target. My local range master once castigated me on that and said that’s “cowboy shooting” which infuriated me because a “cowboy’ was some wild-card shoot-anything (Lt Byrd, DC Police, or rogue FBI agent, of which I know more than a few). That course of fire was 50 rds at 7-yds, the distance at which most shootings occur.

  7. The 17 round mag is shorter than their 15 round mag. I predict Sig will discontinue the 15-rounder now.

  8. So they took a P365, made it bigger, added a pic rail, and gave it 17 round mags.

    That’s just a P320 with extra steps.

    • A P320 is fat, and cannot be made skinny (or compact in any meaningful way). A bigger P365 can be tiny again in seconds.

  9. One thing that I think is being missed here is The reason this X macro is shorter than the XCompact is because of the lower bore axis, not because the 17 round mag is shorter than the 15 round mag. Interestingly, the gun height that really matters is the height from the bottom of the trigger guard to the end of the magazine, as this is what will determine how much of the gun prints. And I know almost for sure that the XCompact will print less than this. It will be fatter for sure, so it will depend what your priorities are.

  10. “The reason this X macro is shorter than the XCompact is because of the lower bore axis”

    No. The slide sits on top of the magazine regardless. For a magazine of a given length, a pistol with a higher bore axis (more plastic in the frame between your thumb and the slide) will have a shorter grip (less plastic between your thumb and the baseplate), but the overall height will still be determined by the height of the slide plus the height of the magazine.

      • T-Mass,
        No problem! What you wrote seems intuitive at first, and I’ve seen people say the same thing in other reviews and comments on this pistol.

  11. This is like convergent evolution (where everything turns into crabs).

    They’re basically evolving this gun into the peak form – Glock 19.

  12. Is it even worth upgrading to X macro if you already own a standart P365? I feel like after reading a whole bunch of stuff and watching videos online, it’s not really. I’ve had my p365 for like 2 years now, it’s my absolute favorite, but I don’t feel like paying 800$ for a minor upgrade is really worth it… had a pretty good review of OG P365 btw, so did InrangeTvs and ForgottenFirearms ones 😀 )Definitely a consideration if I’ll be looking for a new handgun to add though…

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