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SIG SAUER’s decision to return to the Texas Firearms Festival for 2015 will come as no surprise to anyone who attended the Festival’s inaugural. SIG brought the noise in 2014. Their bay had seven shooting positions and an iStore-like shaded shopping and schmoozing area. SIG schlepped their best firepower too, including the semi-automatic (civilian) version of the the SIG MPX AR-style pistol (in full auto glory above) and the new-at-the-time P320, with interchangeable caliber options. In fact . . .

SIG offered the P320 to attendees at a Festival discount price. Our official gun store, Sportsman’s Finest, sold dozens of them. SIG’s moving to a bigger bay for the November 14/15, 2015 event at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, Texas. 

We don’t yet know what firearms SIG’ll bring for your dining and dancing pleasure, but I highly recommend you click here and purchase your tickets now – especially if you want VIP FastPass access to the front of the line. 

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  1. Man, I can’t wait to see the MCX 300 BLK released, and get some reviews. Wonder why they didn’t bring that along?

  2. Maybe they can bring some MPXs for people to shoot? Those that are being build by hand by blind gunsmiths in a secret underground shop, deep under the ice in Antarctica ?

    Those that are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE? Sig is lucky CZ wasn’t able (or didn’t want to) ship 200,000 new Evos at release time . . . . They may still be able to sell some MPX. Maybe.

  3. Sig uses same factory and gnomes that build a KelTec PMR 30 to make a MPX. The problem is the break area for the factory looks like a garden and all the gnomes enjoy standing around in it.

    Last year was trying to buy a MPX though one of their active duty military buying program dealers, first they stated sure they can get a civilian version. Then about a week later, said sorry Sig told us theyare back logged due to huge government contract sales.

    Guess they built the one above and took the rest of the year off 🙁

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