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2015-07-14 21.32.52
Zastava PAP M92 AK47 Pistol, Stormwerkz AR hinge, Stormwerkz optic rail, Midwest Industries forearm, CNC Warrior Compact Brake, Shockwave Technologies Blade stabilizer, KAK Industry Shockwave tube, Magpul AFG1, Primary Arms MD-AD red dot, Magpul AK grip, ALG AKT trigger, Ronin grips dust cover pin, CNC Warrior muzzle detent ambi sling plate, Tromix knurled bolt knob, Wildbill Wedge/nut kit

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  1. WOW!!! I’m in love!

    Pistol???? how? It has a thingy that flips out? 🙂


    I’d use the forward canted romy 72 rd drum!

    • Nope that “blade” of plastic is an “Arm brace”. To make shooting one handed easier. Shouldering an Arm brace is bad(per ATF), bracing the arm brace against the forearm is ok.

      • Companies like Midwest Industries, SIG, and others sell “arm braces” and “cheek rests” as acceptable stocks for turning pistol ARs and AKs into makeshift SBRs. The ATF used to say that they were OK to shoulder–that putting it to your shoulder didn’t magically change the fact that its original design purpose is as an arm brace. But then the ATF changed its mind. Now you can legally install an arm brace on an AR pistol, but if you shoulder it, you magically transform the pistol into a short-barreled rifle.

        This is all somewhat theoretical/academic, since so far to my knowledge no one has been prosecuted by the ATF or other law enforcement agency for shouldering an arm brace in public.

        My personal theory is that the ATF will never prosecute anyone for this, since I don’t think the law can stand up to a challenge in court, and they don’t want to let a legal defeat open Pandora’s box of potentially jeopardizing all the other nonsense NFA restrictions they use to intimidate otherwise lawful gun owners.

  2. I miss my M92. I shouldn’t have sold it. I had the SB47 brace and CNC warrior Krink can on mine with an Echo 93 sling mount. It was loud, but a lot of fun! Great looking pistol!

      • Folds to the left, it’s an AR buffer tube to AK hinge, as opposed to their triangle stock version

    • I have a very similar set up, but the rear tang of mine is threaded to accept a folding brace, I can have it set up to fold to the left or right depending on the orientation of the folding mechanism, which is a us machinegun kit. I think it’s the perfect trunk/backpack gun it can fold up onto the box that PSA ships there complete lowers in.

  3. That image. My God, the bandwidth. Haven’t you guys ever heard of “crop” (that’s where you chop off the irrelevant top and bottom 100mb of the image with the sea of fabric)? Resize and save IMG for web (that’s where you downgrade the quality of the image a bit, since it doesn’t look that great at 100% anyway)?

    Other than that – good build. Was looking at something like that myself until I discovered the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter and .300 BLK.

    How does the folding mechanism attach to the receiver? I’m assuming it involves drilling holes.

    • Sorry didn’t realize people were still using 56k modems… Looks good on my phone 🙂 I had to drill 2 holes in the rear then place a nut inside, very solid.

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