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There’s something almost magical about an airport in the early morning. The calm before the storm of the day, when things are still quiet and then kids are too tired to be screaming, annoying brats. I like it. Then again, I love traveling in general. And today is going to be extra awesome.

Not only will I land in Las Vegas, home of SHOT Show and what is shaping up to be an extremely interesting week, but I’m flying in style. Thanks to the kind folks at American Express, I have a first class ticket this morning. Considering how often I get stuck sitting between two fat guys on these RF-funded junkets I figured I was about due for some relief, and I guess the Gods are smiling. Now if only they would tell my upstairs neighbor to shut the hell up then I might have actually gotten some sleep last night. Yep, gonna be interesting. Stay tuned.

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  1. Don’t forget to tease the drivers.

    Q. What’s the difference between a jet engine and a jet pilot?
    A. On the ground, the engine quits whining.


  2. The Gods smile indeed: you fly 1st Class, and I get a room to myself for a night or two until Joe gets in.


  3. Excellent! So what are your hopes/predictions/wish list for the show?

    Mine is that S&W releases a new REVOLVER at the show. Any would do actually… (but i do loves me some snubbies!) Or at least reissue the Model 19 as a “classic.”

    et vous?

  4. Have much fun and get someone to make a official TTAG AR lower receiver for all regular guest here LOL.

  5. I used to work security at San Antonio International Airport back in the Pre-9/11, Pre-TSA days.

    True Story….
    Back then you did not have to be a ticketed, flying passenger to pass through the security checkpoint. You could go all the way to the gate to meet or see off passengers who were flying. There was a convention in town, I don’t remember what it was, some Doctor’s convention or another. But one gentleman had arrived, passed out through the security point to baggage claim, got his checked bags, then proceeded to come back through security with his checked bags to meet a fellow convention attendee arriving on another flight.

    I happened to be on the Baggage Xray at the moment and as this man’s bags came through I saw a shape I hoped and expected to never actually see but was the purpose of my existence as security.

    I stopped the conveyor with the bag still inside the machine and quietly asked for my supervisor to attend. She took one look and made a call to airport police. Meanwhile we shut down that line and had all baggage checks go to the second line. The police arrived and they took a look and then had me bring it on out of the machine.

    Police: “Sir, What you you have in your case there?”
    Man: “Oh it’s OK, I’m not actually getting on a plane. I’m just meeting a friend at the gate”
    Police [incredulously]: Sir, this is the security checkpoint, no weapons beyond this point, it doesn’t matter if you are flying or not!”

    Inside the case?
    A Double Barreled Over/Under Shotgun. Not loaded but with rounds in the case. Sitting there pretty as you please and as plain as day on the X-ray.

    Stupidity knows no bounds.

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