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S’s GP75 with donkey dong lower handguard, Bulgarian bakelite circle 10 bayonet, Tapco G2 trigger and (I think) a hogue grip.

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  1. I got the same rifle but was built by a competent gunsmith before he shut down his business due to my ex-state enacting more laws on the book screwing him (thanks Maryland).

    Has the original, matching Romanian barrel, polished bolt carrier/firing pin, hammer, and an excellent trigger. It is my first AK that has spawned more ever since.

  2. Oh no! Another gun with a sharply pointy thing on the end. Don’t you know that might cut somebody and cause all sorts of biohazards?

  3. I’m amused that someone found what appears to be a nicely-figured piece of wood with some pretty grain patterns in it…and then carved it into a donkey-dick AK foregrip. 🙂

    Nice rifle, though. I’m very much appreciating the variety in non-AR WoWs this afternoon!

    • I lucked out on the wood. It came like that from the distributor online. Didn’t have to refinish anything, and the grain’s awesome.


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