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Chris Heuss is working on a new series on reloading for beginners. Lots of you have wanted to start loading your own ammo — either to save money or to work up that perfect precision recipe for the best possible performance — but could use some guidance in how to get started, what gear you’ll need, yadda, yadda, yadda. Stay tuned.

For you folks who’ve already taken the plunge, it’s a happy coincidence that SIG SAUER announced today that, in addition to their first rate ammunition, they’re also now offering both rifle and pistol brass cases in a wide range of calibers for your reloading pleasure. Here’s their press release . . .

SIG SAUER Launches Components Line for Precision Handloaders

Newington, N.H. (May 21, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is now manufacturing premium pistol and rifle ammunition components for precision handloaders at its state-of-the-art ammunition facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Elite Performance Ammunition shell cases are engineered to exacting tolerances and available for multiple pistol calibers (primed or unprimed) and rifle calibers (unprimed). The geometric consistency of these premium brass cases ensures each primer is held tightly in its pocket. Flash holes are precise with no burrs and the superior metallurgical properties of the SIG SAUER cases enable repeated reloading. All Elite Performance rifle shell cases are induction annealed for consistent bullet retention.

“Each brass case undergoes rigorous in-line and post production quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless casing,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG SAUER Ammunition. “The result is unparalleled durability and dependability.”

Pistol component cases are available, primed or unprimed, in bags of 100 in the following calibers: 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 357 SIG, 38 Spl, 357 Mag, 40 S&W, 10mm, 45 Auto.

Rifle component cases are unprimed and available in bags of 50 in the following calibers: 223 Rem, 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 300 BLK, 300 Win Mag, 308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor. Coming soon in: 270 Win and 30-06 SPRG.

All SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition and Components are manufactured by SIG SAUER at its new state-of-the-art ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit

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  1. I can see a market for cases among precision reloaders like bench rest shooters. For the rest of us, who just want to minimize the cost of shooting, the cheapest source of brass is the factory ammunition we just finished shooting.

      • This !

        I proceed to pick up whatever they don’t want and find it a new home.

        • Reloading and shooting cases you picked up off the ground and whose history you don’t know is like a one night stand with a bimbo you just met in a bar.

        • Kendahl says:

          May 21, 2018 at 17:17

          Reloading and shooting cases you picked up off the ground and whose history you don’t know is like a one night stand with a bimbo you just met in a bar.

          B Bate replies,

          I agree, they are both a good bang…

    • You need to check out the brass bombers web site. Once fire lake city is dirt cheap and they remove the crimp.

  2. The only failures to feed in my Walther PPQ M2 .45, my Sig Scorpian .45, my Springfield Armory 1911 and my S&W M&P .45 have been with Sig Elite expensive brass cases ammo. In all instances the rounds fail to completely climb the clean, polished and lubed feed ramps and the 230 gr. projectiles are shoved back into the case. It could be that the rounds are not taper crimped enough but I don’t know that for sure and don’t feel like measuring and experimenting. I get enough once fired brass at the range from rich people who don’t reload. I often shoot Federal Aluminum cased 230 gr .45 and the alum cased 115 gr 9mm. Both are very inexpensive… funny, I only find it at Walmart, I find Blazer everywhere but not as inexpensively. I qualified in a CCC just to get my NICS exempt card and shot better with that “shit ammunition you shoot” than the other 18 people in the class, including the instructor. But I’m at the range all the time and in the firearms business. And to be fair, 1/2 of the people should either not have been allowed to take the class until they had practiced with their handguns more or else they were shooting diminutive semiautos with terrible sight radiuses.

  3. Another product line from Sig?
    I get it you have it left over from ammo Mfg. But they need to fix their QC on the products that made their name in the first place, I’m tired of the electro optics new fangled notaglock bullshit

  4. Has anyone used their once/many time fired brass for reloading? How does the quality stack up compared to say Lapua?

    Hell their 243 is ~.50 a case which is comparable with most makers.

  5. The Sig 516 Gen 2 owners Manuel, page 94 states that the limited warranty is null and void if damaged (by accident or otherwise) fired with hand loaded, reloaded or improper ammunition etc.

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