Jacksonville Landing Mass Shooting Video Games
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Details are still emerging from this afternoon’s mass shooting at a Jacksonville, Florida video game tournament. The event took place at an area called the Jacksonville Landing, a waterfront venue for all types of public events such as concerts, festivals, etc. As is the case in well over 90% of mass shootings, the Jacksonville Landing is a gun-free zone.

Here’s the relevant section from the Landing’s rules of conduct:

Jacksonville mass shooting landing gun-free zone

So just to recap, carrying a firearm on Landing property is prohibited. As, of course, is murder. And yet those prohibitions didn’t affect the shooter today.

It’s a good bet that no one attending the video game tournament was armed, even in the state with the most concealed carry licenses in the nation. Why? Because licensed gun owners are, by their very nature, assiduously law-abiding. And that means there was probably no one in the crowd today who could have responded in a defensive way when the shooter opened fire.

We’re sure to hear plenty of calls for still more restrictions on the sales, ownership and carrying of firearms in the days and weeks ahead. Will Florida’s legislators enact still more common sense gun control laws? You can be sure many of them will try. Again. Renewed efforts to enact an “assault weapons” ban and magazine capacity limits seem like a good bet.

The only thing we can be perfectly sure of is that nothing Florida’s lawmakers or governor does or says will do a single thing to prevent another shooting like this in another gun-free zone. And so it goes.

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  1. As usual, the GunFree sign was ignored. In this case by some asshole pissed off about losing a damn video game. 🙁

    And the usual people will demand more gun control for the next couple months.

    • We now need a call for banning video games and public gatherings. Had this video game not been created this would of never happened. We need to blame it on the game not the gun. The game turned this scum to the gun. People just suck

      • That’s the problem with toxic masculinity. Why does there have to be winners and losers? Everyone should win. Ban all games that don’t allow everyone to have fun. Stop this toxic masculine bullying known as “competition.” Let’s relabel it from “eSports” to “eFun.” This will finally open the door for females so they no longer have to play in girls only tournaments.


        • Pretty sure “video game tournament” would define “diversity” by allowing a useless couchslug to “play”. Something/whatever this crap is.

        • Bullshit that’s the problem. Everyone doesn’t need a participation trophy. “toxic masculinity” more Bullshit for a head full of mush. Winners and losers in life. The best win. What college professor filled your head with that crap?

      • Why are repeat shootings like this worth discussing anywhere other than with a legislative body that has the authority to strike-down ‘Gun Free Zones’. All I ever see happening on sites like this, with topics like this, is a brewing venue of disagreement that results in –exactly what?

        If the TTAG community (at large) is aware of what any –Gun Free Zone– offers, and you are not required to be in attendance within that zone, why not simply stay far away from those Gun Free Zones?

        It is just that simple.

        I’m not sure this incident or any other like it is worth discussing online –with the exception of generating a plan to either stay away or, in the case of a required presence on your part (within such a zone), –how the He77 to get out of dodge when someone’s cheese slips off someone’s cracker, and they begin offensively shooting real people in public.

        My thoughts/opinion on this.

        • In depth discussion can lead to a stronger intellectual argument and cohesion. The Left spend a lot of their time honing their tactics amongst each other. The Right spends too much time dismissing and trying to only use numbers. There is a reason why the Left are winning.

      • You really sound like some liberal nut job. HOW ABOUT BLAME THE SHOOTER. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GUN OR SOME FOOLISH VIDEO GAME. PLACE THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS. I’m glad they didn’t interview you on CNN or MSNBC.

        • Really? I agree, say, think the same way. I carry concealed everywhere I can, which seems to be getting less and less. I use to work very closely with law enforcement. I feel that I should be trusted as much as they to carry. The gun isn’t the problem, its the assholes that choose to use it to get their point across, no matter how trivial, stupid or whatever else you can call it. I carry all the time, I’ve paid my money to do so, I’ve never committed a crime that would stop me from lawfully carrying. Its simple really, let all of us trusted to carry do so and 1 or more of us will be around to help stop or minimize a mass shooting. So, I guess a mass shooting is when 4 or more people are killed. Let us do what we are trusted to do and maybe we could cap the guy and not reach 4 shot, unless he does or doesn’t count as 1. I think it’s totally bullcrap. Part of me does think that maybe we, the public would be better off not knowing about these shootings – especially when some are just conspiracy anyway. Some of this crap is made up just so sides fight about something to keep our attention from something else we should be seeing or talking about. On the other hand maybe we all should bitch about gun control just so there can be a division of people. All of this is about OUR rights being taken away. Death sucks, so hate the Grimm Reaper and not how the person met him. Focus all your pain towards the death, period. If not a gun it would be something else. When your # is up its up. How else can you explain the prison system being full of A Holes that deserve death and we all sit out here waiting for our # to be pulled?

          A thought from the other side of the coin.

  2. And how do they enforce the gun free zones? metal detectors? dogs? pat-downs/frisks?
    No…they leave it up to people to be honest…
    Never seems to work…

    • There is a large arena, named after a big company, in my city. It hosts various shows like concerts, basket ball games and rodeos. The only one we attend is a top professional level horse show jumping event.

      This year, they implemented airport grade security including metal detectors. They wouldn’t let me take in my 3″ pocket knife which is too short to qualify as a weapon. Bags had to be transparent even though vendors were putting purchases into opaque shopping bags. Women’s purses could not exceed 6.5″ x 4.5″. There was a steady stream of show goers taking stuff back to their vehicles after being turned away by security.

      We won’t be going in the future.

      • And yet a couple of years ago we went to the Coca Cola pavilion in Atlanta. The line to get in could not have made a better target for a mass shooter or a suicide bomber. I was very uncomfortable there like a sitting duck during the long wait. Because I had assumed it was a GFZ I left the handgun in the car but forgot to remove the not too small folding pocket knife (3″ blade, plastic handle). The entry had a metal detector. I emptied my coins and keys into the bucket and left the knife in the pocket. I walked right through. One of the largest companies in the world creates a target-rich environment and then cannot administer the metal detector. It makes me wonder if a small polymer .380 would have gotten through, with mag(s) and rounds coming in separately. A determined jihadi group would probably have found it easy to defeat the detector.

      • The only way is to ban clothes. Public nudity to be required for all persons with a few exceptions for police, fire and EMT who require “gear” to do their jobs.
        Those who insist on wearing clothes MUST BE LICENSED with a valid reason, clothes are “may issue.” Anyone wearing clothes might be armed.
        Exceptions for weather below 10 degrees C/50 degrees F or heavy rain as long as the clothes are transparent.
        The public can demand that the grossly obese can be required to obtain a license and wear opaque clothes such as a mu mu or burka. Religious exceptions will be made, but the Garden of Eden was nude, so it is God like to go nude. Any claim of right to modesty or prudence can be heard in a court of law with full rights for all stakeholders to appear. Thus rapists, child molesters and prudes will all have to be heard and any claims given due consideration.
        How much of this is seriously intended has yet to be determined. 😉

  3. Sorry to be the spell-checker du jour, but “Sight” in the title of the article should be “Site.”

    Otherwise, I am in total agreement: gun-free zones work only if you believe that bad guys with guns won’t be bad guys with guns because of a sign.

  4. Um… why is “possession of a weapon” included under “Violations of the Law” section? Their prohibitions carry no force of law. The Jacksonville Landing was built by a developer, sold to another developer, and is nothing more than a public shopping/dining/entertainment venue.

    Dan’s comments about licensed gun owners being assiduously law-abiding notwithstanding, if I have business that takes me to the Landing, the property owners can take their prohibitions and kindly go piss up a rope. I will carry there like I carry everywhere else that is not specifically prohibited by law and/or has metal detectors to prevent me from doing so.

    • The shooting happened in a bar. Unless they changed the law, it’s illegal to carry in a bar in Florida.

      • I’d check the public records on the license, that ‘bar” might have a restaurant liquor license

        In Washington DC the law allows carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. It became a funny issue since most of the actual bars, which fit legal detentions of bars, have restaurant licenses, not bar licenses. this since restaurant alcohol licenses are less expensive and allowed in areas where bar licenses might be more limited. the DC alcoholic beverage commission allows bars to bend the law and operate with restaurant licenses

        • As I understand it, a restaurant liquor license in Florida has a stipulation that food must make up at least 51 percent of the sales…

        • @ geoff the point is those requirements for bar vs restaurant licence are frequently ignored/lied about.

          The place in question maybe a bar yet have a restaurant licence — lots of bars do. Bar licences are harder to get, often with zoning issues as well so Lots of bars are actually holding restaurant licences and it is legal to carry in them.

          Again in DC there are a huge number of business everyone knows are bars or nightclubs but that actually operate under restaurant licences and therefore are legal to carry in despite a carry ion bar prohibitions.

          I gave the example of DC not as an outlier but as a common issue in most cities and many other jurisdictions. if you live in a state with a bar carry prohibition check the actual licence of your local bars — you maybe surprised to find they are “restaurants” and perfectly legal for you to carry in.

  5. I hear Disney has been using gun-sniffing dogs to ID gun owners/lawful CCW holders on its Disney Springs property which isn’t a theme park, just a bunch of restaurants, bars, and shops, much like the property described in JAX. A friend of mine got made by the canine and was promptly approached by a Disney castmember playing the role of “Manager.” He was backed up by some uniformed LEOs who stood by in case his request/demand that my friend leave immediately wasn’t honored. My friend was entirely cooperative, though understandably miffed. Before asking him to leave, the manager asked several seemingly irrelevant questions such as what kind of gun was it and if the gun was loaded. My friend had no problem answering him, “Smith & Wesson Shield. And yes of course.”

    • ” Before asking him to leave, the manager asked several seemingly irrelevant questions such as what kind of gun was it and if the gun was loaded.”

      Sounds to me like he was a Progressive who claims to hate guns, but is very curious about them.

      With a proper introduction to them, he may turn pro-gun.

      Who am I kidding? Even if he did, he would demand “common-sense gun laws”, and vote that way…

    • Sounds like he might’ve been legitimately curious about guns, maybe even a fan. God knows I did stuff I didn’t really care for when I was a Cast Member at Disney World. I’d be surprised if they had gun sniffing dogs though, not that I would put it past Disney Inc trampling on rights but the “magic” would kinda be dispelled when you have a dog labeled “GUN/BOMB SNIFFING DOG” going about sniffing the guests.

      • Not crazy about going to The Rat House, but if I do go, the next time I’ll be wearing the same clothes that I just wore at the range. Just to test the waters, for the children……

      • “I’d be surprised if they had gun sniffing dogs though,…”

        I wouldn’t be surprised.

        I have heard that the Orlando, Florida ‘Pulse’ nightclub shooter and his wife had been acting very oddly at Disney World and Disney’s security had picked up on the behavior. Looking like they was ‘casing’ the place.

        They couldn’t do anything about it since they didn’t do anything at the time. But it set off red flags for their security.

        I have to believe Disney takes security far more seriously than is apparent to the ‘guests’. They have far to much to lose if they were attacked. It also wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Disney has their own ‘rapid response team’ in the park ready to go if needed. And a serious team, employing ex Navy SEALS or similar…

  6. Staged False Flag!

    Huge “Tells” to watch for to see if it was Staged: 1. No HD, time stamped, start to finish videos of alleged “Shooting” ( And No…Audios from a “Live Stream” don’t qualify )!

    2. Watch to see if “Shooting” was Conducted with revolver/pump action shotgun. Why is that a “Tell” because Firearms with more than four rounds capacity is the next target for Gun Control legislation.

    Every single “Assault Weapons” Ban now pending in the US House/Senate ( Including David Cicciline’s and Dianne Feinstein’s ) Tries to reclassify every Firearm capable of Firing more than 4 rounds consecutively as an “Assault Weapon” an thereby BANNED…That would mean virtually ALL Hand Guns!

    Also, no “Coincidence” that today in Sprinfield Massachusetts, David Hogg was staging his protest march at Smith and Wesson. This “Shooting” is timed a little too perfectly with that march and Hogg’s six o’clock news press conference.

      • Until the Broward County PD explain why 23 domestic violence calls on the parkland shooter didn’t end in an arrest that would’ve precluded the shooter from buying that AR I’m gonna spot this ‘mental midget’ full legitimacy

        • Because the Parkland shooter was a kid at the time, and the calls were on the adults in the household, not him.

        • @ VerendusAudeo

          That’s a fat neg buddy. “CNN used a public records request to obtain a sheriff’s office log, which showed that from 2008 to 2017, at least 45 calls were made in reference to Cruz, his brother, or the family home.”

          Familiarize yourself with the Promise program. Those 17 are dead because of Barry O.

        • Because the Parkland shooter was a kid at the time, and the calls were on the adults in the household, not him.

          No. More than half the calls were on him, and the FBI has every right an ability to investigate a kid just the same as investigating an adult. The FBI has affected arrests of lots of 17-year-olds, 16 year old and indeed 14 year olds.

          I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theories, but there is no doubt the parkland shooting was failure of both FBI and local authorities to apply laws practices and procedures already in place.

    • Was there any evidence and probable cause on any of these domestic violence incidents? I haven’t see the public record request. Do you know more or just what you posted? Because I can tell you every PD or SO on FL has residences you always have to go for some sort of domestic or disturbance. If there is no probable cause and if it is a family disturbance (verbal argument) rather than domestic violence with battery, assault or something else (domestic violence in itself is not a specific crime per FL statute) then there is no arrest.

      • There were two dozen incidents. when you have a half dozen at the same address and minors there, a serious investigation is typically opened

  7. I wouldn’t be carrying there, since I wouldn’t be caught dead at a video game tournament.

    If there’s a fight at a Scrabble tournament, nothing is exchanged except harsh words. Presumably, they’re spelled correctly.

    • “video game tournament” likely DOES meet the standard of “stupid places” AND “stupid people” giving a 2 of 3 so stay away.

      • You must not understand the current economic environment for young people. I know of people who make a lot of money playing video games and streaming on the internet. I see is a lot of kids driving super cars with that internet/gaming money. A normal neighborhood with a bunch of super cars driving around.

        • nonsense. A very tiny minority of gamers make any money and almost all of it with endorsement, product placement etc, — Not winnings.

  8. Sadly, the “This was a gun free zone is it still occurred” argument serves only to reinforce the anti’s “BAN ALL GUNS!!! (FOR THE CHILDREN!!!)!!!!” argument.

  9. Re: das Hogg= “backpfeifengesicht”? Anyone?.. anyone want to translate?..anyone who can translate? All in good fun, we all could all use some good fun right about now. Right. 30

    • “A Backpfeifengesicht is the word for a face you don’t like – to be specific, a face you just want to slap or punch”

      Basically, a punchable face. Google is your friend (sort of)

  10. I’ve discarded my belief that the anti-gun leaders are simple-minded, or naive. Their arguments don’t stand up to even light scrutiny.

    “Only police should have guns” BUT concealed carriers commit fewer crimes than police and in many cases are better trained.

    “Banning guns will save lives” BUT they argue vehomently for as many abortions as possible. ALSO banning hasn’t worked for alcohol, cigarets, illegal drugs or even illegal aliens. ALSO the same gun banners regularly release violent criminal illegal aliens into public rather than deport them. ALSO anti gun leaders are not shy about hiring ARMED security for THEMSELVES. AND they are totally against ANY law enforcement personnel and PRO violent criminal. The only logical conclusion is that they WANT violence in their communities.

    At this point it is clear that the leaders of the anti gun movement have another agenda which they cannot fulfill while law abiding citizens have access to firearms. History ignored is history repeated.

    • They can’t be sure that they can kill us unless they disarm us first.

      What? You don’t think they want to kill us? Think again.

    • It’s not the illegal aliens that don’t commit crimes that the left supports. It’s the criminals. How do I know this? Because you could design a sanctuary policy that excludes those who commit criminal acts from sanctuary. The criminals prey on the very people the sanctuary lobby claims to protect. The criminals know an illegal isn’t going to report them to the police. The left exerts its control through gangs and not through official channels.

  11. Well, this shouldn’t surprise me. We are living in the age of unreason, where someone goes on a shooting spree when they lose the game one too many times. Now, I’ve also rage-quit many games and destroyed many controllers, but at that point I ask myself a simple question.

    Why am I playing a game when I’m not having fun?

    The sole purpose of any game is to be entertaining. If I’m not having fun, why should I continue to play it?

    • I used to compete in gaming. I played when it wasn’t fun because I had to. Hours of coming up with strats and team practice. Matches every week. The fun part was the competition, everything else was tiring work. When you lose a lot of drama can come out of it — that’s where I learned that guys can be very dramatic too.

      These days a lot of kids want to play competitively. They want to be professional esports players. They will drop out of school to play video games. They will start streaming at 13 years old in an attempt to be the next million dollar streamer. They spend hours everyday on Twitch.

      Losing a game can be a huge deal. You can lose sponsors, a contract, viewers, donations, fans, etc. If it’s a team based game, you can get kicked or benched. Things change fast: one day you’re going to be big, the next day your washed up. Your team might conspire behind your back to get you fired and replaced. You always have to play well and please young kids. Your contract could only be for a year and they always try to screw you via those contracts.

      It’s a very hard life trying to always please millions of pre-teens and teens. Then you have to deal with corporations, investors and owners.

      The highs and lows are extreme. Some kids freak out before they even get there.

      • It sounds to me like he was so heavy into gaming that he became emotionally ‘frozen’ as an adolescent, and reacted like an emotionally stunted kid.

        Like a kid who was dumped by his girlfriend , “If I can’t have you, nobody can”…

        • That’s not usually how it goes, but social skills are lacking with such people. However, that can be said with most young people these days because of the internet. Kids rather text their friend than look them in the eye and make noises with their mouths.

          The shooter is a 24, white male, competitive video gamer. That is exactly what I expected. People call me a racist because I point out patterns of certain peoples. The truth is not racist and speaking truth doesn’t make you a racist. These types of people exist and they tend to be white.

          I don’t think adults really know what this new generation of people are actually like. I think the older generation are completely uninformed and complacent. Pandora’s box is open…

        • The shooter is a 24, white male, competitive video gamer. That is exactly what I expected. People call me a racist because I point out patterns of certain peoples.

          The “pattern” you are seeing is just your own bias

          Black males have an elevated rate of both school and mass shooting perpetration compared to white males. is it as much as the huge elevation in black male perpetration of normal shootings (6.4% of the population that is black committing 48% of them)? no. But it is an elevation non the less.

          Blacks are 13.7% of the population and commit 18% of mass shootings. Whites of all backgrounds are 72% of the pupulation and commit 68% of mass shootings; non-Hispanic whites are 62% of the population and commit 57% of mass shootings

    • Another special snowflake who can’t take losing. It’s just a game. Get over it.

      And as much as people hate sore losers, sore winners can be just as bad.

  12. Signs are dumb. “55mph” — yeah, we Should be allowed to drive as fast as we are personally comfortable and our vehicles will allow. “No Littering” — you know some people are going to litter no matter what, so why even bother? “Private Property – Keep Out” — since when did that ever stop a trespasser!

    Moral of the story, rules, laws, etc are for the stupid.

  13. And of course the Leftards will blame the gun , not the psychopath that used it to commit this sick act of violence. Are guns violent ? We all know the answer is no. Are disturbed , anti social , angry mentally ill , psychotic individuals dangerous ? Yes they are .that is the absolute truth of the matter. How will the David Hogg’s of the world & their puppet masters spin this one ? We allready know the answer to that too. How convenient , 50 mile March to Smith & Wesson led by the little squealer & friends & a shooting rampage on the same day. Hmm makes me wonder if it wasn’t planned.

  14. New law proposal…house bill 1911: All gun free zones are to be guaranteed gun free by a member of Congress’ life. If a gun makes it in, a member of Congress spends a week in prison. If a gun makes it in and is used in the commission of a crime they get a year. If someone dies in the commission of a crime committed with a gun in a gun free zone a member of Congress chooses their own method of execution. Nobody gets appointed to replace them until their term expires. Their chair votes “nay” on any vote put to them for anything. The encumbered member of Congress for each offense is chosen by the state they represent in a manner agreeable to said state. As long as it is effected within 5 calendar days. Otherwise it’s determined by lottery.

    If you are less able bodied or smaller stature…or of an advanced age and a crime is committed against you without the use of a firearm you are on your own. This is a gun violence prevention measure…not a violence prevention measure.

    It’s about time we do something. Obviously if it’s not a “gun free zone” shoot back. These scumbags that hurt, maim and murder others don’t deserve the dirt we bury them in. Bless those in Florida affected today and their families. I’m sending my love and prayers their way today and sending the same to those in pain that aren’t in the news as well.

  15. Me and Hogg are survivors of this tragedy. I was in Texas and he was somewhere else but we made it through the day.

  16. Please excuse me while I dramatically feign being utterly shocked at this happening in a gun free zone.

  17. This is the example of why gun control doesn’t work. Criminals disregard laws. Gun free zones are mass shooting zones. It’s a fact. You never hear about shootings at gun shows because mass shooters are chicken shits who are afraid of confrontation. That’s why those cowards always kill themselves.

  18. David Katz (resident of Baltimore, MD) was in the north Florida city for the “Madden NFL 19” video game tournament, police said. The games maker, EA Sports, lists a David Katz as a 2017 championship winner.

    The shooter was a gamer who was competing in the tournament and lost, according to Steven “Steveyj” Javaruski, one of the competitors.

    • Maryland huh? If you listen to the video it’s clear he fired 13 shots without reloading. Florida does not recognize Maryland permits, which are may issue.

      Only options:
      1: He bought a normal capacity magazine (if not the gun entirely) in Florida (or some place along the transit down to Jacksonville). Worst for us, but suggests premeditation which raises all sorts of questions.
      2: He had it in Maryland, proving gun control doesn’t work
      3: Evidence is actively being manipulated.

      • How is it “clear” that he fired 13 rounds without reloading? First, there are only 12 on the audio I heard. Second, I count a solid 4 second pause between the 9th and 10th shots, with a couple other 1-2 second pauses elsewhere, including a solid 2 seconds between the 8th and 9th rounds. Any of those could have been a reload.

        • It may have been 12, but that’s still 1 too many.

          4 second reload under stress for someone who was never in shooting sports seems highly questionable to me, let alone when drawing from a less than ideal mag storage.

      • maryland bans sales only, not possession. grandfathered or purchased elseplace are possible as well.

  19. A bunch of people getting shot over the weekend in Jacksonville never makes the news any other week. Why now?

    • Maybe because it was another mass shooting done by a white male who plays videos games and it was at a video game tournament. That’s gold for the corporate media. And it was in Florida. Perfect…

      Now the media can get those Parkland kids on TV again to blame the second amendment. Republicans can blame video games and the first amendment. It’s win-win for the controllers.

      • Black males have an elevated rate of both school and mass shooting perpetration compared to white males. is it as much as the huge elevation in black male perpetration of normal shootings (6.4% of the population that is black committing 48% of them)? no. But it is an elevation non the less.

        Blacks are 13.7% of the population and commit 18% of mass shootings. Whites of all backgrounds are 72% of the pupulation and commit 68% of mass shootings; non-Hispanic whites are 62% of the population and commit 57% of mass shootings

        • Who were the “school shooters?” Who tend to be mass/serial murders?

          We are talking about random innocent people being murdered not a bunch of black gang members waring it out in the streets. How many Columbine type school shooters were black? There was that Korean guy.

          Black people have a problem with killing each other in the streets. They have a huge issue with fatherless homes. They love the thug culture they created for themselves and refuse to give it up.

          White people don’t go join gangs to do their killing. They go after innocent people, their parents or kill themselves. Maybe that has to do with the fact they are not poor like black people.

          Look at the guy who did this. He is no different than many of the recent school shooters. So many check marks…

  20. It is so damn retarded. I played video games when I was younger. It was before the “competitive online gaming” experience. Worst case scenario the upset gamer would break a controller or a keyboard. Now they grab a gun and take lives for a freaking video game. That tells me we need more guns in the hands of law abiding Americans not more signs and non efficient “gun control”.

  21. The guy was from Bodymore, a really big surprise there, not FL where he legally got his weapon. This is therefore only a Florida issue in terms it was a gun free zone!

  22. The last time I went to a Football Stadium, I was told that the Security On-Site was required to Protect with “Reasonable Care”, Not “Absolute Care”. “Reasonable Care” is a rather Wide Paint Brush that could mean anything…

  23. ‘Gun Free Zone’: Translation into common English . . . ‘Free Fire Zone for Crazies.’

    The reality is that Liberals want there to be incidents like this so that they can use them to further their agendas. Remember that it was Rahm Emanuel, one of Obama’s Golden Boys, who said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” Liberals see people as pawns and sheep to use as they will.

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