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SIG SAUER supplies SEALs. And the rest of the anchors aweigh part of America’s armed forces. The German gunmaker recently replaced ye olde P226 Navy with the MK25, which sounds a lot cooler. I guess. As part of the Uncle Sam’s dedication to reducing the federal deficit, the Navy agreed cut a deal with SIG to sell the MK25 to you, the double action/single action American firearms enthusiast, in exchange for a per unit discount. Kidding. About the deficit and discount. But you—yes you!—can now buy the same 9mm handgun that SIG sends to the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC). Why is this P226 different from every other P226? Glad you asked . . .

It comes complete with a phosphate finish applied to all internal components, “providing corrosion resistance in even the harshest of saltwater environments.” As opposed to the mildest of saltwater environments (salt water fish tank?).

But the the deal maker is right there on the side of the gun: an engraved gold anchor lifted straight from a Ulysses Nardin watch. JK. Again. Apparently, “the pistol’s slide hints at its military origin, while the UID code on the right side serves as a genuine badge of authenticity.” Better yet, “The true mil-spec 1913 rail is machined into the hardcoat anodized alloy frame, providing a solid mounting point for lights, lasers and accessories.”

NOW how much would you pay? Well DON’T ANSWER! The MK25 comes complete with two-piece polymer grips, SIGLITE® night sights, three mags, and a card certifying that yup, it’s a collector’s piece alright.

NOW how much would you pay? Just remember that “the only other way to obtain an authentic MK25 pistol would require a Naval enlistment and training with elite forces.” That’s IF you got in AND you don’t get to keep the gun even if you DID. Which you probably wouldn’t so  . . .

NOW how much would you pay? A Navy SEALs P226 Stainless Nitron without the logo and UID code and mags and light and stuff runs $1129. So figure at least that much. If not slightly more.

Caliber: 9MM
Overall Length: 7.70 in
Overall Height: 5.50 in
Overall Width: 1.50 in
Barrel Length: 4.40 in
Sight Radius: 6.30 in
Sights SIGLITE®: Night sights
Weight: w/Magazine 34.4 oz
Frame: Material Alloy
Frame: Finish Nitron®
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: Black hard anodized
Magazine Capacity: 15 Rounds
Trigger: DA/SA
Trigger Pull: DA 10.0 lbs / SA 4.4 lbs
Features: UID identification label, anti-corrosion coatings on controls and internal components, anchor engraving

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  1. I am unsure if it is SIG or S&W who have more editions out of one particular model in their respective product lines. One more hatchmark for SIG, in the four digit range as usual.

  2. SIG makes great handguns. Some of the best available in my opinion. But they’re kind of like the firearms equivalent of Leica “Special Edition” cameras these days.

    Actually I think the SEALs use the standard P226 model with the aluminum frame instead of the stainless model. It can be had for a street price of less than $800.

  3. Mr Farago, your writing is always enjoyably witty and to the point – good stuff!

    However, I prefer “Navy” to “Mk25”.

  4. If, but only if…
    I like Sig Sauer. Yes, I am a Germanophile in that sense. The idea of holding a piece of elegant engineering that is by design superb is just scintilating to such a lowly mortal as myself. Yet…
    That buy in price is one half of what I owe for a full semester of classes. Those clowns must have gone and bumped their collective heads if they think even for one minute that I will blow hard capital just for that stupid moniker on the side. A standard P226 will tear a $600 hole in my wallet in almost new condition off Armslist.
    I suppose there are more than enough people out there just salivating at the chance to pick up an item that may (or may not) be used by “The Teams.” Mall Ninja’s beware: See how many frogs are enamored at muster…
    Sure, she’s pretty, but can she cook?
    Same pistol, different crap.

  5. The rail is actually different from the p226 I own. Full stainless would be nice, more durable than my frame. Of course mine has my chiropractor doing cartwheels. Looks like the old style grips that fit larger hands better. Night sights, that’s a hundred dollar option right there. Not enough for me to own another one, but it’s in line with the rest of their pricing.

  6. Not for me but I am sure all those call of duty playing navy seal worshipping juveniles (bless there little bloodlusting hearts) will be all over this with there parents money.

  7. For the money I’ld buy 2 of someone elses and have leftover for the feeding of them both. Pretty gun hefty price.

  8. Don’t you find it disappointing that for a special edition $1000+ pistol, they cant put the sticker on the slide on straight?

  9. This little bit of marketing legerdemain is not for me. Now if SIG made a Navy water pistol for the submarine service, I might be interested in snagging one for my personal collection.

  10. Only thing I like on it is that sweet looking hook-style rear sight. Is that an option on other SIGs as well? Makes for perfect one hand usage if need be (as a SEAL, that would be fantastic). Would love to stick one on my Glock as a matter of fact.

  11. Lessee…. does it shoot better than a typical Sig?

    Hang on, Lets back up. Does it shoot better than a 450$ used Glock?

    If the answer is “no” then I’ll pass. (but then again, I’m cheap)

    • I like to compare it like this.
      My Glock (or any Glock) = Crown Vic
      Sig = Towncar

      Same car, same purpose, BIG price difference. Also, cops use Glocks *and* drive Vics. Yeah, I ran off with this one..

      • as someone who personally owns both a glock AND this new sig p226 mk 25, I can tell you that while I love the reliability and toughness of the glock (especially its ability to eat any ammo you can get), nothing compares quite to the smoothness of this new sig pistol. Also, many departments across the nation, including my hometown of nassau county, and nypd, are switching from glock to sig.

    • Glocks are nice till you get them wet ! then they suck . Seals get wet so Glock has no dog in the fight . Glock has become the me too gun. The biggest differance is Sig’s triggers are much better. But i can’t argue about the price !!!! they are 250. dollars to proud of there guns . The high price is mostly why so many Glocks get sold .

  12. the new MK 25 differs from the last model by having a flat1913 millspec rail,n.i.d. smart logo,nitesites. The Sig style slightly rounded rail on the last batch was found to be loose on some miltary attachments. And on the tail end Navys of the last batch had nitesites and coated innards to. The Navy allways demanded the one piece stainless Nitron slides never wanted any weaker folded welded carbon steel slides that failed under plus-p and hotter nato ammo that allso were rust buckets. Sig got rid of the carbon welded slides decades ago!

    • Apparently Waterbug is very familiar with NAVSPECS on side arms. The older 226’s that various Navy Units carried in the beginning came off the shelf and went straight to the Special Warfare Armorer before out to the Units and Teams so they could be modified with various upgraded parts and other shooter swag. The 226 outclassed the Beretta that replaced the 45 but was deemed a budgetary nightmare. The same with the S&W that was tested as a replacement. Most of the ammo that was carried on to the various beaches back in the day was handmade and hand loaded specials that did 10x more damage then the standard 9mm P and in most cases was deemed illegal by UN standards. The point is to kill the guy who is trying to kill you and basic 9mm ball was a through and through shot that did little damage outside the vital areas. Eventually someone at SPECWAR got smart and went to SIG with a list of complaints based on “field testing” and SIG capitulated to the demands. It is why SPECWAR is still carrying the 226 variation now called the MK-25 and not the 228 or another manufacturers weapon. It is a damn good in a pinch combat back up weapon when your waist deep and changing the magazine in the M-4 or MP-5 just ain’t conducive to survival at that very moment. The reason switch up training is a huge marker in good combat shooting techniques. It saves lives. HOOYAH.

  13. Just for your information, SIG means Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft, in english, Swiss Industrial Society, SIG is a Swiss Company for over hundred years and they did buy Sauer in the 80’s, why I know? because I did serve for 16 years in the Swiss armed forces and did receive a SIG 220 in 1984.

    • Then I don’t need to remind you then that in 70s SIG partnered with JP Sauer, a German company to produce the P220. Since then the vast majority of Sig Sauer handguns and frames have been made in Germany and now the USA as well. I think it’s safe to call a Sig a German gun.

  14. Why cant a guy just like gimikie shit without being called a call of duty playing navy seal worshipping juvenile. I dont worship Navy Seal and i sure the hell dont play video games but Ill have one because (I) like it! And even if some people want to (worship) or as I call it lookup to the seals thats alot better of a rollmodel than some street thug or drug dealer. Quit being so damn negative!!

    • I like the comment . And to to add more , guns are not toys , watches, or tvs , when you use one you need it to work , and better than the bad guy , you can justify not spending so much on a car cause if it fails at least you can walk out of it alive ,but if your gun fails in the moment of need , you might not walk out .

  15. I got this because of the true Picatinny rail which will allow more options. I wish it didn’t have the anchor, because I’m not a seal and I feel kinda silly but oh well. And it comes with 3 mags and I got it for around the same price of a regular p226 so why not!? Wish it had the e2 grip though but I’ll live.

  16. I would recommend this weapon to anyone that is looking for a side arm they are going to be putting through some pain. These guns are easy to maintain as well as easy for a weapons novice to perform class 2 and 3 repairs on.

  17. They should put the E2 grips on it, the most important innovation that SIG has made in a long time. Especially for folks like me with smaller hands. I wonder if they can be added….making this pistol even more outrageously expensive!

  18. Just got one of these on my Birthday – excellent weapon (as are all Sigs), quality through and through. Dead-bang reliability, terrific accuracy and high coolness factor. Don’t settle – save your coins and get one. The MSRP is just that – “suggested” – you can find the MK25 for considerably less if you do some research.

    • just picked up a new one in newark De at xring supply for 940.00… no tax in delaware … no regrets

  19. I Just bought my MK25 this week on I paid $820. I own 5 other Sigs, as well as Springfield, Beretta, Glock. Sig stands out far and above the other brands. I have had fewer malfunctions on all 5 sigs, than on any of the other brands. I love the metal frame on the MK25. The gun is so well balanced!

  20. But it’s a 9mm! BLEH! Might be a great gun if it were a .45ACP. I can’t immagine paying that kind of money for a 9mm, no matter how much I want an Anchor on the slide.

    • you know thats like buying a truck with the largest motor you can find.whats wrong with a 9mm? first shot counts and you have more of them

  21. As a Marine, we readily admit we’re in the Department of the Navy… Men’s Department. I’ll give one of these a go, but would rather not have an anchor on it just because I don’t want to have a conversation-starter on my weapon. Hats off to our SEAL operators, though. Nothing but respect for ’em. Semper Fi

    • That must be a military culture here and there. I do not think I need to have any conversation on any markers from the gun if I do not want to. Potentially I could have engraved my name on it in addition to some famous markers that come with it. Respect this, disrespect that… I do not get it. BTW I come from military family on “old continent” few thousand miles away. Guns’ been in family since WWII. All respect each other (Navy and Army in one) and share types of guns. Of course some need better for harsher battle conditions.

  22. There is now a CA Compliant Mk25 as of the fall of 2012. Not many out there. Bought one yestarday, have to wait 10 days. I have never regreted to nice a gun but have regreted buying cheap. Looked long and hard for a CA compliant. Had to pay just under list, glad to have it. Welcome to 2013. There is a lot of us Californians who love and collect guns. Born and bred CA.

  23. I will be purchasing a Sig P226 Mk 25 with three 25 round mags tomorrow for $870. I currently own, carry and am hardwired to a .45 Springfield Armory 1911A1 and a .45 Colt Officers ACP — two of three single action pistols in my inventory. The P226 will be my first double action pistol and my second 9x19mm, the other being a single action Star BM. The Sig appears rather wide bodied compared to my slenderer 1911-type pistols, so it may be more of a range and home security weapon except during the winter months when it can be worn with heavy clothing. I will be great to be able to shoot a wide variety of 9mm ammo too since the Star can only handle 115 grain HP and ball.

  24. put one in layaway at a gun shop in Sierra vista, AZ and they tried to swap it out on me by forging the paperwork once they realized it was a German made one. The whole shop appeared to be in on it. It was a beauty and the action like silk and the balance was incredible.

  25. I have a question, I just won this gun from Friends of NRA. Once I got it home I noticed the engraved Anchor was not completed on this gun. I have all the paperwork, box, coin, etc… stating this is the Navy Seal version with quality control signing off on it. I called Sig, they informed me a few slipped through without the engraving. Sig offered to replace the slide with an engraved one. My question, is my gun worth more since it’s “rare”. I still have the Sig sticker/wrist wrap on the handle and unfired. What does everyone think?

    • For sure get the new slide. Although from a functionality standpoint, not having the engraving will not matter. But if I were you I wouldn’t want an incomplete gun. If they let you keep the old slide, you can always sell it. The MK25 is a good gun, it has a nice trigger and is very accurate. Although I’m an M&P guy, I like my MK25 and it’s a very accurate shooter.

      • I too am an M&P guy…but for $25 (raffle ticket cost) I’ll take the Sig. Although I’m a M&P guy, this gun has the smoothest slide action I’ve ever felt. I was mainly wondering since this was factory goof would make the gun more valuable? As the author mentioned, it “comes complete with a phosphate finish applied to all internal components, “providing corrosion resistance in even the harshest of saltwater environments.” As opposed to the mildest of saltwater environments (salt water fish tank?).” Just missing the anchor.

  26. why would anyone compare a glock to a sig??? when glocks feel like a 1950s electric hair dryer in your hand. even the kahr 3 in 45 feels better in your hand and feels better when shooting than the glock. it is obvious that its all a cost issue for a glocker, who must be poor, and then feels they must put down a better tool (that they can not afford). not to mention the 500 dollars for a glock to begin with? how do they do that? as a beginner in the 45 shooting arena, and its seems like 500 is better than, 700, 800 and 999 and above, but remember harbor tool would not exist with out the glocker mentality. cheers

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