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One of the categories with the most new entrants at this year’s SHOT Show was micro reflex sights. Bushnell wasn’t left out with two new micro red dots for EDC pistols, the RXC-200 and RXU-200 micro reflex sights.

Both are smaller profile 6 MOA red dot sights intended for mounting on popular EDC pistols like the SIG P365, Taurus GX4 TORO, and the Springfield Hellcat (above). That’s the noticeably smaller profile RXU-200, above.

The Bushnell RXU-200 (L) is 11mm tall and the RXC-200 (R) is 15mm tall.

The sights have automatic brightness adjustment and run on standard 2032 batteries that load from the bottom. There’s no auto-on/off, but with a rated 50,000 hours of run time — that’s more than five years — you don’t really need to turn it off.

Expect both sights to hit stores in the second quarter priced at about $200.

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  1. Maybe its just the angles in the pic’s making me think this – but are those sights actually mounted on the guns? They seem too far to the left like they are just sitting on there and scooted over some.

  2. I cant see the dot any better in the picture than on all the dot sights I ve had on my guns. Could be my eyes, astigmatism and or glasses but I have always found it very difficult to draw and pick up a dot fast enough not to get killed in the process. From early Aimpoints, C-mores, Fastfires, etc. ACOG’s and Eotech’s are a whole nuther animal. They work.

  3. AGAIN – country of origin! If you’re ashamed to have/promote chicom shit then DON’T.

    If it’s NOT chicom then clearly say so.

  4. Just took a two-day advanced handgun course this past week. Of the 30+ students, about 75% had red dots. I had iron sights, as I always have on all my handgats. I performed pretty well on speed drills, but my average time was literally double the average by most of the other guys using red dots.

    I’m thinking it might be time to get a “cut” slide and try one out. Most of my buddies who already have them recommend the Holosun 509.

    • I agree, I think it’s time to invest in one. Trying to decide the most cost-effective way:

      – get my Glock 26 slide cut
      – buy a pre-cut slide for it
      – trade the 26 for a gat that is optics-ready

      • I’m going to keep my standard slide and get a separate “cut” one dedicated to optics.

    • Haz,
      I had this mentality that iron sights were perfect and didn’t want to have to deal with electronics on a handgun. But as friends pointed out to me, everything changes and they said I needed to move to the 21st century. So a friend loaned me for a week his Glock 19 slide that already had a red dot on it. Stuck it on mine G19 and went to the range. The ‘OMG’ factor was pretty much instantaneous. I haven’t looked back since. The hardest part was learning to pick up the dot when drawing the weapon. But that can be practiced at home anytime without needing to pull the trigger. It took a few months but once I got the hang of it, finding the dot is second-nature now. If you decide to follow the ‘red dot road’, keep us informed on your journey.

      • That lines up with the advice my buddies have told me. Target acquisition requires an adjustment period, but once you get past that, there’s no going back.

        I’m going to take a look at slides and prices tmrw.

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