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You knew it had to happen. SIG SAUER’s LEGION line of upgraded versions of their pistol lines has finally been extended to the P365 platform. Today they announced the new P365-AXG LEGION.

With its AXG aluminum grip (it takes replaceable grip panels), this is a larger compact-size 17-round everyday carry pistol with an extended magazine well. My, the P365 has certainly come a long way.

Here’s SIG’s press release . . .

Featuring the strength and feel of the all-metal AXG grip module paired with a patent-pending slide-integrated expansion chamber, the P365-AXG LEGION delivers a shooting experience like no other pistol in its class.

Since its inception, the LEGION line of products has represented the pinnacle of SIG SAUER performance and engineering, and the all-new P365-AXG LEGION is no exception.

Utilizing the AXG (Alloy XSeries Grip) all-metal grip module finished in the distinctive LEGION Gray Cerakote Elite, the P365-AXG LEGION is still 1” wide and accepts a full-size 17+1 capacity magazine into the thin, iconic profile of the P365. The P365-AXG LEGION’s grip module is fitted with exclusive custom LEGION Hogue G10 grips and an extended magwell for fast, easy reloads.

The P365-AXG LEGION is optic-ready and ready to accommodate the SIG SAUER ROMEOZero Elite and ROMEO-X Compact red dot optics.

– Two port slide-integrated expansion chamber for recoil mitigation
– Optic-ready slide with enhanced serrations
– AXG grip module with installed magwell and Hogue Custom G10 grips
– XSeries flat trigger
–  XRAY3 Day/Night sights
– (3) 17-round magazines


Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 17+1
Sights: SIG SAUER X-RAY3 night sights
Length: 6.6 inches
Width: 1.4 inch
Height: 5.2 inches
Weight: 26 oz (with magazine)
MSRP = $1,199

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  1. Sig knows how to market gunz and make money. “Let’s gradually rollout 25 models based on this one P320 design.” “Okay, now for the P365.”

    • 1.4″ width? What happened to thin(I’ve shot my buddies regular 365)? I thought it was a bit “meh”. I suppose they’ve beta tested it🙄

      • Hard to discern the truth in this; description text says “the P365-AXG LEGION is still 1” wide”. 1.4″ might include the control levers, but they definitely don’t protrude that far in the photos.

        Either one or the other is a typo (probably not the text, because there’s no reason to say “still” if it was anything other than an inch), or maybe measured across a version with ambi levers?

      • I really stopped paying attention to most of the changes when I slapped a 365 grip on a 365xl slide (10 round limit and pinky extension is about good enough). They really did the full 320 rollout on the 365. Reminds me need to get a subcompact 40sw mag for my full size slide on subcompact grip 320 in 357sig for extra silliness.

        • “They really did the full 320 rollout on the 365.”

          I commented once on another site, saying I wish they would do this. The P365’s slender magazine offers a wider variety of sizes. This promped several ign0rant responses from people who “like big grips”.

          The P320 has a variety of grip sizes for different size hands. There is no reason not to do this for the P365; the only difference is that it’s easy to make a narrow grip wider, and impossible to make a wide grip narrow.

        • Ayup. Allows easy conversion to what’s essentially an XL grip using 12-rd magazines. Sadly, the contour on the 15-rd mags feels much less secure

        • I did the opposite- p365 slide on an XL grip, effectively got a 365X a year or two before it became an official product. It is easy to control with my gorilla-grabbers and still nicely compact, I’m pretty happy with it.

        • I found the shorter grip disappears when shirt and tie are involved compared to the xl for me but until we get the capacity limits overturned I do play around to see what works.

    • The P250 was a stopgap, a rather disappointing product designed to test chassis tech and swappability. In that, it succeeded.
      They marketed it like crazy, even went so far as to make both an airgun and an airsoft with the roll out. But it failed because people just don’t like DAO triggers, and a platform that only allows that in 2014 is DOA.

  2. Oh cool we’ve got a nice, slim, concealable pistol.
    Let’s make it bigger, heavier, put a fake port on it and make it less good at what we designed it to do.

    Classic Sig.

    • Its still about as small as a Glock 19 while holding 2 more rounds and being slimmer. also the porting does work pretty well.

    • It’s not as though the introduction of a new option / choice in this series wipes the others out of existence.

      The P365 is no longer my first choice for EDC, but I wish this level of modularity (one chassis, with controls I like and any upgrades I choose to make or buy, that switches in seconds from being a tiny hot-summer carry to winter carry, range, trail, or competition versions) was more common for other series.

  3. Why does that blowhard press check that gun each time?… The gun is in a damn safe loaded…Talk about anal…

  4. Never understood why people will pay more for the sleeves of a vest with the fancy name Legion or whatever! I own Sigs including a few bought as collector’s items, but not a Legion among them! My biggest bone to pick with Sig was the P220. The slide would bind on the barrel obviously a manufacturing flaw, so I sent it for repair. They loosened it way too much assuming as long as it would cycle reliably I was probably not that good a shot and so would not notice the precision hit. This was a bad asumption.

    … and that was my last Sig!

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